The 235 Best Calico Cat Names

Cat Names May 9, 2024


The 235 Best Calico Cat Names

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Calico cats are naturally cute. They have colorful orange, black, and white patches that set them apart from other felines.

And they are amazing too! Did you know that calico cats are believed to bring good luck?

In Japan, calico cats are the symbol of fortune. So if you have recently adopted a calico cat, they may just bring you good fortune.

So what should you call your beautiful feline friend who is a powerful good luck charm?

Here is all the inspiration you need to give them a befitting name.

Male Calico Cat Names

  1. Addams– Inspired by the animated films The Addams Family
  2. Amber– As in the naturally beautiful fossilized resin tree
  3. Amun– Egyptian god of the sun and air
  4. Angelina– Means little angle in Italian
  5. Anubis– Egyptian god of afterlife, suits a guard Calico fur-baby
  6. Aten– The Egyptian sun god
  7. Azizi– An ideal name for your precious calico cat with a beautiful coat
  8. Berlioz– A naughty kitten in Aristocrats just like your mischievous calico cat
  9. Binx– The fun-loving cat in the film Hocus Pocus
  10. Bram-Inspired by the author of the novel Dracula, Bram Stoker
  11. Carrie– A character in the novel by Stephen King
  12. Casper-The famous cartoon character, Casper the Friendly Ghost
  13. Cayenne-This spicy hot chili has a mix of orange and red shades
  14. Cheddar– A yummy brightly dyed cheese, perfect for your favorite multicolored calico puss
  15. Chestnut-This edible nut makes a lovely name for a tough feline
  16. Chucky– The frightening doll in the film Child’s play
  17. Chili-This hot pepper spices up your meals
  18. Citrus– Citrus fruits are multi-colored like your favorite fur-baby
  19. Copper– A shiny reddish-brown metallic element
  20. Coral– A lovely name for a puss with a shade of orange
  21. Craven-Wes Craven, an actor and novelist famous for his pioneering mix of horror and humor films
  22. Cruella– A go-getter fictional character in 101 Dalmatians
  23. Cujo– Suits your wild calico cat
  24. Edgar– Name your cat after American poet Edgar Allan Poe
  25. Ernie-A silly and energetic muppet from the Sesame Street show
  26. Fester– A caring character with strange behavior in Addams Family
  27. Fia– Refers to flickering fire in Italian
  28. Fiorella– Means little flower in Italian
  29. Frankenstein-Inspired by a horror and science fiction novel by Mary Shelley
  30. Garfield-An orange cartoon character with black lines
  31. Horus– Mythological Egyptian god whose left eye was moon and right eye sun
  32. Heathcliff– Inspired by a smart cartoon character in the animated film Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats
  33. Hebony– Suits a tough cat with shades of black
  34. Herman-A character in The Munster television show
  35. Hitchcock-Name your cat after the film producer Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense
  36. Ichabod-A fictional character good at dancing and singing in the book The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  37. Igor-Russian name meaning warrior of peace
  38. Jason-The super strong character in Friday the13th
  39. Jekyll-Dr Jekyll battles between evil and good within himself in the book Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  40. Julius– Perfect name if you’re in love with the delicious orange Julius beverage
  41. Khafra-Egyptian ruler who built the second pyramid of Giza
  42. Khalid– Arabic name meaning eternal, suits a fur-baby who gives you endless joy
  43. Kiara– A wild hearted and adventurous cartoon character in The Lion King
  44. Khufu-The first Pharaoh to build the pyramid of Giza, sounds like your determined calico cat
  45. Lafayette-Inspired by a fictional character in Aristocrats
  46. Lementine-A sweet, juicy, and tiny orange fruit
  47. Lion– Suits your brave puss with yellow patches
  48. Maize– Name him after the colorful orange corn
  49. Marigold– This flower comes in bright shades of yellow or orange
  50. Maryland– Calico cats are the official state cat of this mid-Atlantic state with lots of coastlines
  51. Merlin– An intelligent wizard in Arthurian legend
  52. Michael Myers– A fictional character in Halloween Slasher movies
  53. Monarch– The monarch butterfly has a blend of black, orange, and white colors
  54. Morticia-A seductive matriarch in the Addams Family
  55. Mufasa– A wise and noble king in The Lion King
  56. Napoleon– A clever and boastful character in Aristocrats
  57. Nebit– Egyptian name meaning leopard-like
  58. Nemo-An energetic and friendly Disney clownfish
  59. Norman Bates– A fictional character in the novel Psycho
  60. Oliver– A brave and caring character in Oliver & Company
  61. Oriole-A small bird with a blackhead, orange chest, and two white bars on the wings
  62. Osiris-The Egyptian god of the underworld
  63. Penny– This coin has varying shades of red and brown
  64. Picasso-Name him after the amazing multi-colored Picasso painting
  65. Pudding– A sweet dessert, suits your adorable cat
  66. Pugsley– A caring and cheerful member of The Addams Family
  67. Ra-Egyptian god of the sky, earth, and underworld
  68. Rainbow– Suits a beautiful multi-colored calico cat
  69. Rajah– Princess Jasmine best friend and protector in the film Aladdin
  70. Ramesses-The greatest and most powerful Pharaoh in ancient Egypt
  71. Rembrandt– A painter of light and shades
  72. Roquefort– The small mouse character in Aristocrats
  73. Rusty– Suits a puss with a blend of orange and black fur
  74. Scar– A cartoon character with black mane and orange fur in The Lion King
  75. Sepia– A shade of reddish-brown
  76. Serena– Italian name meaning Tranquil
  77. Simba– A curious and adventurous character in The Lion King
  78. Skellington-A charming character in charge of Halloween in Night before Christmas
  79. Taco- A delicious Mexican dish of tortilla topped with fillings
  80. Tiger– This powerful wild cat has orange fur with black and white strips
  81. Tigger– A confident and caring cartoon in Winnie the pooh
  82. Tortie– For a cute puss with yellowish brown patches on his coat

