175+ Most Popular Latin Cat Names

Cat Names May 6, 2024
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175+ Most Popular Latin Cat Names

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Popular Latin Cat Names

The Latin language is one of the languages in Italic family having sourced its alphabets from Greek language. The language still remains significant to many Bible scholars and Christians because it is the language that was used in writing some scriptures of the Bible.

Whether it’s your love for the Latin alphabet or want an interesting name that goes far back, the following list of 100 great Latin cat names will help you find the right inspiration.

  1. Ace – for cats that are noble in their behavior
  2. Achilles – for cats that are brown or dark haired
  3. Adela – for cats that are basically pleasant
  4. Adolph – a name given to noble cats
  5. Adrian – for cats that were got or belong to a rich and wealthy family
  6. Adriana – for a cat that was got from a sea region
  7. Aloysius – for cats that are great fighters and warriors
  8. Alma – a cat that you hold with a lot of respect and honor just like your soul
  9. Ajax – for cats that are swift and very light like an eagle
  10. Allegra – for cats that are always happy, playful and joyous
  11. Alian – a female cat name for bright and beautiful cats
  12. Adrianna – a cat name after Adrianna of Italy
  13. Adrina – a female cat name
  14. Aeolus – a cat name that is respected and honored like a deity
  15. Aleta – for cats that are very faithful and truthful
  16. Afra – for cats that are calm, peaceful and harmless just like a dove
  17. Aleesha – for cats that are noble and kind
  18. Alecia – a cat name for cats that are of a noble birth
  19. Agatha – a great name describing a good cat
  20. Albini – a great cat name for white cats
  21. Alba – for purely white cats
  22. Alpha – for cats that are first born in their family
  23. Alva – for cats that are regarded highly
  24. Bacchus – for cats that produce a loud sound like they are shouting
  25. Augustus – for cats that carry themselves with dignity and majesty
  26. Augustin – a cat name referring to a revered
  27. Balbina – for strong and powerful cats
  28. Basil – for cats that are royal and majestic
  29. Benedick – a cat name that describes how blessed you are
  30. Blais – a cat name after Blaise Pascal, a scientist
  31. Caesar – a cat name that reminds you of Roman Emperors
  32. Calvin – for hairless cats
  33. Camile – a cat name that reminds you of how the cat was born
  34. Chester – a cat that is a real fortress in your home that keeps away scrawling intruders
  35. Cecil – for a cat that is blind
  36. Cato – for cats that very wise and quick in learning; they are all knowing
  37. Assius – for cats that are very light and can jump from high heights without breaking
  38. Cash – a cat that looks as if it is hollow
  39. Cary – a cat is very honest and faithful
  40. Clarence – for brightly furred cats
  41. Constantine – for cats that are steadfast despite the difficulties
  42. Corbin – for those cat owners that love “The Fifth Element” movie
  43. Dexter – for cats that are black or dark furred
  44. Demetrius – for cats that love playing on bare ground; they love earth
  45. Florian – for cats that are productive yet beautiful
  46. Fidel – for sincere cats
  47. Felix – for cats that are always lucky
  48. Fabian – for cats that are constantly growing, larger and larger
  49. Evander – a cat name after benevolent ruler
  50. Eva – a cat that gives you an inspiration every time you see him or her
  51. Eurydice – a female cat name after Mythical wife of Aeneas
  52. Hadrian – for cats that are dark-haired
  53. Hilary – for cats that are very cheerful and playful
  54. Iggy – a cat name for those cats that have fiery eyes
  55. Kalara – for brightly furred cats
  56. Leo – for brave and powerful cats
  57. Lina – for cats that are at a tender age
  58. Angela – for cats that are very beautiful and sparkling
  59. Anabelle – for cats that are loved by people easily
  60. Amanda – for cats that are easily loved because of their appearance
  61. Constance – for cats that demonstrate steadfastness
  62. Celeste – for cats that seem to have come from heavenly because of their beauty
  63. Caroline – a cat that produces a cute voice that is like a melody to you
  64. Elana – a cat with big eyes like a torch
  65. Emelia – for a cat that is easily admired
  66. Drucilla – for cats with dewy eyes; watery eyes
  67. Eustacia – for adults cats that have are fruitful
  68. Fauna – a cat name after Roman Religion
  69. Flora – for beautiful and bright cats
  70. June – a cat name that reminds you of what happened in June
  71. Essie – for sparkling cats
  72. Messina – for cats that are middle-born
  73. Olivia – a female cat name after your child or girlfriend called Olive
  74. Poppy – beautiful cats that are red furred
  75. Portia – for cats that love staying at the doorway
  76. Prima – this is a great name for the first cat that you got
  77. Priscilla – for cats that are old in age
  78. Regina – a female cat name for adult cats that behave like a queen
  79. Ruby – for cats that are precious like a jewel
  80. Serena – a great name for a calm cat
  81. Terra – for cats that love sleeping on the ground or earth
  82. Stella – a cat that is an expert in various things, he or she is a star
  83. Victoria – for cats that are triumphant in various activities like fight, hard situations etc.
  84. Viola – for cats that are violet in color
  85. Virginia – a female cat that is sexually disciplined and very chaste
  86. Valentina – for cats that rarely get sick; a name for healthy cats
  87. Zona – for cats that have a certain color around their belly or neck that’s different from the rest of the body
  88. Angie – for beautiful cats
  89. Cal – for cats that are hairless or have very less hair
  90. Anton – for cats that you were given freely
  91. Clem – for cats that are merciful
  92. Clarice – for a cat that is clear or bright
  93. Bora – a female cat name for an adult cat that was got from a foreign country
  94. Lux – for cats that are bright and very light
  95. Letty – for cats that usually brings a smile on your face, great joy or gladness
  96. Mambo – for those who love this type of a Latin dance
  97. Kitto – is a name that reminds you that you’re a bearer of Christ
  98. Kea – for a cat that reminds you to always rejoice
  99. Nigra – for black cats
  100. Marcelino – a great name for kittens that are superstars

