The 235 Best Persian Cat Names

Cat Names June 9, 2024


The 235 Best Persian Cat Names

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Persian cats are unique in their own way.  They are smaller compared to other cat breeds. They also have a distinctive pronounced pug nose, and long, luxurious fur.

But you don’t have to name your Persian feline based on their looks alone. There are other ways you can use to choose a perfect name for your new Persian fur-baby. For instance, you can consider their origin or their personality.

But if even after all these suggestions you’re still stuck when it comes to finding the perfect name for your Persian feline, no need to worry.

Check out our long list of Persian cat names and their descriptions and you may just get the right inspiration to give your fur-baby a name.

Male Persian Cat Names

  1. Abbas – For your Persian friend who is as brave as a lion
  2. Abtin – For your obedient Persian cat
  3. Aistan – Suits a puss whose power is unmatched
  4. Aladdin– Your Persian feline has pledged his allegiance to you
  5. Amir – A Persian prince
  6. Anubis– Suits a Persian puss with a cold hard stare
  7. Anvar– Your cat’s white or silver coat illuminates
  8. Arash – Everyone is fond of this Persian cat
  9. Arastoo– Great name for your very clever cat
  10. Arthur– King Arthur the courageous one
  11. Atal –If your Persian cat is the master of the house
  12. Bahadur – Perfect if your Persian fur-baby is your hero
  13. Baraz – Persian for his highness
  14. Basil– If your feline doesn’t shy away from a fight
  15. Batman – Perfect if he is your superhero.
  16. Beethoven – A perfect fit for your famous cat
  17. Berina– The tallest of your cats
  18. Boots– From your favorite cartoon show Pussy In Boots
  19. Charlie – Because his name is Charles
  20. Chewbacca – A warrior
  21. Cloudy – For a cat with a misty appearance
  22. Cosmo – Suits a decent, beautiful cat
  23. Cyrus – Perfect for a cat who is extremely bold
  24. Damian – Great name for a cat who defends you
  25. Darius– Not easily intimidated, just like your feline.
  26. Diesel – For a strong and fast Persian cat
  27. Donatello– Perfect for your feline who loves treats
  28. Eskander – Perfect moniker for the cat who defends you
  29. Frosty –Cool and majestic
  30. Furby – If the neighbors are envious of your handsome cat
  31. Garfield – Your favorite cartoon character
  32. Gizmo – If your kitty is very playful
  33. Kadar – For a strong and energetic Persian cat
  34. Karkadann – The lord of the desert
  35. Kermit – If he reminds you of Kermit the frog
  36. Khwaja– His highness or one who is highly exalted
  37. Leo– Because he’s so strong
  38. Leopold– If your cat is a daredevil
  39. Lun – For a strong and muscular Persian cat.
  40. Luxor– Your cat is very choosy, it’s like he was born in a palace
  41. Lynx – Perfect if your feline resembles a wild cat
  42. Lynx– Suits a Persian cat who is your knight in shining armor
  43. Malus – Great name for your special feline
  44. Malus – He’s everyone’s favorite
  45. Max – For the greatest cat you’ve ever had
  46. Merlin– A sea fortress
  47. Michaelangelo – For your creative and highly talented cat
  48. Milo – He’s your foot soldier
  49. Minoo – So perfect, made from heaven
  50. Mirza – For your noble Persian cat
  51. Mozart– The composer
  52. Jinks – From the famous cartoon, Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks
  53. Nasser – If your feline is a winner
  54. Nijaza – A wish that came true
  55. Nimbus – Unique name for your dark colored Persian cat
  56. Oliver – Your cute bold cat
  57. Oscar – If your Persian cat is so obedient that he deserves an Oscar
  58. Osman – The Persian god
  59. Palang – For your Persian puss who is always napping on your bed
  60. Panther – Great name for your black majestic cat
  61. Parastoo – Perfect for a cat who resembles a bird in character
  62. Phantom – If your Persian fur-baby is the cat of your dreams
  63. Pharaoh– For the ruler of your home
  64. Riyad – If your Persian fur-baby is most comfortable in the garden
  65. Rostam – A strongly built, tall Persian cat
  66. Sebastian – Means the respected one
  67. Sergeant – Great name for your Persian fur-baby who never misses a chance to impress you
  68. Shadow – Perfect if he never leaves your side
  69. Sphinx– A powerful sun god symbolizing royal power
  70. Sylvester– Great name if he came from the woods
  71. Tigger-If your Persian cat is as majestic as a tiger
  72. Wasim – A handsome Persian cat
  73. Xerxes – Your hero

