The 235 Best Black Cat Names

Cat Names June 15, 2024


The 235 Best Black Cat Names

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Unique and mysterious is what defines most black cats. And with so many ideas when it comes to picking names for your black fluffy friend, you must be one of the luckiest pet parents.

And since black is beautiful, here are adorable names for your new black fur-baby.

Male Black Cat Names

  1. Alfie– Inspired by a song by Cilla Black
  2. Anubis– Mysterious Egyptian god of the dead
  3. Andy-The lead vocalist in the band Black Veil Brides
  4. Archie– Ideal name for your black brave puss
  5. Arnie– A wonderful name for your strong and powerful cat
  6. Aswad-Means black in Egyptian
  7. Bagheera-The Jungle book Black Panther
  8. Bandit-Inspired by the film Black Bandit
  9. Berlioz- The black kitten in Aristocats
  10. Baron– For a cat who loves to be treated like royalty
  11. Baroness– A heavy metal band from Savannah
  12. Basil– A fearless cat deserves this name
  13. Batman-The comic black-clothed superhero
  14. Bear– American black bears are great climbers just like your feline
  15. Beast– For your untamable cat
  16. Beetle– Suits a very adaptable puss
  17. Benny– Refers to right-hand son like your trustworthy puss
  18. Betelgeuse– The brightest star in the night sky
  19. Binx– The notorious brave black cat in Hocus Pocus
  20. Blackbeard– Name your cat after the famous English Pirate
  21. Blackberry– Dark purple edible fruit
  22. Blackjack– For a cat who’s always all over you
  23. Bones– Ideal for a slim feline
  24. Carter– The scholar who studied African-American history, Carter Woodson
  25. Charlie– Jamaican reggae singer Charlie Black
  26. Chip– The smart cartoon character with a small black nose
  27. ClarkSmallville superhero character
  28. Coffee-If you’re addicted to this drink, why not consider it for a name
  29. Cooper– Inspired by the black-haired Hollywood star, Cooper Barnes
  30. Crimson– A shade of deep dark red
  31. Damian-The rugby union player for All Blacks, Damian McKenzie
  32. Damien– Inspired by the author, Damien black
  33. Danny– The cartoon character who changes to a ghost, Danny Phantom
  34. Dante-The famous Italian poet, Dante Alighieri
  35. Darkness– Suits a mysterious cat with a dark coat
  36. DarthStar wars character, Darth Vader who wears a black suit
  37. Draco-Harry Potter’s greatest rival
  38. Dracula– A fictional vampire with black robes
  39. Drake– Refers to dragon in Greek
  40. Duke– Means leader in Latin, for a cat who has taken charge of your home
  41. Dusty– Ideal name for a cat with a dark toned coat
  42. Dylan– Poet Dylan Marlais who wrote Do Not go Gentle into that Good Night
  43. Eddie– Actor and comedian, Eddie Murphy
  44. Erebus- Greek mythology god of darkness
  45. Felix– The famous black cartoon cat
  46. Figaro-A fictional black cat in the cartoon Pinocchio
  47. Freddie– Germanic name meaning peaceful ruler
  48. George– Refers to earth worker in Greek
  49. Gwydion– Great magician and trickster in Welsh Mythology
  50. Hade– Greek mythological god of the underworld
  51. Harry– The famous wizard, Harry Potter
  52. Hector-The black-hearted captain in the films Pirates of the Caribbean
  53. Jack– Name your cat after musician and comedian, Jack Black
  54. JacobTwilight series character, Jacob Black
  55. Jimmy– Pop and rock drummer and vocalist, Jimmy Black
  56. Jonny– Man in Black, Song by Jonny cash
  57. Liam-Suits a guardian cat who protects you
  58. Luke– Latin name meaning born at dawn
  59. Mason– Suits a determined puss with creative skills
  60. Max-Name your cat after the great philosopher, Max Black
  61. Merlin-The most powerful wizard in King Arthur legendary
  62. Merle– Refers to black bird in French
  63. Micky– The famous cartoon character
  64. Morpheus– Greek god of sleep and dreams
  65. Nicky– A fictional character in the series Orange Is the New Black
  66. Odin- Norse god of war and death
  67. Olive-The ripen black olive fruit
  68. Panther– Black Panther, the King of Wakanda
  69. Patrick– Means noble in Latin
  70. Pluto– Mythological ruler of the underworld
  71. Preto– Portuguese meaning dense
  72. Reaper-The Grim Reaper wears a dark-hooded cloak
  73. Robbie– Suits your fierce and powerful cat
  74. Ryan-Ryan Coogler, The director of The Black Panther film
  75. Salem-Inspired by the novel The Black Witch of Salem
  76. Sammy-After the great Scottish footballer, Sammy Black
  77. Shade– A perfect name for a dark puss
  78. Shadow– For your mysterious cat
  79. Stone– Suits a steadfast cat
  80. Schwarz– Germanic name meaning black
  81. Tenebris– Latin name meaning darkness
  82. Timmy– An energetic lamb in the animated series Timmy Time
  83. Tirich- The king of darkness, Tirich Mir
  84. Toby– Inspired by the book Brothers Black 3, Toby the Protector
  85. Tyle– The star in the film Diary of a Mad Black Woman
  86. Vampire-These mythical creatures roam at night
  87. Venom– Fictional villain in the comic books
  88. Voldemort-The dark wizard in the Harry Porter series
  89. Warlock– One who practices witchcraft

