The 245 Best Brother And Sister Cat Names

Cat Names June 9, 2024


The 245 Best Brother And Sister Cat Names

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If you just welcomed twin kitties in your home or your feline just had littermates, you will need pair names for your fur- babies.

And we have just the perfect pair names that are great for two boys, two girls, or for a brother and a sister.

Scroll down and pick one that suits your cute felines.


  1. Abbott & Costello– Inspired by American famous comedic duo, suits two funny fur-babies
  2. Abercrombie & Fitch– For the love of this American casual wear brand
  3. Abraham & Sara– Ideal for your two loyal twins with many descendants
  4. Ace & Melissa– Very curious brother and sister who love to play detective!
  5. Adam & Eve– For the first cat siblings who stole your love
  6. Al & Peggy-For two laid back felines, inspired by the sitcom Married with Children
  7. Antony & Cleopatra-Reminds you of the love between the Roman general and the Egyptian queen
  8. Aphrodite & Adonis– Suits twin felines who are inseparable
  9. Archie & Edith– For two loveable siblings, inspired by the American comedy television series All in the Family
  10. Arthur & Guinevere– Suits two noble cats just like the legendary Arthurian rulers of Britain
  11. Barbie & Ken-The fictional superstar disco couple who went everywhere together
  12. Barney & Betty-The American couple who claimed they were abducted by an alien
  13. Barnum & Bailey-This American traveling circus dimed the greatest show on earth makes a perfect name for a funny brother and sister
  14. Baron & Baroness– For siblings that have a royal bearing
  15. Bart & Lisa-Inspired by the fictional siblings in the animated series Simpson
  16. Basil & Sybil-The affectionate couple in the comedy series Fawlty Towers
  17. Batman & Batgirl– Suits two black twins who are always there to save the day
  18. Batman & Robin-Gotham city superheroes characters in comic books
  19. Beauty & Beast– From your all-time favorite fairy tale
  20. Bella & Edward– The perfect couple in the Twilight saga
  21. Ben & Jerry– If you love ice cream, why not name your twin cats after this ice cream and frozen yogurt factory
  22. Bill & Hillary– The 42nd President and first lady of the United States
  23. Bobby & Pamala– Reminds you of the crazy love between the couple in the television series Dallas
  24. Bogie & Bacall– One of the legendary Hollywood power couples
  25. Bonnie & Clyde-This infamous American criminal couple, suits your naughty feline siblings
  26. Boothroyd & Moneypenny– Fictional characters in James bond films
  27. Brad & Angelina– Featuring in the movie Mr & Mrs Smith, perfect for secretive twins
  28. Brad & Janet– The bored married couple in the comedy film Rocky Horror Pictures Show
  29. Bread & Butter– For your feline friends who sweetens your life
  30. Brooks & Dunn-Inspired by the American famous country music duo
  31. Burton & Taylor– The most glamorous couple in Hollywood
  32. Buster & Babbs– Perfect for two funny little kitties
  33. Cagney & Lacey– Great name for cat siblings who love to play detective and always save the day
  34. Cain & Abel– Inspired by the biblical sons of Adam- the first man
  35. Captain & Tennille– American recording artist couple in the ‘70s
  36. Casper & Wendy-The friendly ghost and the good witch in the animated film Casper Meets Wendy, a fitting name for two guard felines
  37. Castor & Pollux-Roman and Greek mythological twin brothers
  38. Cersei & Jaime-Reminds you of the incestuous sibling romance in Game of Thrones
  39. Charles & Diana-If your twin cats have a royal history
  40. Charlie & Irene-The couple character in the film Me, Myself and Charlie
  41. Charlie Brown & Snoopy– A fictional character in the comic strip Peanuts
  42. Cheech & Chong-The comedy star duo who were famous in the 70s and 80s
  43. Cheese & Crackers– Suits your fur-babies who are warm and lovable
  44. Chef & Baker– Perfect for feline siblings who are full of creativity
  45. Chip & Dale-High pitched speech and mischievous cartoon duo characters
  46. Chip & Dip– For the love of this snack food
  47. Chocolate & Vanilla– For two sweet and popular siblings
  48. Clark & Lois– Based on the superhero comic television series
  49. Click & Clack-For your feline twins who love to make noise
  50. Cocoa & Mellow– Suits two brown-furred kittens who are calm and easy-going
  51. Colby & Jack-Name your cats after this brand of cheese
  52. Dagwood & Blondie-The couple in the animated comic strip Blondie
  53. Danny & Sandy-Inspired by the musical film Grease
  54. Dexter & Didi-The smart siblings in the series Dexter’s Laboratory
  55. Dharma & Greg– Name them after this couple who are culturally mismatched in this sitcom series
