The 235 Ragdoll Cat Names

Cat Names June 13, 2024


The 235 Ragdoll Cat Names

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Your ragdoll fur-baby is the best definition of a fine and affectionate fur-baby. These felines have beautiful big blue eyes, and soft silky coats.

Ragdolls are also easy to love as they are friendly and fun playmates. Your ragdoll also loves to be held and won’t mind snuggling up with you on the sofa.

Let’s look at names that are perfect for these large, loveable, and relaxed felines. Shall we?

Male Ragdoll Cat Names

  1. Alistair– Scottish name meaning defender of men, just like your strong ragdoll
  2. Amory –Ideal for a brave and large cat
  3. Anders– Give your strong and brave ragdoll this Scandinavian name
  4. Andreas-Name your cat after Andreas Vesalius, known as the father of modern anatomy
  5. Ashwyn– English name meaning spear friend
  6. Bannan-A German name commander, suits your bold cat
  7. Barrington-Irish name meaning fair-haired
  8. Basil– Suits a puss who loves attention
  9. Berkeley– Irish origin, birch tree meadow
  10. Bing-After American famous singer and comedian Bing Crosby
  11. Binks– A cute name from the Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks
  12. Boogie– Just like his blue eyes
  13. Bumblebee– A sweet and gentle Autobot with blue eyes
  14. Camden– A Gaelic name meaning crooked valley
  15. Cannon– Suits a gracious and loyal ragdoll cat
  16. Castiel-A strong and determined character with blue eyes in the television series Supernatural
  17. Chandler-A character in the series Friends, Chandler Bing
  18. Clyde-Name your stealthy puss after Clyde Barrow
  19. Colton– English name meaning from the dark town
  20. Copper– After the copper coloring found on your cat
  21. Cristopher-Greek name meaning Christ-bearer, suits a gracious cat with a big warm heart
  22. Cruz– The charming Ernesto de la Cruz in the animated film Coco
  23. Cullen– Suits a cute young ragdoll kitty
  24. Danton– A name for a praiseworthy puss
  25. Darian– For your ragdoll who is extremely loyal
  26. Darius-Darius the Great, the third Persian king of the Achaemenid Empire
  27. Dorian– As in The Picture of Dorian Gray, for a cute cat that never gets old
  28. Fionn– For a white and handsome puss
  29. Frederick– Suits your peaceful and quiet cat
  30. Gizmo– A loyal and lovable cartoon in the film Gremlins
  31. Glyn– A Celtic name meaning from the valley, perfect for your quiet fur-baby
  32. Gumby– A helpful and selfless cartoon character
  33. Harper– Suits a friendly puss who loves entertaining guests
  34. Hugh– For your witty ragdoll
  35. Isadoro -Spanish name meaning strong gift
  36. Jackson– Jackson Pollock, a figure in the abstract expressionist movement
  37. Jakob– Inspired by the New-Zealand rock band