Female Calico Cat Names

  1. Aisha– Egyptian for tranquil
  2. Akil– Suits your intelligent calico puss
  3. Am– The naughty twin cat in The Lady and the Tramp
  4. Amaretto– This sweet Italian wine blends well in different cocktails
  5. Amenti-Egyptian goddess in the land of the west
  6. Annika– For your cute and graceful kitty
  7. Apricot-This stone fruit has a mix of red and orange
  8. Aruba– A lovely Arabic name for a joyful and happy fur-baby
  9. Blaze-A wonderful name for a lively and energetic calico cat
  10. Blythe-Ideal for a playful and cheerful kitty
  11. Boo– For a cat full of surprises just like the Halloween boo!
  12. Brown sugar– A sweet name for your calico cat with shades of brown
  13. Buffy-As in the strong and loyal Buffy the vampire slayer
  14. Butterfinger– A crispy candy bar with layers of peanut butter covered with chocolate
  15. Butterscotch– A yummy sweet treat just like your cat
  16. Calista– Give your beautiful cat this Greek name
  17. Callie– A lovely name for a cute calico cat
  18. Calliemae– For a beautiful calico cat born in May
  19. Camille– Suits a well-mannered cat with royal history
  20. Candy– The sweet treats common during the Halloween holiday
  21. Caramel– A dark orange sweet dessert
  22. Catrina-Inspired by Edgar Poe’s tortoiseshell cat
  23. Cheeto– Perfect if you’re in love with this cheesy orange snack
  24. Cheshire– A mischievous and intelligent cat in Alice in Wonderland
  25. Chione– Refers to the daughter of the Nile in Egypt
  26. Clementine– A small easy to peel orange fruit
  27. Cleopatra– Suits an intelligent and charming puss
  28. Columbia– Name your outdoor-loving calico cat after the Italian explorer, Christopher Columbia
  29. Cookie– Adorable name for a lovely and sweet feline
  30. Creamsicle– This brand of ice cream comes in orange and white colors
  31. Cupcake– A small delicious cake on a small paper
  32. Cybil– Greek name meaning the great mother of the gods
  33. Dalila– Suits your delicate calico cat with a gentle touch
  34. Danielle– Hebrew name meaning God be my judge
  35. Darla– A friendly character in Finding Nemo
  36. Dinah– A small red kitten in Alice in Wonderland
  37. Disco-Suits a cat with a shiny coat
  38. Donatella– Name your stylish cat after Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace
  39. Dumpling– A delicious dish of dough with fillings
  40. Elsa-An orphaned lioness in the film Born Free
  41. Elvira– Inspired by the film Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
  42. Eugenie-Suits a puss of noble blood
  43. Fawn– A lovely name for a kitty with a yellowish-brown coat
  44. Felicity– For a calico cat who brings you good luck
  45. Femi– Suits a lovable puss
  46. Freelance– A wonderful name for your loyal and fearless cat
  47. Garnet-An amazing name for a calico cat with shades of red in her coat
  48. Gingerbread– A sweet treat for an adorable cat
  49. Guess– For your calico cat who is full of surprises
  50. Halley– Ideal name for a mischievous cat with a multi-colored coat
  51. Hannibal– Inspired by psychological horror television series