  56. Dick & Jane– Two main characters in the comedy film Fun with Dick and Jane
  57. Dimaggio & Marilyn-The volatile American superstar couple
  58. Dolce & Gabbana– Name your cat after this Italian luxury fashion house
  59. Donald & Daisy– These cartoon characters stole the hearts of many
  60. Donnie & Marie-The sibling pop duo in the ‘70s
  61. Doody & Frenchy– A couple featuring in the movie Grease
  62. Dot & Spot– Suits your speckled twin cats
  63. Dumb & Dumber– Give your favorite cat siblings this name if you’re a fun of this comedy series
  64. Dylan & Brenda-Reminds you of the deep love between this couple in Beverly Hills 90210
  65. Ebony & Ivory– Inspired by a duet song on racial harmony
  66. Edward & Vivien– Characters in the film Pretty Woman
  67. Elivis & Priscilla-Reminds you of the couple who got married at a tender age
  68. Eric & Julia– Inspired by these sibling actor
  69. Scott & Zelda– The American couple who lived in the jazz age
  70. Ford & Chevy-The two American automotive brands which have dominated the market for years
  71. Franny & Zooey-For the love of this book about siblings
  72. Franklin & Eleanor-The 32nd US president and first lady
  73. Fred & Ginger-The greatest American dancers in the 1930s
  74. Fred & Wilma-Fictional animated couple in the series The Flintstones
  75. Frick & Frack-The comedy ice skaters, for your kitties who love to play in the snow
  76. Fries & Tots– Perfect if you love your fries and tater tots
  77. Froto & Sam– The inseparable friends in The Lord of the Rings
  78. Gable & Carol-Represents the greatest love story in Hollywood
  1. Gavin & Stacey-Inspired by this television comedy series
  2. George & Gracie-This American comedy couple makes a perfect name for your funny felines
  3. George & Martha– Perfect name for your friendly and adventurous cat siblings
  4. George & Weezy-The couple characters in the series The Jeffersons
  5. Jiggs & Maggie-Cartoon characters in the comic strip Bringing Up Father
  6. Gomez & Morticia-The fictional couple in the mysterious animated film The Addams Family
  7. Goofy & Donald– For your favorite kittens
  8. Greg & Meg– Suits your silly and adventurous fur-babies
  9. Gucci & Prada-Name your stylish cat twins after this luxury brand of clothing
  10. Hamlet & Ophelia-The characters in Shakespeare Play Ophelia
  11. Hank & Tammy-Inspired by the love of the couple in the song by Liam Garner
  12. Hans & Franz-Characters in comedy show Pumping Up
  13. Hansel & Gretel-Smart sibling characters in this German fairy tale
  14. Happy & Pappy-Suits your jovial and cheerful cat siblings
  15. Harlow & Gable– Couple who co-starred in six films
  16. Harold & Maude– Comedy film of an illicit love affair
  17. Harry & David– A food and beverage retailer with lovely gift baskets
  18. Harry & Sally– Characters in the romantic comedy film When Harry Met Sally
  19. Here & There– Suits two adventurous cat siblings
  20. Hershey & Kisses– This brand of chocolate make a lovely name for two sweet darling felines
  21. Hilly & Billy– Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton ruled as the 42nd President and First lady of the United States
  22. Homer & Marge– The couple in the animated series Simpsons
  23. Humpty & Dumpty– This reminds you of the old nursery riddle and rhyme
  24. Ike & Tina– American R&B couple singer
  25. Jack & Jackie– The perfect couple in the book Portrait of an American Marriage
  26. Jack & Jill– This nursery rhyme makes a perfect name for your caring cats
  27. Jack & Joan– The sibling characters in the film Romancing the Stone
  28. Jake & Maggie– The talented sibling actors of Hollywood
  29. Jim & Pam– The characters in the sitcom series The office
  30. Joe & Kathleen– Couples who traveled across America writing several books
  31. John & Yoko– Reminds you of the song The Ballad of John and Yoko
  32. Johnny & June– The love story of the couple Jonny Cash and June Carter
  33. Jones & Bridget– The characters in the romantic film Bridget Jone’s diary
  34. Jr & Sue Ellen-Fictional couple characters in the series Dallas
  35. Kanye & Kim– The power celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
  36. Kermit & Ms. Piggy– The couple cartoon in The Muppet Show
  37. Ketchup & Mustard– Name your fur-babies after this yummy combination
  38. Khaleesi & Khal– The lovely couple characters in Game of Thrones
  39. Kim & Kourtney– The siblings in the reality television show Keeping with the Kardashians
  40. Kitts & Nevis– The dual-island in the eastern Caribbean sea
  41. Lady & The Tramp– Inspired by the brewing love among these animated characters
  42. Laffy & Taffy– For your sweet and darling kitties
  43. Largo & Domino– The characters in the James bond film Thunderball
  44. Larry, Mo & Curley-The comedy team popular for the classic movie Hub 85
