The 235 Cute And Coolest Cat Names

Cat Names June 17, 2024


The 235 Cute And Coolest Cat Names

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Some cats are so effortlessly awesome!

If you have a king or queen of cool or cute in your home, you need to give them a name that has something extra. And we have just the right inspiration for you.

So, without further ado, here are 235 names that are so hip that your feline rockstar will certainly approve.

Male Cute and Coolest Cat Names

  1. Abraham– Hebrew name meaning father of many
  2. Adam-Biblical first man, suits your cute red-haired cat
  3. Albner– Hebrew name meaning father of light
  4. Ali-Means greatest in Arabic
  5. Alfie– Give your smart and intelligent cat this name
  6. Anwyll– Welsh name meaning loved by all
  7. Archie– A name for a brave and bold kitty
  8. Arlo– Means strong in Latin
  9. Armstrong– Name your cat after the first person to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong
  10. Arnold– Suits a strong cat just like the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  11. Atticus– A fictional character in the novel To kill a Mockingbird
  12. Barney– A name of Germanic origin meaning strong as a bear
  13. Beau– A lovely name for a cute puss
  14. Bengie– Refers to son of the right-hand, perfect for your hip trustworthy cat
  15. Biff– A cool name for a strong cat
  16. Boba– Most popular Star Wars character, Boba Fett
  17. Bobby-Name your cat after the professional wrestler and martial arts artist, Bobby Lashley
  18. Bradley-Bradley Cooper, American actor
  19. Bryn– A welsh name meaning hill for your adventurous cat
  20. Buddy– Your best friend
  21. Buster– A petty thief character in the film Buster, suits a naughty cat
  22. Carlo– Suits a strong and brave cat
  23. Carter-The 39th United States president, Jimmy Carter
  24. Casper– The friendly ghost
  25. Clay-As is Clayne Crafford, a character in the Lethal Weapon series
  26. Connor– Irish name meaning lover of hound, a unique name for a cat!
  27. Cooper– Fictional character in Big Bang Theory, Sheldon cooper
  28. Cowboy– Suits your courageous and loyal cat
  29. Dash– For a swift cat
  30. Davey-The professional wrestler, Davey Boy Smith
  31. Dru– A hyper character in the animated film Despicable Me
  32. Duke– For a cat of noble bearing
  33. Dylan-The greatest songwriter, Bob Dylan
  34. Ezra-Name your cat after influential poet and critic, Ezra Pound
  35. Felix– The funny animated character, Felix the cat
  36. Finn– Fictional character in Star Wars series
  37. Fizz– Cool name for your naughty and playful kitten
  38. Freddie-Rock lead vocalist of the Band Queen, Freddie Mercury
  39. Gavin– Perfect name for your strong cute cat
  40. Gordon– This Gaelic name meaning hero is perfect for a triumphant kitten
  41. Grayson– Refers to son of gray-haired
  42. Gus-Your cool and great cat deserves this name
  43. Hans– For the love of the live television show Pumping with Hans and Franz
  44. Hendrix– Electric guitarist Jimi Hendrix
  45. Henry– Superhero animated series character, Henry Danger
  46. Horrace– The man of the time, suits a punctual cat
  47. Hux– General Hux, a character in the Star Wars series
  48. Jake-A variant of Jack meaning God is merciful
  49. Jed– A Hebrew name meaning friend of God, suits a trustworthy cat
  50. Jerry-The intelligent cartoon character in Tom and Jerry
  51. Jiggy– Suits an energetic puss
  52. Joey– A loyal and caring character in the series Friends
  53. John– Hebrew name meaning God is gracious
  54. Jordan– The cool basketball player, Michael Jordan
  55. Kip-Name your cat after the famous model and actor, Kip Pardue
  56. Kyle– Your slim cat deserves this name
  57. Lyle– French name Meaning Island
  58. Magnum– A great name for a big magnificent feline
  59. Matt– Short form of Mathew meaning gift from god, suits your gracious cat
  60. Mortimer– Refers to still water, perfect for your secretive and mysterious fur-baby
  61. Monty– For a cat who has taken over your house
  62. Mylo-Inspired by Scottish singer, Myles MacInnes
  63. Nelson– Nelson Mandela, South African freedom fighter
  64. Noah– Suits a quiet and peaceful cat
  65. Odie– A lovable and kind character in the cartoon Garfield
  66. Oliver-Charles dickens famous novel Oliver Twist
  67. Oscar-The author of The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde
  68. Parker-The fictional character in the Spider-Man films
  69. Petey-The ginger cat in the book Tales of two Kitties
  70. Preston– Inspired by the author, Douglas Preston
  71. Rajah-Princess Jasmine tiger in the animated film Aladdin
  72. Razor-The superhero from the comic books
  73. Ricky-Ricky Ricardo is a character in the series I love Lucy
  74. Salem-Suits a peaceful cat
  75. Seb– Short form of Sebastian, the little Jamaican ascent crab in the cartoon The Little Mermaid
  76. Snickers- A brand of chocolate bar
  77. Snowball– The intelligent pig in the novel Animal Farm
  78. Sonny-For your adorable little kitty
  79. Squeak-For a cat who loves attention
  80. Taylor– George Taylor, a character in the film Planet of the Apes
  81. Theo-A Greek name meaning gift from god
  82. Toby-The cautious turtle in the animated film Robin Hood
  83. Todd– Scottish name meaning fox, an ideal name for a loyal and smart kitten
  84. Tonka-For a praiseworthy kind of cat
  85. Tyler– A wonderful name for a determined cat
  86. Warrior– Suits a courageous feline
  87. Ziggy-Of Germanic origin meaning victorious protector