Female Persian Cat Names

  1. Ahoo – She is as fast as a deer
  2. Aime– She is loved by everyone in the family
  3. Akira– She stronger than she looks
  4. Almira – Your beautiful princess
  5. Anaar – If your Persian cat eyes glows in the dark
  6. Aphrodite– If she is simply adorable
  7. Aryana – For your feline who is a pure Persian breed
  8. Arzu – Suits a feline who gives you hope
  9. Ashley – If your cat’s eye color is ash-like
  10. Ava – For your cat who loves to climb trees
  11. Azar – A striking beauty
  12. Azul– Reminds you of your Persian cat blue eyes
  13. Baby– Suits a fur-baby who is always seeking your attention
  14. Bala –Perfect name for a pretty young Persian cat
  15. Beauty– If your cat is the true meaning of the word beautiful
  16. Bleu-Great name if she has blue eyes
  17. Brandy – If she is bitter and sweet as wine
  18. Cinderella – A pretty fairytale princess just like your Persian cat
  19. Clara– Fame is her second name
  20. Copper– For your beautiful burnished cat
  21. Darcas– Suits a Persian cat with a sleek body like a gazelle
  22. Daria– If your cat has brought happiness in your home
  23. Darya – Because she has a twin brother called Darius
  24. Dasha– Heavenly sent
  25. Dilruba –If she makes eyes turn, and male cats can’t get enough of her
  26. Duchess– For your Persian queen
  27. Ebony – For your pretty black Persian cat
  28. Etty – For a little but cute feline
  29. Farsiris – A Persian princess
  30. Golshan – A flower girl
  31. Heidi – Perfect moniker if she is graceful, and wants to be treated like royalty
  32. Ivy – A charming female Persian cat
  33. Jewel – If you cherish your cat
  34. Joy- Great name if there is never a dull moment with her
  35. Juno– Means a queen from heaven
  36. Keya – A flower
  37. Lacey – Suits a quiet pretty cat.
  38. Lady– Your female Persian cat who is a lady in every way
  39. Lulu – For your Persian beauty who is sparkling beautiful
  40. Macy – Great name if she is your shield and defender
  41. Mahsa– Your Persian feline eyes are as bright as the moon
  42. Miau – Meow! If she is never quiet
  43. Mina– Perfect name for a puss who has some love for everyone
  44. Mirzeta – A royal empress
  45. Morvarid – For your Persian cat who is a fashionista
  46. Mystique – Perfect for a mysterious Persian cat
  47. Nasrin – Wild but beautiful.
  48. Noir– For a cat with black eyes
  49. Paniz – If she is as sweet as this candy
  50. Pari – Persian for fairy
  51. Parisa– For your fairy cat-too good to be true
  52. Peek– Your Persian feline can be quite sneaky sometimes
  53. Periwinkle – Perfect if she has large blue eyes
  54. Persi– Because she’s a Persian cat.
  55. Rosalee – For your Persian princess who is as beautiful as a rose.
  56. Ruth – She’s your best friend
  57. Saffron – For your yellow flower
  58. Sahar – If she was born just before dawn
  59. Sahara – Perfect name for your fur-baby who has survived many hardships
  60. Sanaz– She’s so proud, because she know she’s beautiful
  61. Sheba – Beautiful queen
  62. Sheeva – She’s very bold, doesn’t shy away from anything
  63. Tabinda– Suits a feline with beautiful shining eyes
  64. Tarja – Guardian of the truth
  65. Tawana –Suits your multi-talented Persian cat
  66. Tiara –Cute name for your crown princess
  67. Titan– No one dares touch her kittens
  68. Velvet – Because her fur is so soft like velvet
  69. Witch – If she only comes home at night
  70. Yasmin – For a cat who is full of life
  71. Ziba – Isn’t she beautiful!
  72. Zinat – Beautiful is not enough to describe her