  45. Lassie & Laddie– Scottish name for boy and girl
  46. Laurel & Hardy– The classical Hollywood greatest comedy duo
  47. Laverne & Shirley– The two roommates and friends in the television series of the same name
  48. Lenny & Squiggy-The fictional musical group formed by two lifelong friends
  49. Leo & Piper– Fictional love characters in the television series Charmed
  50. Lewis & Clark-Suits a two very curious and adventurous cats
  51. Lexus & Porche– This stylish brand of automobile makes a lovely name for twin cats who are cherished and loved
  52. Lilo & Stitch– For your mischievous yet caring feline siblings
  53. Linus & Lunch– Characters from the comic strip Peanuts
  54. Liz & Dick– Biographical film of the love between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton
  55. Lois & Clark– The superhero television series of these two super characters
  1. Lucile & Desi– The star couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz
  2. Lucy & Ethel– Stars in the show I love Lucy
  3. Lucy & Ricky-Fictional characters in the sitcom I Love Lucy
  4. Luke & Laura-The super couple characters in the drama film General Hospital
  5. Maria & Tony– Characters in the film West Side Story
  6. Mars & Jupiter– For two adorable cats who never leave your side
  7. Marshall & Penny-The television producers regarded by Hollywood as the most powerful sibling duo
  8. Mary & Joseph– The biblical parents of Jesus Christ
  9. Max & Erma-A brand of hamburger restaurant chain
  10. Meg & Ryan– Meg Ryan haircut made her one of the most iconic Hollywood actresses
  11. Michael & Janet-Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson were the biggest music stars siblings
  12. Micky & Minnie-Your favorite cartoon sweethearts’ characters
  13. Miss Bennet & Mr. Darcy– The characters in the novel Pride and Prejudice
  14. Mommy & Poppy– Suits your adorable and caring cat twins
  15. Mona And Lisa-Mona Lisa, the most famous painting in the world
  16. Monica & Chandler– The couple character in the television series Friends
  17. Moon & Sky– For your friends who bring out the best in you
  18. Mork & Mindy– This television series makes a fitting name for two curious cats
  19. Mr. Bates & Anna– Characters in the television series Downton Abbey
  20. Mulder & Scully– Fictional characters in science fiction television series X-Files
  21. Mutt & Jeff– The tall and short cartoon characters featured in the newspaper comic strip
  22. Nanny & The Professor– Inspired by the charming nanny and smart windowed professor in the comedy series by the same name
  23. Napoleon & Josephine– The Emperor and Empress of French
  24. Natasha & Boris– The spy duo in the animated show The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends
  25. Naughty & Nice– For two very different siblings, inspired by this comedy film
  26. Neo & Trinity– The fictional character in the science fiction film Matrix
  27. Nick & Nora– The fictional characters in the novel The Thin Man
  28. Nike & Converse– Give your furry twins this name if you love this brand of footwear
  29. Niles & Cairo-River Nile flows along Egypt, creating green valleys
  30. Niles & Frasier-Niles Cranes, the fictional character in the sitcom Frasier
  31. Oil & Vinegar– For two cat siblings who never get along
  32. Olive & Popeye-Your favorite comic strip cartoon characters
  33. Oliver & Kate– The siblings Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson children of the Hollywood star Goldie Hawn
  34. Oliver And Dodger– The fictional character in the novel Oliver Twist
  35. Oscar & Emmy– Suits your talented and famous cat siblings
  36. Otto & Jaya– The textile brand from Indonesia
  37. Ozzie & Harriet– Inspired by television sitcom The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
  38. Paris & Brie– The handcrafted French cheese
  39. Parker & Mary-Jane– The fictional character in the superhero Spider-Man film
  40. Peace & Vinegar– Suits your calm and peaceful feline siblings
  41. Peaches & Herb-The American vocal duo
  42. Pebbles & Bam Bam– The longtime best friends cartoon characters
  43. Pepper & Shaker– If you love your cat twins snuggles
  44. Peppers & Pickles– For your two silly fur-babies who love to goof around
  45. Pete & Gladys– Inspired by the television comedy series of a beautiful wife who drives her husband crazy
  46. Peter & Lois– Couple in the animated sitcom Family Guy
  47. Peter & Piper-The famous nursery rhyme tongue twister makes a perfect name for two mischievous kitties
  48. Pharaoh & Cleopatra– Rulers of ancient Egypt
  49. Pippy & Peppy– The characters in the video game Animal Crossing
  50. Plum & Apple– This yummy dessert makes a perfect name for two sweet siblings
  51. Polka & Dot– Ideal name for your speckled twins
