The 235 Best Gray Kitten Names

Cat Names June 19, 2024


The 235 Best Gray Kitten Names

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Gray is a favorite color for many feline parents. And we all agree that your gray beauty does deserve a name that complements their beautiful coat or striking gray eyes.

So, read on and get to know some of our favorite gray cat names. You can bet you won’t miss one that is perfect for your sleek gray fur-baby.

Male Gray Cat Names

  1. Abo- Refers to ashes in Filipino
  2. Alpha- For your gray cat who loves to be in control
  3. Atlas– The titan who carried celestial heavens on his shoulders
  4. Blizzard- This high freezing wind with thick silvery storm makes a perfect name for a temperate cat
  5. Bolt- Lightening accompanied by thunder, suits a swift and powerful cat
  6. Boz- Azerbaijani word for gray
  7. Bugs- Bugs Bunny, a smart gray and white rabbit cartoon character
  8. Carbon-A soft and dull gray element, makes a perfect name for an energetic cat
  9. Charcoal– For an energetic cat with a dark gray coat
  10. Chinook– The great sound wind, a fitting name for a free-spirited cat
  11. Chrome– Suits a cat with a shiny gray coat
  12. Deluge– For a strong and powerful cat
  13. Donkey– A stubborn yet determined character in the animated film Shrek
  14. Donovan– A name of Celtic origin meaning dark warrior
  15. Dorian– Inspired by the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray
  16. Dumbo- A fun-loving and playful gray flying elephant
  17. Dustin– An old English name meaning a brave warrior
  18. Dynamo– Suits a jovial and energetic cat
  19. Eeyore– The old gray donkey in the cartoon Winnie-the-Pooh
  20. Egon– Germanic name meaning sword, suits a fierce and swift gray cat
  21. Falcon-A perfect name for a cat who likes to hunt
  22. Fenrir-Norse mythological monstrous wolf
  23. Flash-This fast superhero makes an ideal name for a swift kitty
  24. Flipper-The friendly and loyal dolphin
  25. Fred– Germanic name meaning peaceful ruler
  26. Frosty– The cartoon character Frosty the snowman
  27. Gainsboro– A natural gray color
  28. Ghost– For a quiet and sneaky cat
  29. Gutherie– Of Gaelic origin meaning windy place
  30. Grayson– Refers to son of the steward, suits your loyal feline
  31. Granite– An ideal name for a tough fur-baby
  32. Gremlin– A perfect name for a mischievous cat
  33. Graywind-The Direwolf in the television series Game of Thrones
  34. Grayworm– One of the trusted advisors in the Game of Thrones
  35. Haze-The state of stormy weather
  36. Heron– The blue-gray long-legged freshwater bird
  37. Jake-Suits a mischievous cat
  38. Jumbo– Ideal for a large cat
  39. Kane-Irish name meaning little warrior
  40. King Grayskull-Give your cat this name if you’re a fan of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
  41. Liard– Refers to gray
  42. Lightening– Suits a powerful and swift cat
  43. Lloyd– Name of Welsh origin meaning gray-haired
  44. Loki-Suits a mischievous cat
  45. Lobo– The Mexican gray wolf
  46. March– The third stormy month of the year
  47. Mercury– A wonderful name for an active and jovial cat
  48. Mouse– For a tiny naughty cat
  49. Mufasa-The king of the pride land in Lion King
  50. Munkustrap– The main character in the musical film Cats, a fitting name for your brave fur-baby
  51. Nimbus- Latin name meaning dark cloud
  52. Ninja-Suits a sneaky cat who loves to hunt
  53. Oscar-The author of the novel The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde
  54. Oslo-Name you cat after Norway’s capital city
  55. Ozzy-The gray-haired English singer, Ozzy Osbourne
  56. Pacino– Ideal for a scar-faced cat
  57. Pewter– This gray malleable metal makes a perfect name for a courteous kitty
  58. Pinball-Suits your tiny kitten
  59. Raccoon– Suits a mischievous kitty
  60. Rai-Japanese name meaning thunder
  61. Roar– Suits a fierce cat
  62. Rocket– A perfect name for a swift and powerful cat
  63. Seattle– A cloudy city in the United States
  64. Seal– Perfect name for a dark gray cat
  65. Shadow– The mysterious gray shadows
  66. Silverpaw– A unique name for a gray cat
  67. Silver Surfer– A superhero character in the Marvel Comics
  68. Spirit– For a cat who goes with the flow
  69. Smoke– Gray smoke is a sign of fire
  70. Sterling– As in sterling silver
  71. Suede– For a cat with a very soft coat
  72. TheonGame of Thrones character Theon Grayjoy
  73. Thor– The Norse god of thunder
  74. Thumper– A mischievous yet fun-loving cartoon character
  75. Thunder– An ideal name for a big gray temperate cat
  76. Tom– The cartoon Tom and Jerry, the funny famous gray cat
  77. Toni– Suits an irreplaceable fur-baby
  78. Turbo– For a powerful and swift cat
  79. Victor– Suits a brave feline
  80. Vulcan– A shade of dark gray
  81. Wren– Suits a jovial and energetic cat
  82. Yin- Means silver in Japanese
  83. Zeus– Mythological Greek god of the sky, thunder and lightening