Latin Male Cat Names

  1. Agapetus – Meaning beloved
  2. Alair– Suits a happy and joyful kitten
  3. Aloysuis– Refers to a famous warrior ideal for a fearless cat
  4. Anthony-Means priceless perfect for a precious kitten
  5. Benedict– Means blessings
  6. Carmine– Perfect for a cat with a red coat
  7. Clark– Means student suits a cat who learns new tricks easily
  8. Clemens– For a gentle and merciful feline
  9. Christian– Meaning follower of Christ
  10. Crispin– Suits a cat with curly hair
  11. Delmar– Means from the sea for a water-loving cat
  12. Faustus– One who is lucky
  13. Ignatius– Meaning full of fire for a passionate and high-spirited cat
  14. Jovon– Means majestic
  15. Justin– Suits a trustworthy and just feline
  16. Lucius– Bringer of light for a cat who lights up your world
  17. Magnus– Meaning the great one
  18. Major– Means great
  19. Maximilian– Meaning the greatest
  20. Miles– Meaning fighter for a courageous feline
  21. Nicepherous– Meaning bearer of victory
  22. Nicodemus– Means victory of the people
  23. Nigel-Refers to dark night for a fearless black haired cat
  24. Nero– Inspired by the Roman emperor
  25. Octavius– Means the eight born
  26. Orson– For a cat with a brave heart
  27. Pathos– Inspired by one of the Three Musketeers
  28. Proctor– Means governor for a cat who rules your home
  29. Rex– Ideal for a cat who acts like the king of the house
  30. Romulus– Romulus together with his brother Remus are the mythological founders of Rome
  31. Rufus– Perfect for a red-haired cat
  32. Serge– Means attendant suits a loyal and caring cat
  33. Terence– Means smooth just like your cat fur
  34. Theodore-Meaning gift from God
  35. Valerian– For a strong and powerful cat
  36. Varian– Meaning conqueror
  37. Vernon– Suits an energetic and youthful cat
  38. Vincent– Meaning conquer for a feline friend who has won the hearts of many
  39. Vitus– Means alive and vital

Latin Female Cat Names

  1. Adoria- For your adorable friend
  2. Albinia– Ideal for a cat with white fur
  3. Augusta– Suits a cat who rules your house
  4. Annabelle– For an adorable kitty you love dearly
  5. Bea– Short form of Beatrice meaning bringer of happiness
  6. Brittany– Means from England
  7. Camilla – Meaning an attendant for a friendly and affectionate cat
  8. Carita– Call your special feline friend by this name
  9. Claudia– For a mild-tempered cat
  10. Cyrilla– Meaning strong leader
  11. Diana– Meaning divine
  12. Donata– Means blessing
  13. Erma– Meaning princess
  14. Emily – Suits an industrious cat
  15. Felicia– For a very fortunate cat
  16. Faustina– Suits a lucky cat
  17. Gillian– One with soft hair
  18. Ivory– Meaning pure one, suits an innocent kitten
  19. Julia– For a playful and energetic cat
  20. Laconia– Name her after the home of the ancient Spartans
  21. Lavinia– Meaning flawless
  22. Leandra – For a bold and fearless cat like a lioness
  23. Letitia– Bringer of happiness
  24. Lucia– Meaning light for a cat who brightens your life with laughter and happiness
  25. Madonna– Majestic name meaning my lady
  26. Miranda– Suits a wonderful cat who is admired by all
  27. Myra– Means the great one
  28. Natalie– For your cat who was born on Christmas day
  29. Neonella– Perfect for a cute kitty
  30. Ora– Means gold for a valuable cat with golden hair
  31. Olethea– Meaning honest and truthful
  32. Riga– Means laughter for a funny and jovial kitten
  33. Sidra– Meaning child born of stars, suits a beautiful cat
  34. Sylvia– Means from the forest for an adventurous cat who likes hunting
  35. Tacita– Suits a quiet cat
  36. Tish– Short form of Tisha meaning joy
  37. Una– Meaning united for a cat who brings people together
  38. Vera– For a trustworthy cat
  39. Vespera– Refers to the evening star
  40. Zea– Means grain, perfect for your small-sized cat

Final Thoughts

The above list presents 100 great Latin cat names that are very easy on the ears of because they are short and sweet. After you have come up with the best name and your cat has approved it, keep on calling your cat that name every time you are feeding, playing or washing them.

With this, they will understand the name and register it in their mind and this will be the beginning of a great relationship between you and your furry friend.

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