  52. Pongo & Perdita– The characters in the animated series 101 Dalmatians
  53. Pops & Weasel– Reminds you of the nursery rhyme Pop goes the weasel, suits a naughty cat
  54. Porgy & Bess – The English folk opera by George Gershwin
  55. Posh & Becks– British super-couple celebrity Victoria Beckham and David Beckham
  1. Prada & Louis– If the two are always in competition like these two competing luxury fashion brands
  2. Prince & Princess– For your sibling cats who love to be treated like royalty
  3. Punch & Judy-The famous traditional puppet show
  4. Q & M– The characters in James Bond films
  5. Ralph & Alice– The couple in the sitcom The Honeymooners
  6. Regis & Kelly– The hosts of the morning talk show Live with Regis and Kelly
  7. Rhythm & Blue-The abbreviation for the popular musical genre R&B
  8. Ringo & Barbara-The music legend Ringo Starr and actress and model Barbara Bach
  9. Ritchie & Fonz– The two close friends in the television show Happy Days
  10. Robin & Marian– For your outgoing and adventurous cat twins
  11. Rock & Roll– Suits your cats who love to listen to this music genre
  12. Rocky & Bullwinkle-The characters in the animated series The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends
  13. Rollie & Pollie– Inspired by the short stories of Adventures of Molly the Rollie Pollie
  14. Rolls & Royce-British manufacturer of luxury automobile brand
  15. Romeo & Juliet– The two lovers who died for their love in Shakespeare 
  16. Ron & Hermione– Harry Potter’s best friends
  17. Ronny & Loretta-The characters in the film Moonstruck
  18. Rory & Jess– The two lovers in the television series Gilmore Girls
  19. Rose & Jack– The inseparable lovely couple in the film Titanic
  20. Ross & Rachel-The romantic pair Ross Geller and Rachael Greene in the television series Friends
  21. Salt & Pepper-Suits your cats with black and white coats
  22. Sam & Annie-The characters in the series Life on Mars
  23. Sam & Ella– Characters in the children books Mona the vampire
  24. Samson & Delilah– Reminds you of the biblical love story of betrayal
  25. Sandford & Son– Inspired by the comedy television series
  26. Satan & Lucifer– Suits two naughty cat siblings
  27. Scarlett & Rhett– The love story in the film Gone with the Wind
  28. Scratch & Sniff– Suits two very curious felines
  29. Scully & Mulder– FBI agents in the scientific series X-files
  30. Seth & Summer-The characters in the television drama series The O.C
  31. Shrek & Fiona– The fictional characters princes Fiona and ogre Shrek in animated film Shrek
  32. Sid & Nancy– The characters Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen
  33. Silk & Satin-Suits cat siblings with beautiful, soft coats
  34. Simon & Garfunkel– The folk-rock duo from America
  35. Simple & Simon– Who doesn’t love this popular nursery rhyme
  36. Sonny & Cher– Rock duo made of husband and wife
  37. Spam & Blog– Suits two cunning kittens
  38. Spencer & Hepburn– Legendary cinema couples Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy
  39. Starskey & Hutch– Cop buddies characters in this television series
  40. Stud & Muffin– For your cut and adorable twin kitties
  41. Sundance & Cassady– Just like your free-spirited cat siblings, inspired by the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance
  42. Tarzan & Jane– Perfect for your adventurous fur-babies who love the outdoors
  43. Tina & Ike– R&B music duo of husband and wife in the ‘60s
  44. Tom & Jerry– Animated series of a scheming cat and a spunky mouse
  45. Tommy & Tuppence– The fictional detectives’ characters in the novel The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie
  46. Tony & Carmela– Fictional characters in the television series Sopranos
  47. Torvill & Dean– The gold medalist ice dancers
  48. Tristan & Isolde– The tragic tale of undying love
  49. Troilus & Cressida– A tragedy by Shakespeare
  50. Venus & Serena– The two sisters who are professional tennis players
  51. Victoria & Albert– The golden couple Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
  52. Walter & Jack– Actors Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon featured in ten films
  53. Wilbur & Orville– The Wright brothers who flew the world’s first motor airplane
  54. Will & Grace– Get some inspiration from this comedy television series
  55. William & Macy– William Hall Macy, American actor, and producer
  56. Yogi & Boo Boo– Cartoon character in the animated series The Yogi Bear Show
  57. Zack & Paula– The characters in the film An Officer and a Gentleman


Hopefully after reading our name suggestions, you wont have a hard time choosing a name for your two kitties. You only need to match the names to your fur-babies personality, coat color, or gender.

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