100+ Unique Greek Cat Names For Your Legendary Goddess

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100+ Unique Greek Cat Names For Your Legendary Goddess

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When you think about Greece, you are probably reminded of the Greek gods and legends we hear of in the famous Greek mythologies. If your female feline looks like Greek goodness or has Greek ancestry, consider giving her a unique name inspired by Greece.

The best news is if you’re looking for a Greek name for your furry pet, we have done all the homework for you as we have a list of more than 100 Greek names inspired by this beautiful country’s legendary and ancient culture. That’s not all. We have included these names’ meanings, so you have an easier time choosing the perfect name for your legendary goodness.

greek cat names
  1. Acantha– The nymph loved by the sun god, Apollo, who transformed her into an acanthus flower
  2. Aegle– Greek goddess of good health
  3. Agatha- For a puss full of kindness
  4. Alala– Daughter of Polemos and personification of the war cry
  5. Alcmene– The mortal princess in Greek mythology who was the mother of Heracles, the son of Zeus
  6. Althea– Means with the healing power
  7. Amalthea– Means tender goddess, this was the name of the goat that nursed infant Zeus
  8. Anastasia– Means resurrection, suits an energetic puss who is full of life
  9. Andromeda– The beautiful daughter of King Cepheus
  10. Antheia– Mythological goddess of flower and flowery wreaths
  11. Aphrodite– Ancient goddess of beauty, desire, and love
  12. Arete– Greek goddess of virtue and knowledge
  13. Arissa– Means the best suits a cat that has it all!
  14. Artemis – Name your puss who loves hunting after Apollo’s twin sister and goddess of vegetation, hunt, and wild animals.
  15. Astraea– Goddess of innocence, purity, and justice
  16. Atalanta– Give your beautiful puss with impressive hunting skills this name meaning mighty huntress
  17. Até –Goddess of mischief and run, suits a cat who always leaves your house in a mess
  18. Athena– Goddess of warfare, wisdom, and handicrafts
  19. Attica– A peninsula Southeast of Athens in Greece
  20. Aura– Goddess of breeze and the fresh, cool morning air
  21. Callidora– Refers to the gift of beauty
  22. Calliope– Suits a vocal kitty with a beautiful meow
  23. Callista– A lovely name for the most beautiful puss in your home
  24. Calypso– The beautiful and seductive daughter of the Titans Atlas
  25. Cassandra– Trojan priestess in Greek mythology whose true prophesies were never believed
  26. Cassia– Means cinnamon, suits a sweet puss who spices up your life
  27. Charissa-A wonderful name for a gracious cat
  28. Chimera– A strong and cunning fire breathing monster whose head resembles a lion in the forepart, goat in the middle, and behind a dragon
  29. Circe– Means bird, just like your free-spirited feline
  30. Clio– Suits a celebrated and triumphant kitty
  31. Corfu– One of the most beautiful and greenest Islands in Greece
  32. Corinna– Means maiden
  33. Cosima– Ideal for a beautiful and well-mannered cat
  34. Cressida- Suits a feline with golden hair
  35. Crete-The largest island in Greece
  36. Cybele– A wonderful name for an outdoor cat after the Greek goddess of fertility, healing, nature, and protection
  37. Damara– A lovely name for a gentle kitty
  38. Delia– Meaning born on the island of Delos where Artemis and Apollo lived
  39. Delphina– Goddess of wind, earth, and prosperity
  40. Demeter– Goddess of the harvest, grain, and fertility
  41. Dido– Meaning virgin, perfect for your innocent cat
  42. Dione– Meaning divine one
  43. Dodona– An ancient sanctuary of the Greek king of the gods, Zeus
  44. Elena – Meaning shining light great name for your cat with a bright coat
  45. Elexis– Give your territorial and guard cat this name, meaning defender of humanity
  46. Elusis– Ancient Greek city famous for the Eleusinian mysteries
  47. Eos– Mythological goddess of the dawn
