Russian Cat Names

Cat Names June 18, 2024
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Russian Cat Names

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Now that you have a new friend in your home, it’s time to name them something worthwhile. Before going about and giving them any random name, it’s important to examine their personality and see what fits. Just as human beings feel disrespected when abused or neglected, so may cats. A great name is a sign of care and effort, since it shows that you put enough time to think of something that isn’t just ‘black cat.’

Most Popular Russian Cat Names

Being the largest country in the world with its capital in Moscow, Russia has continued to be one of the major attraction sites of many tourists across the globe. Most tourists who visit the country pocket the famous nesting doll called matryoshkas as a souvenir.

Most lovers of Russian culture and folk art are wildly attracted to these nesting dolls. Besides the dolls, Russia is known for its high-tech and outstanding weaponry ranging from unstoppable missiles to robot soldiers. Whether it’s your deep affection for the Russian supersonic weapons and might, history, culture or just looking for a name for your furry friend, the following 100 Russian cat names will make your cat unique.

  1. Viktor – a cat name for conquerors
  2. Valery – for strong cats
  3. Alexander – for cats that have protective ability
  4. Boris – a cat name for a cat that can fight very well
  5. Antony – a great name for a cat that does things excellently
  6. Egor – a cat name for a farmer and for those who love farming
  7. Maxim – for cats that are great in size, it is a great name for plump cats
  8. Roman – a cat name after Rome
  9. Ilya – a cat name to remind you that God is your Lord
  10. Kostya – a cat name after Konstantin
  11. Dmitry – for cats that love staying on bare earth
  12. Mikhail – a cat name to express the uniqueness of God
  13. Yaroslav – for glorious cats
  14. Ivan – to remind you the grace of God
  15. Sasha – for cats that are great defenders
  16. Vlad – a female or male cat name for those cats that dominate
  17. Vladimir – a male cat name for those admirable cats
  18. Sergey – for cats that are great shepherds
  19. Artem – a cat name after the St. Artemius
  20. Olga – for cats that are holy and clean in nature
  21. Olya – for cats that are welcoming and loving
  22. Anya – for gracious cats
  23. Tatiana – for cats that belong to Titius clan of Russia
  24. Katya – for pure and blameless cats
  25. Irina – for calm and peaceful cats
  26. Svetlana – a cat that is famous and popular
  27. Marina – for a cat that was got from marine or from the sea
  28. Polina – for small-bodied cats
  29. Elena – for brightly furred cats
  30. Natasha – for cats that are viewed with honor as lords
  31. Ekaterina – for clean and pure cats
  32. Daria – for cats that have kingly traits
  33. Ukha – for those who love Russian soup
  34. Blin – a cat name after this Russian cake
  35. Kasha – if you love this Russian porridge, it will be a great name for your cat
  36. Paskha – a cat name that will remind you of Eastern orthodox festive dish
  37. Solyanka – a cat name for this Russian mushroom soup for those who love it
  38. Kotik – a great name for a male kitten
  39. Moscow – for the love of the largest city in Russia
  40. Kot – a great name for a male cat
  41. Petersburg – a cat name that reminds you of this second largest city in Russia
  42. Siberia – in case you came from the Northern part of Russia, you can name the cat after the region
  43. Zvedzda – for cats that are brightly furred
  44. Mysshka – for cats that are small
  45. Zolotse – for cats that have golden fur
  46. Solnyshko – for shiny furred cats
  47. Lyubov moya – for those who view their feline friend as their love
  48. Bliny – for the fans of pancake
  49. Pushkin – a name after this great author
  50. Booris – for cats that are like a wolf
  51. Igor – for cats that are great warriors
  52. Koshei – for the love of this Folk villain
  53. Evgen – for cats that were born well
  54. Pavel – for humble cats
  55. Pasha – a cat name for small-bodied cats, great name for kittens
  56. Kremli – a cat name to remind you of this Government building in Moscow
  57. Tolstoy – a great cat name for those who love this Author
  58. Timur – for those hardened cats
  59. Stronganoff – for those who love this type of beer, is a great name for their cat
  60. Romanov – a cat name after Dynasty of czars
  61. Lev – for the brave and strong cats
  62. Slava – for the cats that have a glorious appearance
  63. Dunya – for a cat that usually pleases you every time you look at him or her
  64. Ekaterina – for pure cats
  65. Irina – for cats that are calm and peaceful
  66. Bronislava – for cats that protect your home
  67. Russia – for the love of your country if you are from Russia
  68. Sonya – for small-sized cats
  69. Lara – for strong cats that are usually sitting by the door
  70. Koshka – a great name referring to any cat
  71. Kseniya – for cats that are hospitable to visitors
  72. Ketenka – a cat name from Anna Karenina
  73. Isidora – if your cat is a present from someone
  74. Oksana – for cats that were got outside of Russia
  75. Nina – a cat name for small-sized cats
  76. Darya – for cats that love doing good things
  77. Zoya – for cats that are always active and lively
  78. Yelena – for cats that have large eyes that reflect brightly at night
  79. Ludmila – for cats that are loved by everyone in the family
  80. Yelizaveta – a cat name that reminds you of an oath you made
  81. Zolotse – for cats that have golden fur
  82. Yuri – a cat name after Dr. Zhivang
  83. Maksim – for cats that are big in size and basically greater than the rest
  84. Volya – for cats that brought some freedom in your house
  85. Marlen – after Marx-Lenin
  86. Lyubov – for cats that you have great love for
  87. Vladislav – for cats that follow rules and instructions that you give them
  88. Rasputin – a cat name to remind you of this historic character
  89. Ruslan – for cats that are brave
  90. Lena – a great name for small-bodied cats
  91. Vasilisa – a female cat name after this Folk Heroine
  92. Toma – a cat name after Tamara
  93. Katenka – named after Ekaterina
  94. Margarita – for those who love The Master and Margarita
  95. Tatyana – a cat name from Eugene Onegin
  96. Rufin – for cats that are red-haired
  97. Polina – for small and little cats, it’s a great name for kittens
  98. Dasha – named after Darya
  99. Baba Yaga – a cat name that will remind you of the Russian folktale
  100. Galina – for calm and quiet cats

Final Thoughts

Thinking of a cat name is an activity that are characterized by a lot of fun but also effort. Just relax and let your creativity flow as you watch the behavior of your cat. Always remember to keep their name short for easier consumption.


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