Unisex Persian Cat Names

  1. Adonis- The god of beauty
  2. Afina- Suits a feline who eyes are dark blue like blueberries
  3. Aftaab- If your Persian feline is your sunshine
  4. Allie– She came from a noble family
  5. Astral– Her eyes shine like the stars
  6. Ayas- Because this cat came to your life just at the right time
  7. Biggy– For a cat who is big
  8. Bijan- Suits your cat whose funny jokes saves you from total boredom
  9. Blackie– A big black cat
  10. Blade– For a kitty with very sharp claws
  11. Brownie- Your courageous brown cat
  12. Carbon– A unique name for your Persian cat.
  13. Cassidy- The things that your cat does surprises you, he is very clever.
  14. Cenizo- Beautiful and wild
  15. Champagne– Exotic and expensive
  16. Chloe– Suits a young and energetic cat
  17. Cinders- One with ash like appearance
  18. Cleo- Your cat must be a celeb
  19. Confetti- Cat of many colors
  20. Dec– If you adopted your cat in December.
  21. Delbar- Persian for my sweetheart
  22. Dilshad- For you cat who gives you so much happiness
  23. Earthy– Because your feline likes to play with dirt
  24. Elephant– If you have a feline as big as an elephant
  25. Elvis- Mr. know it all
  26. Envy- Everyone wishes they could have your cat
  27. Esprit- A living spirit
  28. Everest– For a Persian puss who is the tallest cat in the hood
  29. Farang– Because your cat came from Europe
  30. Fareena – If your cat’s joyous mood is contagious
  31. Foggy– One with a foggy like appearance
  32. Friya- Your children favorite cat
  33. Gatsby- For a cat with a mono left eye
  34. Granite– For a cat with a rough appearance
  35. Greystone- Because you have a grey and strong Persian cat
  36. Grigio– Suits your grey Persian cat
  37. Gucci- If your cat has class and elegance
  38. Guinness- If you have a fur-baby who is a record breaker
  39. Halloween- If your cat is just comical
  40. Hamid– If you can praise your cat all day
  41. Hunter– Perfect for your puss whose hunting is their best hobby
  42. Inky- Suits a Persian feline who is an independent lone ranger
  43. Jade- Perfect for a feline who is your pride and joy
  44. January- Name your Persian cat after her birth month
  45. Jet – Suits a black Persian cat
  46. Khalisa – If your cat is of pure Persian breed
  47. Koala –Perfect for your feline with a funny nose like a koala bear
  48. Latte – Because your cat loves milk a lot
  49. Lucifer – If people think your cat eyes are too dark
  50. Luna – A Persian feline with a brightly colored coat
  51. Lunar – For a feline who lights up your day
  52. Magic – If how your cat disappears still baffles you
  53. Meowmington – Suits your Persian fur-baby who can’t stop meowing
  54. Mickey– For your tiny cat who looks like Mickey mouse
  55. Midnight– A cat who loves to meow in the middle of the night
  56. Minsha – For a cat whose determination is unrivaled
  57. Misty – One who has a blurred appearance
  58. Mocha – Perfect name if your Persian friend has chocolate eyes or coat
  59. Moosh – Your moosh, your love
  60. Narin – For your slim Persian cat
  61. Negina – A rare gem
  62. Noodle – Your kitty’s favorite snack
  63. Omen – For a faithful cat
  64. Onyx – Perfect for your black cat
  65. Pambeh – Your Persian cat resembles a cotton ball
  66. Paniz – Sweet as candy
  67. Peanut – A very small cat
  68. Pepper– Beautiful on the eyes but can be quite a nuisance
  69. Perrier– For a cat whose stare is as hard as a rock
  70. Prosecco– For your fur-baby who is as rare as white wine
  71. Rah – If your Persian cat has made your home brighter
  72. Santa – If your cat was a gift on Christmas
  73. Sassy – Suits your Persian lively cat
  74. Sheitoon – Suits a fur-baby who is always full of ideas
  75. Sherlock – If you have a Persian cat for a detective
  76. Shideh – Because everyone smiles when your cat is around
  77. Shir –If you have a cat who loves listening to music
  78. Siah– Because she’s black in color
  79. Silvertip – Perfect name if your Persian cat’s nose tip is silver
  80. Skye– If they have blue eyes that resemble the sky
  81. Smokey– A grey Persian cat
  82. Snickers – Because it’s your favorite chocolate
  83. Snowball – Perfect for your small and white Persian cat
  84. Snowflake– Because they have a coat which is as white as snow
  85. Stormy – Great name for your outgoing Persian cat
  86. Teak – Suits a fur-baby who loves climbing trees
  87. Thunder – No one dares make your fearless cat angry
  88. Toastie – If your fur-baby has a brown coat and they love to east some toast
  89. Truffles – Cute name for a brown Persian cat
  90. Winter – Perfect name for your white cat
  91. Woodsmoke – For your Persian grey cat
  92. Yegane – For your feline who is unique in all ways
  93. Zarrin – One with golden eyes


Whether you’re looking for something unique, classic or just popular to call your Persian fur-baby, we’ve got you covered.  Persian cats have a royal charm and a sophisticated beauty that is hard to find in any other cat breeds.

So, did you find the perfect moniker for your Persian beauty from our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Persian Cats are the Most beautiful , attractive, friendly, Homely, playful active ,awesome and unique cat on earth. My children are very excited to see first time in our house and welcome him today Dtd:20.05.2022. Thursday. I bought it for my Grandchildren. They fond of pets.

    • Agnes Kanyi

      I totally agree with you Amanullah! Persian cats are absolutely adorable! And here at lolcats, we're glad to hear that one more Persian kitty has found a loving home and family in you and your grandkids:)

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