  48. Europa– Name your beautiful cat after the mythological daughter of Phoenician King, Agenor
  49. Feodora– Meaning gift of God
  50. Feta-Cheese made from sheep milk in Greece
  51. Gaia– Ancient Greek goddess of earth; mother universe
  52. Hebe– Greek goddess of youth
  53. Hecate– Ancient goddess of the moon, ghost, magic, crossroads, necromancy, and witchcraft
  54. Hera– Wife of Zeus and queen of the ancient Greek goddess of women, marriage, family, and childbirth
  55. Hestia– Virgin goddess of earth, home, and family
  56. Hydra– One of the most beautiful islands in Greece
  57. Hygieia– Goddess of good health, cleanliness, and hygiene
  58. Iris– Goddess of the rainbow and messenger of gods
  59. Iyonna– Ideal for a gracious cat
  60. Kalamari– A dish of fried squid popular in Greece
  61. Kalamata– Olive groves city in southern Greece
  62. Katerini– A town in Northern Greece
  63. Khloe– Ideal for a healthy and energetic cat
  64. Konstantina– Suits a strong and steady puss
  65. Kyra– Refers to a lady
  66. Lanthe– Means purple flower, a symbol of elegance, charm, and grace
  67. Leda-The beautiful queen of Sparta and mother of Helen of Troy
  68. Leto– Goddess of motherhood and modesty
  69. Maia– Goddess of spring in Roman mythology
  70. Medea– Sorceress who helped the Greek hero Jason get his golden fleece
  71. Medusa– A beautiful Gorgon in Greek mythology
  72. Metis– Titan goddess of good counsel, wisdom, planning, and cunning
  73. Moussaka– Greece dish of eggplant
  74. Nemesis-Ancient goddess of divine retribution and justice
  75. Nephele– Give your puss with a soft grey coat this name meaning cloudy
  76. Nike-Goddess of speed, strength, and victory
  77. Nyx– Name your cat with a black coat after the mythical goddess of the night
  78. Olive– Suits a peaceful and friendly cat
  79. Olympia– Ancient Greek sanctuary where the gods were worshipped
  80. Ophelia– For a smart puss whose help comes in handy
  81. Ossa– Mythology goddess of gossip and fame
  82. Pallas– Ideal for an intelligent cat
  83. Pandora– The first mortal woman created by the gods and sent down to earth as a punishment to mankind
  84. Penthia– Means flower, a perfect name for a gentle and beautiful cat
  85. Penthesilea– In Greek mythology, the queen of the Amazons
  86. Persephone – Daughter of Zeus and Demeter, also the goddess of agriculture
  87. Petrina-Means rock, great name for a strong and steadfast feline
  88. Phoebe– Goddess of the moon, prophesy, and hunting
  89. Pyrrha– Daughter of Epimetheus and Pandora, also the goddess of healing in Greek mythology
  90. Pythia– High priestess of the Apollo who delivers its oracles
  91. Rhea– Mother of gods and goddess of fertility and motherhood
  92. Salamis– The largest Greek island in Saronic Gulf
  93. Selene– Goddess of the Moon
  94. Sicily– Mythological Island where gods and heroes lived
  95. Stephanie– Meaning wearer of the crown
  96. Tena– Meaning star goddess
  97. Tethys-Goddess of freshwater
  98. Thalia– Ancient goddess of festivity and banquets
  99. Thebes-The birthplace of hero Hercules and Dionysos
  100. Titania– Suits a giant cat
  101. Tyche– A cat who is always lucky deserves this name after the goddess of chance, fate, and fortune
  102. Ursula- Means little bear, suits an affectionate cat
  103. Venus-Roman goddess of beauty, love, and fertility
  104. Xenia– Suits a friendly cat who loves visitors
  105. Yoanda– Refers to a violet flower
  106. Zoe– Suits a cheerful puss full of life


Is Zeus a good name for a cat?

Zeus is the father of all gods and the god of sky and lightning. Zeus is an ideal name for a cat who takes care of the home and one who has given birth to several great cats too

Who is the Greek god of cats?

Ailuros is the Greek goddess of the household, cats, women, and the moon. Ailuros is the Greek version of the Egyptian Bastet

What is a god name for a cat?

Some of the best god/goddess names for your cat are Athena, Artemis, and Hera

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