Female Cute and Coolest Cat Names

  1. Abbey– Perfect name for your cat who brings you joy
  2. Adele-What a cute name!
  3. Akira –Suits a bright and intelligent cat
  4. Amie-Suits a lovable and friendly puss
  5. Annie-You gracious cat will love this name
  6. Aspen-The aspen tree, a symbol of protection
  7. Aurora– Roman goddess of dawn
  8. Ava-This Latin name suits an energetic and free-spirited cat
  9. Bella– Cute name just like your beautiful cat
  10. Bessie-Jazz and blues singer referred to as the empress of blues, Bessie Smith
  11. Beth– A sweet Hebrew name meaning God is my oath
  12. Brooklyn-After the beautiful town in New York City
  13. Cali– Colombian city popular for its salsa dance
  14. Charlotte– Ideal for your free-spirited cat
  15. Chloe– Suits a kitten who’s full of life
  16. Clara– For your beautiful cat with a bright coat
  17. Clementine– For the love of this orange fruit
  18. Dana– Name your cat after the professional wrestler, Dana Brooke
  19. Darcy– French name meaning dark-haired
  20. Darla– A lovely name for your darling fur-baby
  21. Dena-The largest and longest Zagros Mountain ranges
  22. Dixie-The cool all-female country music band, Dixie Chicks
  23. Dolly-Famous American actor and singer, Dolly Parton
  24. Dora– Greek name meaning gift
  25. Echo– Greek mythological mountain nymph
  26. Edith– English name meaning prosperous in war, great name for your victorious cat
  27. Elektra– Comics superhero character, Elektra Natchios
  28. Elise– The spider queen in the video game League of Legends
  29. Espresso– For the love of this Italian coffee brew
  30. Eve– Suits a beautiful, lively cat
  31. Fifi– The adventurous character in the animated series Fifi & the Flowertots
  32. Frankie– Suits a loyal and trustworthy cat
  33. Georgie-Lady Georgia, a charming animated character
  34. Gina-Refers to a queen in Italian
  35. Gracie– After actress, singer and comedian, Gracie Fields
  36. Halley– Suits a cat with a big heart
  37. Hazel– For a charming and mischievous cat
  38. Heidi– Inspired by the children book by Johanna Spyri
  39. Hera– Greek goddess of marriage, women, and family
  40. Hollie– For a cat with a lucky charm
  41. Ingrid-The beautiful Swedish actress who featured in the film Casablanca, Ingrid Bergman
  42. Jackie-After the former first lady of United States, Jackie Kennedy
  43. Jenny-Inspired by the famous actress and model Jenny McCarthy
  44. Katniss-A strong and resourceful fictional character in Hunger Games
  45. Kelly– Refers to warrior in Gaelic, a fitting name for your brave cat
  46. Lass– For a cute little kitty
  47. Lia-Greek name meaning bearer of good news
  48. Lola-Inspired by the cartoon series Charlie and Lola
  49. Lynn– Germanic name meaning waterfall, suits a powerful fur-baby
  50. Maddie-Refers to battle maiden just like your courageous cat
  51. Meeko-Friendly and greedy raccoon in Pocahontas
  52. Mila– For that cute gracious cat
  53. Molly– Suits a rebellious and naughty cat
  54. Natalie– Means born during Christmas in Russian
  55. Nelly-After the famous singer Nelly Furtado
  56. Nessie-The famous Loch Ness Monster of the Scottish folklore
  57. Nina-A professional assassin in the game series Tekken, Nina Williams
  58. Nova-For a kitty who is new in the family
  59. Opal-A precious gemstone associated with love and passion
  60. Paige– Latin word meaning helper
  61. Paisley– Inspired by Persian textile pattern design
  62. Penny-A brave character in Disney’s film The Rescuers
  63. Pippa- After Socialite, Pippa Middleton sister of Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge
  64. Pippi-A strong character in the children novel Pippi Longstocking
  65. Polly– Suits a naughty and rebellious cat
  66. Rae– A lovely name for your loyal friend
  67. Raine-A name of French origin meaning queen
  68. Rio– Refers to river in Spanish
  69. Ripley– The bizarre events in Ripley’s Believe it or Not
  70. Robyn-After the famous hip singer Robyn Rihanna Fenty
  71. Rosemary– A fragrant evergreen herb
  72. Roxie-Roxie Hart, a fictional character in the play Chicago
  73. Sara-Hebrew name meaning princess
  74. Scarlett-Inspired by the highest-paid actress Scarlett Johansson
  75. Selene– Mythological Greek goddess of the moon
  76. Skylar-After American singer Skylar Gray
  77. Suki– A tough and confident warrior in the Avatar
  78. Spice– Suits a cheerful cat who gives meaning to your life
  79. Starbuck– If you love coffee, name your cat after this largest coffeehouse chain
  80. Tessa-After ice dancer, Tessa Virtue
  81. Trixie-For a cat who gives you joy
  82. Venus– Roman goddess of beauty and love
  83. Wanda– Wanda Maximoff, a fictional super heroine character in the Avengers
  84. Wrigley– World’s leading manufacturer of chewing gum and chocolate
  85. Xena- The princess warrior
  86. Zara– Suits a cheerful beautiful cat
  87. Zinnia– Refers to garden of flower, suits a very beautiful puss
  88. Zoe– Means life in Greek, a fitting name for a cheerful feline who is full of life