  38. Jefferson– For the love of the American rock band, Jefferson Airplane
  39. Jelly– A lovely name for a sweet cat with soft hair
  40. Jerome-The most learned biblical translator, Saint Jerome
  41. Joseph– Name your outdoor ragdoll cat after the English botanist, Sir Joseph Banks
  42. Joshua– Remind you of the Joshua tree, a symbol of hope
  43. Kagen– Means thinker in Irish, perfect for your witty cat
  44. Kieran-Suits a small cat with a dark coat
  45. Langston– A famous poet and novelist, Langston Hughes
  46. Lego-Animated series Lego Ninjago
  47. Leonardo– After the quiet and courageous Ninja Turtle character
  48. Leveret– A cute and playful cat deserves this French name meaning young rabbit
  49. Lucian– For a puss who brightens your life with joy and laughter
  50. Marble– Suits a ragdoll with a soft white coat
  51. Marley-Legendary singer with dreadlocks
  52. Micaiah– Great name for your graceful feline
  53. Miller– Wentworth Miller, actor staring at Prison Break series
  54. Mitchell– A mischievous but lovable cartoon character in Dennis the Menace
  55. Newton– When you think of the law of gravity, you remember the famous physicist, Isaac Newton
  56. Nikolas– A wonderful name for a courageous ragdoll cat
  57. Pablo– Name your naughty ragdoll after the drug lord, Pablo Escobar
  58. Parson– For a strong and enduring puss
  59. Payton-A persistent and generous football player, Walter Payton
  60. Pierre– For a tough and strong feline who is like a rock
  61. Pierrel– Means little rock, suits a steadfast and strong cat
  62. Quentin-Inspired by the Hollywood legend, Quentin Tarantino
  63. Quincy– A fun-loving and loyal character in Little Einstein
  64. Raphael-After the greatest Renaissance painter and architect
  65. Renne– Meaning to rise again in French perfect for your fur-baby who never gives up
  66. Rodney– The standup comedian, Rodney Dangerfield
  67. Roger-A funny, friendly, and talkative cartoon character, Roger Rabbit
  68. Rudy– Dolemite the pimp, character created by comedian and actor, Rudy Ray Moore
  69. Sittichai– Give your ragdoll this name if everything he touches becomes a success
  70. Skipper– English name meaning captain
  71. Sterling-Suits a precious feline
  72. Sullivan– Ideal for your black-eyed kitty
  73. Teddy– English name meaning wealthy guardian
  74. Thaddeus– For a fur-baby with lots of courage
  75. Tiger-Suits a large and powerful ragdoll feline
  76. Valentino– This Italian name suits a brave and strong cat
  77. William– The royal Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
  78. Wilson-Name your cat after the cartoonist who created Ziggy
  79. Zackary– Ideal for your strong and powerful ragdoll
  80. Zavier– Inspired by an adventurous character in the video game Rune Factory