Female Black Cat Names

  1. Ace– A cool name for a cat with a dark coat
  2. Abbi– For a cat who gives you joy
  3. Amy– Back to Black song by Amy Winehouse
  4. Annie– Suits your black graceful cat
  5. Aradia– Legendary witch in the book The Gospel of Witches
  6. Ava-For a carefree cat who’s full of life
  7. Bast– Egyptian goddess of protection and cats
  8. Beauty– As in The Beauty and the Beast
  9. Bella– For a cute black cat
  10. Bellatrix– Member of the House of black in Harry porter series
  11. Banshee-Spirit of death from an Irish folklore
  12. Betsy– Black Betsy, the most expensive baseball bat
  13. Black Adder– Inspired by the television series Blackadder
  14. Black beauty– A novel by Anna Sewell
  15. Black Betty– A song by Ram jam
  16. Black Widow- A fictional super heroine character in comic books
  17. BooBoo! A Madea Halloween, a 2016 comedy horror film
  18. Boo-Boo-A mischievous cartoon character
  19. Carey– Irish name meaning dark one
  20. Caviar – Expensive caviar comes from the black sea
  21. Chi Chi– The princess of Fire Mountain in the Dragon Ball series
  22. Chocolate– For a sweet, delicate dark-furred cat
  23. Circe– Greek goddess of magic
  24. Crow– A blackbird associated with magic and mysteries
  25. Dahlia – American actress Black Dahlia
  26. Dinah-The enslaved African woman, Dinah Black
  27. Duvessa-Means dark beauty in Irish
  28. Ellie– Hebrew name meaning God is my light
  29. Elsa– Suits a cheerful black-eyed cat
  30. Elvira-Inspired by the horror film Elvira Mistress of the Dark
  31. Emily-Black is the body, a book by Emily Bernard
  32. Eris– Greek goddess of chaos
  33. Freda– Suits a peaceful puss
  34. Fudge– Ideal for your adorable black beauty
  35. Gina– Gina Stiebitz featured in the series Dark
  36. Godiva– Dark chocolate from Turkey
  37. Guinness– Popular dark Irish bear
  38. Hannah– Writer and visual artist, Hannah Black
  39. Harriet-Heroin who escaped from slavery, Harriet Tubman
  40. Ingrid– Writing team of Husband and wife, Ingrid black
  41. Hecate-Greek goddess of magic and witchcraft
  42. Inky– A perfect name for a dark-furred cat
  43. Isis- Egyptian goddess of magic and healing
  44. Jasmine-This sweet fragrant flower makes a perfect name for a sweet-smelling feline 
  45. Jellybean– Just like your sweet tiny fur-baby
  46. Kiki– Means stormy one in Norse mythology
  47. Lexi– Means protector of humanity in Greek
  48. Licorice– Has sweet aromatic roots
  49. Lily– Ideal for lovely innocent cat
  50. Lonán -Gaelic name meaning Little Blackbird
  51. Maddie– Means battle maiden in Germanic
  52. Magic-As in the black magic, perfect for your mysterious cat
  53. Mavra – Means black in Russian
  54. Medea– Skilled witch in Greek mythology
  55. Meg– The witch in the children book Meg and Mog
  56. Melanctha– Means black flower in Greek
  57. Melusine- French folklore water spirit
  58. Mia-Refers to the ocean goddess for a cat who loves to play with water
  59. Molly– Suits a rebellious cat
  60. Mystic– Ideal for a secretive and quiet cat
  61. Mystique– For a puss you share your secrets with
  62. Nerissa– Give your dark-furred feline this Italian name
  63. Nightshade– The poisonous sweet barriers
  64. Opal– A precious dark jewel
  65. Ophelia– From the dark and mysterious Shakespeare’s play
  66. Orla– Refers to golden princess in Irish
  67. Ozzy-Prince of the darkness album by Ozzy Osbourne
  68. Penny-The first postage stamp, Penny Black
  69. Petal– Suits a soft and gentle furry friend
  70. Pocus-Reminds you of the candle of black flames in the film Hocus Pocus
  71. Puma– A brand of footwear with a black logo
  72. Rachel– Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who turned black
  73. Ratri– Hindu goddess of the night
  74. Rosie– For a mysterious cat with a dark coat
  75. Sable– A cute name for your black cat
  76. Sabrina– The chilling adventures of Sabrina
  77. Selina– Selina Kyle, a fictional cat woman character who wears a black outfit
  78. Seline– The Underworld fictional character
  79. Sheba– The biblical Queen of Sheba
  80. Silhouette– Representation of a black image of an object
  81. Tara– Hindu great wisdom goddess
  82. Tessa– The actress who featured in Men in Black
  83. Tilly-Name your cat after actress Tilly Blackwood
  84. Trixie-The black long-haired cartoon character, Trixie Tang
  85. Viola– This musical instrument has a deeper sound
  86. Zara– Retailer of fashionable women cloths
  87. Zwart– Dutch name meaning Black

