100+ Fantastic Egyptian Cat Names For Your Divine Cleopatra

Cat Names July 13, 2021


100+ Fantastic Egyptian Cat Names For Your Divine Cleopatra

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In ancient times, cats in Egypt were protected and revered. Even today cats are still considered sacred in the land of Pharaohs and mummies.

Dating as far as 5,000 years ago, Egyptians domesticated cats to help control rodents, pests, and snakes. In later years, many special and respected felines featured in Egyptian religion where a number of goddesses were believed to have cat like features.

Due to their god-status, many felines have been discovered mummified next to their owners while others have been featured heavily in Egyptian religious arts and drawings.

If you have a beautiful feline who is of an Egyptian breed such as the Egyptian Mau, there is no better way to honor her than to give her an Egyptian name.

Egyptian names are also unique and trendy. Therefore, if you’re looking for a name that is classy and impressive, Egypt’s history provides the perfect inspiration.

So, here is a list of Egyptian names and their meanings that are perfect for your female goddess.

  1. Abydos- One of the ancient cities of Central Egypt which host several tombs and temples
  2. Ahhotep– The Ancient Egyptian queen of the 17th Dynasty; this name means Iah (the moon) is satisfied
  3. Akila– Suits an intelligent puss
  4. Alexandria– The second-largest city in Egypt which host one of the seven wonders of the world- the lighthouse of Alexandria
  5. Amenti – The ancient Egyptian goddess, the friend of the dead, and the personification of the land of the west
  6. Amunet – Ancient goddess of mystery
  7. Anat– Goddess of fertility, hunting, war, and sexual love
  8. Anippe– Means daughter of the Nile
  9. Anuket– Goddess of fertility and cataract of River Nile
  10. Aswan-Ancient city in South of Egypt
  11. Auset- Goddess of rebirth, fertility, and magic
  12. Aya– Egyptian queen in 13th Dynasty perfect for your puss who commands royalty
  13. Aziza– For a precious kitty
  14. Bahiti– Means fortune, suits a cat who brings you good luck
  15. Balbina- A lovely name for a strong cat
  16. Bastet – Egyptian goddess of cats, fertility, childbirth, and protector of women.
  17. Bennu- Egyptian deity likened to the sun, creation, and rebirth, this name means shine
  18. Berenike- Suits a cat that gives you joy
  19. Bubastis– Ancient Egyptian city which hosts temple of Bastet
  20. Chione-The Mythical daughter of the Nile
  21. Cleopatra – The Egyptian queen, famous for her intelligence and charisma, this name means she who brings joy to the father
  22. Doha– A lovely name for a kitty who is an early riser
  23. Dalila– For a sweet and gentle cat
  24. Damietta– A port city in Northeast Egypt of the Nile Delta
  25. Ebony– Suits a cat with a black coat
  26. Eshe– Ideal for a cheerful feline who is full of life
  27. Femi – For an affectionate and adorable puss
  28. Fukayna – A lovely name for an intelligent cat
  29. Gamile– For a beautiful kitty
  30. Gezira– An island in the Blue Nile River in Egypt
  31. Giza – The second largest city in Egypt home of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx
  32. Hafsah-Give your brave puss this name meaning little lioness
  33. Hasina– Suits a well-mannered cat
  34. Hathor-Ancient goddess of love, beauty, poetry, fertility, and pleasure
  35. Hatshepsut– Meaning foremost of noblewomen, was the second female Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt
  36. Heba– Means generous gift from God
  37. Hehet- Snake-headed goddess of infinity
  38. Heqet– Egyptian frog goddess of fertility and childbirth
  39. Isis– Ancient Egyptian mother goddess of the moon, fertility, healing, and magic
  40. Jamila– For a puss with divine beauty
  41. Jomana– Means silver pearl, suits a beautiful precious cat with a silvery coat
  42. Kakra– Means twin, a puss who follows you everywhere in the house
  43. Kamilah– Meaning perfect
  44. Kanika – For a black cat
  45. Keket– Ancient Egyptian goddess of night and darkness