Female Ragdoll Cat Names

  1. Adrianna-Adriana Lima, the most valuable model of Victoria’s Secret Angel
  2. Alannah-Irish name meaning attractive for your very beautiful puss
  3. Anabelle– A Latin name for a lovable cat
  4. Annalise-A lovely name for a graceful kitty
  5. Ariel-The curious princess in The Little Mermaid
  6. Arielle– Means lion of God in Hebrew, suits a fearless ragdoll cat
  7. Ayasha– Prophet Muhammad’s youngest wife
  8. Barbara– The tough Shark tank investor, Barbara Corcoran
  9. Barbie– For the love of this fashion doll
  10. Beatrice– Refers to bringer of Joy in Latin
  11. Betty Boo– Inspired by the famous pop-rap artist
  12. Blossom-Suits a lively and cheerful puss
  13. Bonny– A wonderful name for a beautiful and healthy cat
  14. Bunny– For your gentle and caring kitten
  15. Cacia– Suits a brave and vigilant feline
  16. Camilla– As in Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
  17. Carla– Ideal name for your strong ragdoll
  18. Carmen– A fictional character in the series Spy Kids
  19. Caroline– Caroline Forbes, a loyal and caring character in The Vampire Diaries
  20. Cassandra– The one who always warns you of danger
  21. Cecelia– The patroness of music, St Cecelia
  22. Coco– A stylish fashion designer, Coco Chanel
  23. Colette– Greek name meaning victory of the people
  24. Cordelia– A kind and honest character in Shakespeare tragic King Lear
  25. Cupcake– Suits your adorable and sweet kitten
  26. Cynthia– Greek Mythological moon goddess, perfect name for your ragdoll with rare beauty
  27. Cyrilla– Great name for a well-mannered cat
  28. Darcell– Means fortress in Irish just like your strong cat
  29. Dhalia– The colorful dhalia flower, a symbol of grace and kindness
  30. Dolly-The ever beautiful country music singer, Dolly Parton
  31. Dorothy– A sweet and caring character in Wizard of Oz
  32. Elsa– The powerful and caring blue eyed princess Elsa of Frozen
  33. Emily-Suits your industrious feline
  34. Esme– Short form of Esmeralda, a kind and caring gypsy in The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  35. Esperanza– A Spanish word meaning hope
  36. Eve– The biblical first woman
  37. Faye– Suits your ragdoll who you trust with your secrets
  38. Forba– Scottish name meaning headstrong
  39. Gilah– Suits a ragdoll feline who gives you eternal joy
  40. Gwendolyn– For a ragdoll cat with a white brow
  41. Havalah– Give your puss full of life this Hebrew name
  42. Holly– As in the holly flower found on Christmas decorations
  43. Johanna– Suits your graceful cat
  44. Judith– For an adorable and praiseworthy puss
  45. Julianne– For a kitty who loves to play
  46. Kailan– A kitty full of innocence
  47. Kesara– A youthful ragdoll cat
  48. Kristina– Great name for your most loyal cat
  49. Lea– Greek name meaning bringer of good news
  50. Lila-Suits a playful cat
  51. Lilianna – Lily flower, a symbol of innocence and beauty
  52. Madelynn– Erotic romance author, Madelynne Ellis
  53. Mae-A lighthearted actress and singer, Mae West
  54. Magnolia-An impressive large white flower, a symbol of beauty, sweetness, and perseverance
  55. Mairona– Your ragdoll cat is sweet as the sound of this Irish name
  56. Maisie– Refers to child of light in Scottish
  57. Margot– As precious and beautiful as a pearl
  58. Matilda– French name meaning strong in war, ideal for your fearless feline
  59. Mellow-An Italian reggae band, Mellow Mood
  60. Nudara– Give your precious kitty this Arabic name meaning gold
  61. Ophelie– A loyal and innocent character in Shakespeare drama Hamlet
  62. Pearl– A precious white fur-baby full of beauty
  63. Penelope– A loyal and patient character in the poem Odyssey
  64. Pippa– Name your cat after the English socialite, Pippa Middleton
  65. Priscilla– Inspired by the film, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
  66. Raleigh– If you love cycling, name your outdoor cat after this bicycle brand
  67. Sabrina– Arabic name meaning white rose
  68. Seraphina– Hebrew origin meaning burning fire, suits a powerful and fierce ragdoll cat
  69. Sky– Reminds you of your cat’s blue eyes
  70. Sugar– For a sweet and adorable kitten
  71. Tatiana-Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark, for your ragdoll with royal roots
  72. Teresa-Mother Teresa, a caring nun with a warm heart
  73. Tiffany-A luxury jewelry brand, suits a precious stylish cat
  74. Veronica– Just like your victorious ragdoll cat
  75. Virginia– For an innocent feline
  76. Willow– Suits a slim but strong kitty
  77. Zadie– For a precious ragdoll who likes to be treated like a princess
  78. Zelda– The beautiful and high spirited novelist, Zelda Fitzgerald