Unisex Black Cat Names

  1. Adrian– Greek name meaning dark
  2. Alcina- Greek mythology sorceress who rules the magic land
  3. Bat– For your cat who is always active at night
  4. Clover– For a feline who is always lucky
  5. Cocoa– The dark brown cocoa powder used in making chocolate
  6. Cola– The popular soft drink, coca-cola
  7. Coven-A gathering of witches
  8. Cupid– Suits a lovable cat with a warm heart
  9. Diesel– Suits an energetic puss
  10. Dragon– The mythical large evil creature
  11. Ebony– A type of hardwood that is black,  suits a tough black cat
  12. Eclipse – The dark shadow of the solar eclipse
  13. Enigma- Suits a mysterious fur-baby
  14. Frankenstein– Inspired by the novel Black Frankenstein by Elizabeth Young
  15. Gadget– A creative and kind-hearted cartoon character, Inspector Gadget
  16. Goth– The beauty in the dark side of life
  17. Honey– For your sweet and adorable puss
  18. Jett– A precious dark gemstone
  19. Jinx– A folklore bringer of bad luck
  20. Kitty– Ideal name for your innocent little cat
  21. Kiwi– Suits a wild cat just like this fruit with black seeds
  22. Knight-As in the black knight, suits a secretive feline
  23. Kuro– Means black in Japanese
  24. Lilith– Jewish mythological figure associated with night demons
  25. Lolly-Suits a victorious cat
  26. Lucifer– The sneaky black cat in the animated film Cinderella
  27. Mage-Cats are magical creatures!
  28. Marmite– Dark food spread from Germany
  29. Midnight– For a quiet and calm black cat
  30. Miner– As in the black coal miner
  31. Molasses– Name your cat after this dark sweetener syrup
  32. Monkey– Name your feline after the meanest Jack the monkey of the Pirates of the Caribbean
  33. Morticia-The fictional character with long black hair in Adams Family
  34. Mystery– Ideal for a secretive puss
  35. Nero -Means black in Latin.
  36. Nettle– Suits a naughty feline
  37. Night– A calm and peaceful dark-furred cat
  38. Noir- A French word meaning dark
  39. Obsidian- This dark glass volcanic rock makes a perfect name for a tough cat
  40. Omen-A name associated with black cats
  41. Onyx – A semiprecious variety of agate.
  42. Oreo-After your favorite sandwich cookie
  43. Pansy– Suits a friendly and lovable cat
  44. Pepsi-Name your cat after this soft drip
  45. Phantom– The scary spirit of the dead
  46. Pocus– Inspired by the horror movie Hocus Pocus
  47. Poe– Edgar Poe, the author of the book Black Cat
  48. Puddles– Suits a calm and peaceful puss
  49. Puck– A mischievous forest spirit in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  50. Raven– English name meaning dark haired suits your mysterious cat
  51. Rorschach– The ink blotted mask in the psychological test
  52. Sage– Herb that is packed with lots of minerals and vitamins
  53. Sassy– For your bold and cheeky cat
  54. Scratchy– The black cat in Simpsons
  55. Siavash– Persian mythology meaning possessing black stallions
  56. Silky– Suits a cat with very smooth soft fur
  57. Sooty– The small puppet of a yellow bear with black ears in pop culture
  58. Strega- Italian name meaning witch
  59. Voodoo– The dark and mysterious black magic practice
  60. Vortex- Refers to a dark hole
  61. Wednesday– The black cat in The Addams Family.
  62. Zorro– A heroic fictional character with a black mask


The above black cat names are adorably perfect. Pick one and observe how your feline becomes excited just by calling out their name.

And if you need more inspiration, check out other cat names below.

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