  46. Kepi – Means tempestuous, suits a fierce and powerful cat
  47. Khepri– Refers to the morning sun
  48. Kissa– Means first born daughter
  49. Kosey– Give your energetic and courageous cat this name meaning lion
  50. Lapis– A favored gemstone in ancient Egyptian that symbolizes honor and royalty
  51. Layla– Means born at night, suits a peaceful cat with a dark coat
  52. Luxor– An ancient capital city in Upper Egypt
  53. Maat– Mythical Egyptian goddess of harmony, truth, and justice
  54. Mafdet– Egyptian goddess of justice, judgment, and execution, depicted as wearing a cheetah’s skin
  55. Mandisa– A lovely name for a sweet puss
  56. Masuda– Suits a happy and jovial feline
  57. Mau– A divine cat in ancient Egypt who protected the Tree of Life
  58. Maye– Means born in May, suits a cheerful puss
  59. Mesi– Give your puss who is full of life this name meaning water
  60. Menhit-Egyptian lion-headed goddess of war
  61. Merneith– The first consort and a regent of Ancient Egypt in the First Dynasty
  62. Monifa– A wonderful name for a fortunate and lucky kitty
  63. Mosi– For a cat who always comes first
  64. Mut– A great divine mother and goddess of the sky
  65. Nailah– Means successful, fits a triumphant cat
  66. Naunet– Ancient goddess of ocean
  67. Nubia– A lovely name for a skillful puss named after Ancient Egyptian region with exceptional archers
  68. Nebit– A powerful cat deserves this name meaning leopard-like
  69. Neema – Means born to wealthy parents, suits a fortunate puss
  70. Nefer– Suits a cat with good luck charm
  71. Nefertiti– Egyptian queen who is a symbol of beauty and power
  72. Neith– Goddess of weaving and war, the patroness of the city of Zau
  73. Nekhbet– Vulture goddess who protected Upper Egypt
  74. Nenet– Egyptian goddess of the depth
  75. Nephytys– Meaning the lady of the house, also ancient goddess of air, death, and mourning
  76. Nourbese– Ideal for a wonderful kitty
  77. Nile– Africa’s longest river flowing through Egypt
  78. Nubia– Suits a beautiful cat with a golden coat
  79. Nuru– Means born during the day
  80. Nut– Egyptian goddess of sky and heaven
  81. Ojufemi-Means beloved of the gods
  82. Olabisi– Ideal for a tabby who brings you joy
  83. Onofria– Suits a cheerful and happy cat
  84. Pakhet– Egyptian mythical lioness war goddess, this name means she who tears
  85. Phoenix- Mythological immortal bird that rose from the ashes
  86. Quibilah– Suits a peaceful and calm cat
  87. Ramesseum– The memorial temple of the pharaoh Ramesses II
  88. Rana– For a beautiful cat with a shiny coat
  89. Raneem– Refers to one with a sweet melodious voice
  90. Renenutet– Egyptian cobra goddess of fertility and harvest
  91. Rosetta– A port city of the Nile Delta
  92. Sabola – A lovely name meaning prophetess
  93. Safiya– Means pure, suits an innocent feline
  94. Sagira– Refers to the little one
  95. Salma– Suits a quiet and peaceful cat
  96. Satet- The archer goddess who protects the Nile
  97. Scarab– A sacred beetle that represented resurrection and rebirth in ancient Egypt
  98. Sekhmet– Lion-headed Egyptian goddess of war and healing
  99. Selma– Means secure, a perfect name for a guard cat
  100. Selket– Egyptian scorpion goddess of protection, healing, and magic
  101. Shani– Your wonderful companion deserves this name!
  102. Sobekneferu– Egyptian female pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty
  103. Taweret- Goddess of pregnant women and childbirth
  104. Tabia– Suits a skillful and talented puss
  105. Tefnut– Ancient goddess of dew and rain
  106. Thema – Call your majestic cat this name meaning Queen
  107. Tia– Ancient Egyptian Princess during the 19th dynasty
  108. Tivali– Queen Cleopatra’s favorite cat; this name means gift of God
  109. Theoris– Means great
  110. Twosret– The last female ruler of the 19th Dynasty
  111. Urbi– Means princess
  112. Wadjit- Cobra goddess of childbirth and protector of children
  113. Zahra– Refers to a flower, suits a beautiful cat with a shiny coat
  114. Zuberi – Suits your strong puss who is your protector

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