  52. Harmony– Suits a peaceful kitten
  53. Hazel– Hazel eyes have a mix of several colors just like your cute feline
  54. Henna– For an orange cat with shades of brown on her coat
  55. Hobbes-A playful orange and black cartoon in Calvin and Hobbes
  56. Honey– Suits a sweet cat with a brown coat
  57. Imhotep– A lovely name for your calm calico fur-baby
  58. Irma– A name for a strong and independent calico cat
  59. Jalapeno– A green hot chili pepper that spices up your meals
  60. Jewel– A precious gemstone just like your valuable puss
  61. Kahotep– Suits a peaceful cat
  62. Kepi– Ideal name for a fierce calico puss
  63. Kiki– A lovely name for a lovable and social kitty
  64. Layla- Arabic name meaning dark beauty
  65. Mairead– Irish name meaning pearl
  66. Maisie– The beautiful multi-colored pearls, perfect name for a calico cat
  67. Maneki– For a puss with good luck charm just like your calico cat
  68. Mau- This Egyptian word for cat sounds cute!
  69. Medusa– A beautiful woman having snake hair in Geek mythology, suits your cunning kitty
  70. Meowthra– Inspired by the fictional creature in the film The lego Ninjago
  71. Munchkin– Suits a calico cat with short legs
  72. Mirage– A fictional character in the Aladdin television series
  73. Nailah– Means successful in Egyptian
  74. Nectarine– A yellow, red edible stone fruit
  75. Nefertiti– The beautiful queen of Egypt in the 18th Dynasty
  76. Neapolitan-After the delicious tri-colored ice cream
  77. Nile– The longest river in Africa flowing through the borders of several counties
  78. Nuru– An aggressive and fierce leopard in Legends of Tarzan
  79. Orla– Irish name meaning golden princess
  80. Pennywise– Pennywise the dancing clown in the novel It
  81. Piper– Inspired by a bird in the animated short film Piper
  82. Pumpkin– A large round orange-yellow squash
  83. Reese– Reese’s pieces candy comes in a variety of colors yellow, orange, and brown
  84. Riona– Means queenly in Irish
  85. Rosemary– A character in the film Rosemary’s Baby
  86. Sabor– The lioness in the film Legend of Tarzan
  87. Sabrina– An intelligent and compassionate witch in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  88. Sahara– The largest desert in Africa has a reddish yellow color
  89. Sandra– Refers to the defender of men
  90. Si– One of the twin cat in Lady and The Tramp
  91. Stella– Name your stylish cat after fashion designer Stella McCartney
  92. Sugar baker– For a sweet and adorable puss
  93. Sui– Inspired by the fashion designer Anna Sui, suits a cat with great fashion taste
  94. Sweetie– The adorable cat in the film The Fifth Element
  95. Taffy– A multi-colored fluffy and chewy candy
  96. Truffles– These wild edible fungi are very expensive
  97. Unicorn– A mythological rare magical creature, a fascinating name for a kitty
  98. Vera– A designer of wedding dresses Vera Wang
  99. Victoria– Inspired by the distinctive Victoria Beckham fashion brand
  100. Vivienne-Name your cat after Vivienne Westwood luxury fashion house
  101. Wednesday– A witty character in Addams Family