Unisex Ragdoll Cat Names

  1. Ally– Suits a cat with a noble bearing
  2. Azure– A lovely name for a ragdoll with beautiful sky blue eyes
  3. Benevolent– Ideal for a cat with a kind and warm heart
  4. Beryl– For a precious puss with a dazzling coat
  5. Blessing– A lovely name for a graceful cat
  6. Blissful– A cheerful feline who gives you joy
  7. Blue Bell– This flower represents an everlasting love for a cat you’re grateful to have around
  8. Breezy– Suits your cheerful and carefree cat
  9. Bright-eye– The sparkling eyes of your cute cat
  10. Celeste– A Latin name meaning heavenly, great name for your calm and peaceful ragdoll with sky blue eyes
  11. Cerulean– Refers to a shade of blue
  12. Charmer– Suits a funny, witty puss
  13. Cheery– Ideal for a happy and cheerful feline
  14. Cherub– Suits a beautiful and innocent guardian
  15. Cobalt– This metal ore is Bluish- gray
  16. Cornflower– For a fur-baby with colorful blue eyes
  17. Cuddles– A wonderful name for an affectionate and lovable furry friend
  18. Cushy– Perfect for a social puss comfortable to have around
  19. Darling– A lovable cat dear to you
  20. Dashing– For an adventurous, beautiful feline
  21. Dazzler– A character in X-Men comic books
  22. Devotee– Unique name for your strong and determined cat
  23. Dreamer– Sky is the limit in your ragdoll’s dreams
  24. Drowsy– Suits a calm and peaceful cat
  25. Duke– Duke Blue is associated with Duke University
  26. Feather– For your swift puss
  27. Felicity– Refers to great happiness in French
  28. Fisher– Ideal for a strong puss with sharp claws who loves hunting
  29. Fluff Ball– Suits a feline with a soft coat
  30. Frontier– Ideal for a strong guard ragdoll cat
  31. Fuzzy– For a cat with very soft curly hair
  32. Genteel– Suita a gracious, calm puss
  33. Goofy– A silly yet funny cartoon character
  34. Guardian– Suits a protective cat that guards your home
  35. Guiding Star– For a fur-baby who gives you inspiration
  36. Harmony– If you are in perfect harmony with your ragdoll
  37. Illumine– Suits a cat with a shiny coat
  38. Joy– A cheerful and happy feline
  39. Kingship– For a ragdoll with royal history
  40. Kori– Name your large, heavy cat after the Kori bustard bird
  41. Lance– Suits a fierce and powerful cat
  42. Marty– English name meaning warrior of Mars, perfect for a fearless cat
  43. Mellow– For your calm cat with a warm heart
  44. Mercury– Roman name meaning messenger of gods, ideal name for your loyal and intelligent ragdoll
  45. Moony– A lovely name for a silly feline
  46. Musing– For a lazy puss always lost in thoughts
  47. Napa – Short form of Napayshni, perfect for a courageous and strong cat
  48. Nap-time– Suits your ragdoll who loves sleeping
  49. Night– Suits a stealthy dark fur-baby
  50. Noot– Your cat will love it when you call him Noot Noot!
  51. Pacific– For a peaceful cat with big blue eyes
  52. Pho– Pho and Mia were the first cats to be imported to the west
  53. Pillow– Suits an affectionate cat with a soft coat
  54. Placid– Just like your calm and peaceful puss
  55. Plushie-As in the soft stuffed toy
  56. Polo– Tibetan name meaning brave wanderer
  57. Popstar– A fun of pop music
  58. Remedy– A feline who is your comfort
  59. Ritzy– Suits a cat with a unique sense of fashion
  60. River– great name for your powerful carefree fur-baby
  61. Sapphire– Your cat’s eyes look like this precious blue gemstone
  62. Sea Glass– Cute name for your beautiful cat with a smooth, shiny coat
  63. Shimmer– A wonderful name for a puss with a soft bright coat
  64. Silky– For a gentle cat with a soft coat
  65. Skylar– Ideal for a strong guard feline
  66. Sleepy– A lazy puss who love her nap
  67. Sleepyhead– If you enjoy your cat’s affectionate snuggles
  68. Snazzy– Ideal for a beautiful puss with a stylish coat
  69. Snuggly– You enjoy their warm snuggles
  70. Softie– Suits a feline with a soft spot for you
  71. Solace– For a puss who gives you comfort
  72. Spiffy– A sassy ragdoll who steals the show
  73. Spike– Suits a powerful ragdoll cat with sharp claws
  74. Squeaky– They are annoying, but you enjoy it
  75. Stardom– Perfect for your talented, famous puss
  76. Sweet Pea– This lovely flower symbolizes a kind-heart
  77. Topaz– The precious blue topaz is the gemstone of calmness and peacefulness
  78. Tranquil– Ideal for your calm and peaceful cat
  79. Turquoise– For a ragdoll with greenish-blue eyes
  80. Trigg– Means trustworthy in Scandinavian
  81. Vandy– For an adventurous puss who enjoys the outdoors
  82. Yankee– Suits your loyal and bold ragdoll cat


Hopefully, you have found a favorite moniker for your sweet kitty in our long list of ragdoll names. And we hope they love it!

If you still need more suggestions, check out below for more cat names and their descriptions.

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