Female Gray Cat Names

  1. Angie- Short form of angel, the messenger of God
  2. Anumati– Hindu moon goddess
  3. Ariel– Means lion of God, suits a brave and loyal cat
  4. Athena– The gray-eyed goddess of wisdom and war
  5. Bae– For a cat who enjoys outdoor walks
  6. Bramble– Ideal for cat full of surprises
  7. Brio– For an energetic gray cat
  8. Cali- Greek name meaning most beautiful
  9. Cinderella– For a kitty who loves being the princess of the house
  10. Cinerious– A shade of ash gray
  11. Charlotte-Inspired by the novel Charlotte gray
  12. Chilly– Ideal name for a peaceful and calm cat
  13. Claudia-Author of Star Wars novels Claudia Gray
  14. Crystal– For a cat with beautiful shiny grey eyes
  15. Demi– Suits a petite kitten
  16. Dove– For a peaceful and gentle cat
  17. Dusky– Suits a cat with a dim gray coat
  18. Edie-The little Edie of the Gray gardens
  19. Elsa– The animated ice princess
  20. Gerzelda- Germanic name meaning little gray little maid
  21. Goose– Suits a loyal and protective pussy
  22. Gracie– Gray-cie, a lovely name for your cute cat
  23. Gray Popon– For the love of this mustard brand of whole grain
  24. Gridelin– A shade of violet gray
  25. Griseo- A Latin word for gray
  26. Hazy- This fogged sky makes a lovely name for a dark gray cat
  27. Ilma– Finnish name for air, suits a free-spirited cat
  28. Juno-The Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth
  29. Kelabu– Indonesian name meaning gray
  30. Koala– Suits a kind and quiet cat
  31. Lali– For your darling kitty
  32. Lilac– Suits a cheerful cat
  33. LunarBelle– Refers to a beautiful moon
  34. Lois-American writer of children books, Lois Gray
  35. London– Reminds you of the foggy gray London weather
  36. Mac the Knife- Suits a tough, naughty pussy
  37. Mab– The queen of fairies with small gray coated gnat in Shakespeare tragedy Romeo and Juliet
  38. Margo– Means pearl in French, suits a precious cat
  39. Meredith– A fictional character from the television series Gray’s Antony
  40. Mink– For a tiny kitten with a soft gray coat
  41. Mint– A perfect name for a cat with green eyes and a gray coat
  42. Mistral– Winter strong cold winds that blow through France to the Mediterranean
  43. Misty- For a gentle cat with a soft gray coat
  44. Moana– The Gray district in New Zealand
  45. Monsoon– The cloudy days of heavy rains
  46. Moonstone-A magical gray stone from the moon
  47. Moose– Suits a restless pussy
  48. Moxie– Suits a free-spirited cat
  49. Mushroom-For a cute kitten with soft fur
  50. Mystique– If you’re fun of the X-File series, consider this name for your cat
  51. Nadia– Romanian actress, Nadia Gray
  52. Nala– Ideal name for your best friend
  53. Nube– A Spanish word meaning cloud
  54. Opal– Give your precious cat this name
  55. Patches-A wonderful name for a cat with shades of white and gray
  56. Pebbles– These smooth beach stones are slightly gray
  57. Pearl-For a precious kitty with a light gray coat
  58. Pigeon– Ideal name for a gentle yet swift gray cat
  59. Possum– A loner cat deserves this name
  60. Rella– Suits a gray loyal cat
  61. Roxie– Diminutive of Roxana meaning dawn
  62. Sasha– American actress and model, Sasha Gray
  63. Silverbelle– A wonderful name for a beautiful cat
  64. Siren– Ideal name for a cunning kitten
  65. Skye– The beautiful gray sky
  66. Smudge-A sweet name for a cat with a mix of gray
  67. Starshine– A wonderful name for a cat with cute gray eyes
  68. Stardust– A magical name for a cute feline friend
  69. Squeaky– For a cat with high pitched meows
  70. Talia– Hebrew name meaning morning dew
  71. Tate– An ideal name for cheerful pussy
  72. Tess– Musical artist, Tess Gray
  73. Thistle– The dry gray thistle
  74. Thora-Norse Goddess of thunder
  75. Tiki-Japanese name meaning waterfall, suits an energetic cat
  76. Twinkle-Suits a cat with a shiny silvery coat
  77. Vixen– For a fierce cat
  78. Whisper-Ideal for a soft and gentle but sneaky cat
  79. Wraith-Suits a sweet, gentle cat
  80. Zelda-A Germanic name meaning gray fighting maid
  81. Zero– The superhero with shining silver blades