 Unisex Calico Cat Names

  1. Autumn– Season between summer and winter when leaves of different colors fall
  2. Brandy– This distilled wine is golden brown
  3. Butterball– Ideal for a big calico cat
  4. Camo– Short for camouflage, suits your colorful calico puss
  5. Carrot– A delicious carrot cake for an adorable, sweet cat
  6. Crisscross– Suits a cat with a mottled coat
  7. Firestar– A courageous and loyal bright flamed cat in the novel series Warrior
  8. Freckles– The beautiful coat pattern on your fur-baby
  9. Gianetta– Italian name meaning God’s gracious
  10. Gin Fizz– A light yellow cocktail of gin, lemon, and sugar
  11. Harlequin– A playful and intelligent breed of rabbit
  12. Harvest– The fields are yellow-brown during the harvesting season
  13. Hasina– Give your virtuous cat this Arabic name
  14. Jigsaw– Perfect for a cat with an irregular coat pattern
  15. Khepri-Egyptian name meaning morning sun
  16. Kiwi– A juicy edible berry with bright green flesh and brown skin
  17. Leaf– Trees shed leaves of different shades during fall
  18. Maple– The maple tree leaves are orange, yellow, and red
  19. Marble– The marble effect on your cat’s coat
  20. Marmalade– This sweet jam makes a lovely name for a calico cat
  21. Mixit– Your calico cat has multiple shades of coat colors
  22. Mkhai– Egyptian name meaning warrior
  23. Mocha– If you’re a fun of caffè mocha, extend the name to your cat
  24. Molasses– This sweetener is the perfect moniker for your lovable calico cat
  25. Monifa– Egyptian for lucky
  26. Mosaic– For a calico cat with an irregular yet beautiful coat like a mosaic pattern
  27. Mud pie– Name your cat after this delicious Mississippi mud pie
  28. Nomti– Suits a powerful puss
  29. October– Halloween month characterized by orange and black colors
  30. Oni– Egyptian name meaning wanted for an adorable and lovable puss
  31. Paprika-For the love of this reddish-brown ground spice
  32. Patchwork-A lovely name for a calico cat with numerous coat colors
  33. Peaches– The sweet edible yellow-orange fruit
  34. Peanut-Suits a tough kitty with a sweet and gentle heart
  35. Pebble– A wonderful name for a cute cat with a soft coat
  36. Piccola– Italian name meaning little one
  37. Pixel– Ideal for a cat with several tiny multi-colored spots
  38. Poppet-A sweet, charming calico cat with convincing looks
  39. Rolo– A brand of chocolate candy with caramel centers
  40. Rye-Reminds you of the brown-yellow layers in the marble rye bread
  41. Saffron-This spice comes in shades of red and orange
  42. Sandy– The yellowish-brown shades of the sand
  43. Skittles-A brand of fruit-flavored candy that comes in multiple colors
  44. Snickers– This yummy chocolate bar is yellowish on the inside with a dark brown coating
  45. Sorghum-Reminds you of the yellow, brown, and red sorghum fields, a fitting name for a small calico kitty
  46. Spice– For a playful and cheerful cat who’s full of energy
  47. Squeaks– Suits a calico cat who likes recognition and attention
  48. Sundae-Vanilla ice cream with a blend of chocolate and caramel
  49. Sunny– For a beautiful and cheerful puss
  50. Tangerine– A small orange-colored fruit
  51. Twix– A sweet candy bar made of chocolate, caramel, and biscuit
  52. Whiskers– For a sensitive cat with long fur
  53. Zalika– Egyptian name meaning wellborn, suits a calico feline who is full of life


Calico cats originated from Egypt, but today you can find them all over the globe. If you’re a calico cat parent you’ll agree with me that they are just magical. And from our list of names, we hope you find the perfect moniker for your calico fur-baby who is an absolute joy to you and your family.

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