Unisex Cute and Coolest Cat Names

  1. Ale-If you’re in love with this fermented malt beverage
  2. Asia– A beautiful name for your lively kitty
  3. Aslan-The character in the book Chronicles of Narnia
  4. Avery-Suits your cute intelligent cat
  5. Beanie– This cool hat suits a furry cat with a warm heart
  6. Bet– A cat that never lets you down
  7. Bingo– Suits a triumphant puss
  8. Boomer– A cool name for a conservative cat
  9. Bullseye– For a victorious kitty
  10. Blaze– For a fierce and powerful cat
  11. Blossom– For a cat full of life like the spring flowers
  12. Chance-Inspired by the novel by Kem Nunn
  13. Char– Pork barbecue char siu
  14. Cheetah– A fitting name for a big and fast cat
  15. Chippy– Suits a cat who loves fish chops
  16. Clue– Why not name your favorite puss Clue if you love this comedy film
  17. Corn– Suits a tiny kitten
  18. Crew– For a cat who loves your company
  19. Crispy– The dragon in the animated series Sofia the First
  20. Dancer– For a puss with moves!
  21. Dexter– A genius boy in Dexter’s laboratory
  22. Doodle– Ideal for a silly puss
  23. Ego– For a cat you’re proud of
  24. Fig– For a cat with a big heart
  25. Frolic– Ideal name for a fun-loving and silly feline
  26. Hunter– Cool name for a cat who likes to hunt
  27. India– Suits a free-spirited cat
  28. Jasper– Your precious cat deserves this name
  29. Jazzy– For a fashionable and modern cat
  30. Lynx– A perfect name for a loner and secretive cat
  31. Kona– Coffee beans from Hawaii
  32. Mellow– For a calm and peaceful cat
  33. Merlot– For the love of this red French wine
  34. Minx– A lovely name for a cunning fur-baby
  35. Mock– For a funny and silly kitten
  36. Mystery– Suits a quiet cat who keeps your secrets
  37. Noodle– This long pasta dish makes a lovely name for a tall slender furry friend
  38. Nutty– Inspired by the comedy film Nutty professor
  39. Oat– This breakfast meal makes you energetic the whole day
  40. Ocelot– The dwarf South African leopard
  41. Pasta– A popular food made of unleavened wheat dough
  42. Pax– Suits a peaceful puss
  43. Phoenix– Ideal for a cat with a red coat
  44. Rider– Refers to a mounted warrior, a fitting name for a brave cat
  45. River– Ideal for a powerful and free-spirited cat
  46. Saffron– Inspired by this expensive spice
  47. Savannah– The beautiful plain grassland fields
  48. Scat- A cool way of jazz singing
  49. Secret-An attentive cat you share with your deepest secrets
  50. September– For a jovial and cheerful puss
  51. Skippy– A brand of creamy peanut butter
  52. Slam-As in spoken words, poetry slam
  53. Slink– For a very sneaky cat
  54. Sorber– Name the after this mouth licking frozen dessert
  55. Timber– Ideal name for a strong and tamable pussy
  56. Tinker– Tinker bell, a stubborn and fearless fairy in the Peter Pan film
  57. Tiptoe– For your quiet and peaceful cat
  58. Trick– Ideal for a cunning feline
  59. Twiglet– For the love of this brand of crunchy snacks
  60. Wizard– Inspired by the musical film Wizard of Oz
  61. Woody– Sheriff Woody, a smart and passionate character in the animated film Toy Story
  62. Zap– A friendly yet mischievous water dragon in the video game Skylanders


Cool and cute right?

Well, now you have no excuse not to give your darling cat a hipster name.

But if these names don’t strike the right chord, don’t panic.  Have a look at our other lists of cat names below.

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