Unisex Gray Cat Names

  1. Aluminum- Suits a soft and gentle cat with a shiny coat
  2. Anchovy- For a fish-loving kitty
  3. Argenta– A word used in poetry to mean silver
  4. Ashton-The soft powder remains after a fire
  5. Asteroid– These terrestrial bodies appear gray in space
  6. Blair-Means battlefield, perfect for your courageous cat
  7. Brett-American actor and singer, Brett Gray
  8. Cadet-Cadet gray, a shade of blue-gray
  9. Cameron-The Australian talented artist, Cameron Gray
  10. Cenizo-Means gray in Spanish
  11. Champagne– Suits a cat who enjoys parties
  12. Chinchilla– Suits a gentle and quiet gray cat with a bushy tail
  13. Coal– For an energetic kitty
  14. Cobweb– An ideal name for your delicate gray cat
  15. Dapple- Ideal name for a cat who enjoys hunting
  16. Disco– For a fun-loving cat
  17. Drizzle– A lovely name for a gentle kitten
  18. Ember-This glowing coal makes a perfect name for your powerful cat
  19. Esme– Suits an adorable and lovable kitty
  20. Feather– For a lightweight cat
  21. Finlay-Irish name meaning fair-haired hero
  22. Glacier– Suits a slow and quiet feline
  23. Greer– A Scottish name meaning watchful, a perfect name for a guard kitty
  24. Grimaldi- A large crater in the moon
  25. Gris– Mean gray in French
  26. Herring-For a gray cat who loves fishing
  27. Horizon– For a determined, cute gray cat
  28. Hurricane– Suits a powerful and temperate cat
  29. Kalara– Suits a cat with a bright gray coat
  30. Keegan– Ideal name for a fiery cat
  31. Lane– For a cat who loves sneaking around
  32. Lez– Suits a cheerful cat who brightens your day
  33. Liath– Irish name meaning gray
  34. Mackerel– Ideal for a cute little kitten with shinny silvery coat
  35. Mona– Suits a puss of noble bearing
  36. Nickels-A wonderful name for a kitten with shinny gray coat
  37. Nico-A perfect name for a victorious cat
  38. Nyx– Greek goddess of the darkness
  39. Orion– Greek name meaning rising in the sky
  40. Otter– Suits a friendly and lovable cat
  41. Plata– For a precious cat with a shiny gray coat
  42. Puff– A lovely name for a cat with a soft thick gray coat
  43. Pussy Willow– Suits a tiny kitty with a thick, soft coat
  44. Quill-Suits an adventurous cat who loves hunting
  45. Rain– An ideal name for a cat who likes attention
  46. Razor– For your fierce cat
  47. Rory– Irish name meaning famous ruler
  48. Saxon-Refers to a sword, perfect for a fierce and swift cat
  49. Serry– Russian name meaning gray
  50. Sharky– Suits a cat who loves hunting
  51. Sheen– Refers to snow in Arabic, suits a cat with a bright coat
  52. Silver Bell– Reminds you of the joy of the Christmas celebrations
  53. Siva-Means gray in Bosnia
  54. Skittles– Suits your playful kitten
  55. Slate– This smooth stone has a shade of gray
  56. Spoon– As in the silver spoon
  57. Steel-A wonderful name for a strong cat
  58. Stoked-A cute name for your cheerful and jovial cat
  59. Tempest-Means stormy in French, suits a temperate cat
  60. Teri-Teri Hatcher dyes her hair gray
  61. Tex-As in the State of Texas
  62. Tiara– For a triumphant cat
  63. Tinsel– The silvery Christmas decorations
  64. Treasure– For your precious little kitty
  65. Tressim– A small, winged gray cat
  66. Umbra– This shadowy image suits a sneaky cat
  67. Val-Suits a strong cat
  68. Vergrys– Afrikaans name for gray
  69. Xanadu– Shade of greenish-gray
  70. Zoe-For a healthy and lively grey cat


If your new gray cat needs a name, now you have 235 new monikers to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a cute, unique, or bad-ass gray name, we hope you find what you’re looking for from the above list.

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