235+ Best Tabby Cat Names

Cat Names March 21, 2021


235+ Best Tabby Cat Names

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Are you looking for a terrific name for your tabby cat? Then you’re at the right place.

Tabby cats have a distinct “M” on their forehead and stripes or spots on their bodies.

Giving your tabby cat a name can help build a bond with them. The perfect name can also invoke the right feelings in your cat every time you shout their moniker across the room. Not to mention some names are the perfect description of your feline’s character or personality.

And since we don’t want you to settle on the too common tabby names, let’s get your creative juices flowing.

So, here are our 235 tabby cat name suggestions and their meanings.

Male Tabby Cat Names

  1. Achilles- The greatest and most loyal warrior in Greek mythology
  2. Arnie– Your all-time favorite star Arnold Schwarzenegger
  3. Artie– Celtic name meaning bear, perfect for a social and playful feline
  4. Aubrey– Give your intelligent puss this French name meaning rules with wisdom
  5. Badger– Suits a defensive tabby cat with long claws
  6. Barney– The happy and playful Barney the dinosaur
  7. BertSesame Street silly and energetic Muppet character
  8. Big Papi– Suits a caring and friendly puss
  9. Brett– A native of France, the origin of tabby cat names
  10. Brady– Suits a free-spirited puss
  11. Brooks– Inspired by the country music duo Brooks & Dunn
  12. Bruiser– Suits a tough, strong feline who enjoys fights
  13. Caleb– For your loyal tabby cat
  14. Cash– Jonny Cash songs have a mixture of country, blues, and rock genres
  15. Cason– A ladies’ cat just like the famous lover in history, Giacomo Casanova
  16. Caviar– Suits your precious and gentle puss
  17. Chace– Ideal for a playful tabby cat who loves hunting
  18. Chad– For a cute feline popular with the girls
  19. Crispin– It feels good when your fur-baby snuggles next to you
  20. Clawdius– A character in Land of Stories
  21. Cozy– Just like the warmth and comfort your feline friend gives you
  22. Conrad– Perfect for your brave and intelligent cat
  23. Copy Cat– For your buddy cat who loves imitating you
  24. Dart– A lovely name for a tabby kitty with a striped coat pattern
  25. Dash– Inspired by the Dash & Lily’s book of Dares
  26. Dawon– A Hindu mythology tiger who aided in battles
  27. Deven– Suits your graceful cat with a big, warm heart
  28. Dexter – The intelligent character in Dexter’s Laboratory
  29. Donnie– Inspired by martial artist and actor, Donnie Yen
  30. Doozy– A kind, sweet, and generous Disney character
  31. Earl Grey– For the love of this flavored tea
  32. Elvis– The King of rock and roll, Elvis Presley
  33. Enzo– As in the great Enzo Ferrari, the racing driver and automobile manufacturer
  34. Grady– Name your brilliant puss after software engineer, Grady Booch
  35. Grey Gardens– Inspired by the documentary, The Beales of Grey Gardens
  36. Greyson– Your tabby cat who has shades of grey stripes on his coat
  37. Groove– His coat has a repeated pattern like this musical genre
  38. Hassan– Give your sassy puss this Arabic name meaning handsome
  39. Hayden– After Italian prolific composer, Joseph Haydn
  40. Heathcliff– A smart and caring cartoon character
  41. Hercules– The mythological Roman god of strength and heroes
  42. Hoover– The United States president during the great depression, Herbert Hoover
  43. Hugh– Old-English name meaning bright in mind and spirit
  44. Ike– Means laughter in Hebrew
  45. Jaydan– For a cat you’re thankful to have
  46. Jazz– The smooth sounds of this music genre
  47. Jolt– For a puss who bumps on and knocks things over in your house
  48. Kobe– Kobe Bryant, the famous basketball player
  49. Krazy Kat-The innocent and mindlessly happy cartoon strip character
  50. Landin– A sweet and shy character in Legacies
  51. Leonardo– The actor Leonardo DiCaprio who starred in Titanic
  52. Lux– Unit of luminance, for a cat who brightens your life
  53. Maneki –For a feline with a good luck charm
  54. Marshall– Marshall Mathers, American rapper known as Eminem
  55. Martisse –French name meaning God’s gift
  56. Maru– The most famous cat on YouTube
  57. Marzipan– Name your sweet and adorable puss after this confection made of honey and almond
  58. Merlin– Mythological King Author’s mentor
  59. Monarch– Suits a puss of royal bearing
  60. Monty– A sneaky, clever, and outgoing character in Stuart Little
  61. Meow-gi– A rare cat in the video game Neko Atsume
  62. Nigel– Gaelic name meaning champion
  63. Nilson –Suits your victorious puss
  64. Nikhil– An Indian name meaning entire, your fur-baby makes you complete
  65. Paw Newman– An intelligent screen legend with good looks, Paul Newman
  66. Peeps– A lovely name to call your companion
  67. Peter Pan– Suits a free-spirited and mischievous tabby puss
  68. Picatso– One of the greatest artist, Pablo Picasso
  69. Pocus– For a cunning feline who is full of tricks
  70. Quintin– Give your fifth adopted tabby cat this name
  71. Quincy– American actor who starred in the film Friends First
  72. Rico– Spanish origin meaning brave ruler
  73. Romeo– An intelligent and handsome boy in Shakespeare tragedy, Romeo and Juliet
  74. Santa Claws– Reminds you of the joy and fun that Christmas celebrations bring
  75. Shaggy– His hair is a little bit messy, but he’s cute
  76. Silver Fox– Suits a friendly tabby cat who likes to wags his tail
  77. Sinbad– A fun loving and charming fictional sailor
  78. Slim Shady– The mischievous side of the rapper Eminem
  79. Snoozy– Perfect for your silly and mischievous tabby cat
  80. Sundance– Name your cat after this Indian ceremony meant to bring healing
  81. Socrates– One of the founders of western philosophy
  82. Sonny– Give your favorite little tabby fur-baby this moniker
  83. Spock– A calm and compassionate fictional character in Star Trek
  84. Starry– Consider this name if he’s your star
  85. Tang– Your favorite drink mix brand
  86. Tao– Means log life in Chinese, exactly what you puss deserves!
  87. Toby– A Christina hip hop artist, Toby McKeehan
  88. Tony– Your favorite Kellogg’s advertising mascot, Tony the Tiger
  89. Twain– Mark Twain, the author of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  90. Victor– Suits a brave tabby kitty
  91. WalkerWalker Texas Ranger your all-time favorite television series
  92. Wilburforce– William Wilberforce, celebrated for the struggle to abolish slave trade
  93. Wilfred– Famous poet in World War I, Wilfred Owen

Female Tabby Cat Names

  1. Abby– Hebrew origin meaning my father rejoices, for a feline you’re proud of
  2. Alana– A lovely name for your sassy cat
  3. Amaretto– Sweet almond flavored Italian liquor
  4. Apricot– A small round juicy fruit linked to the Roman goddess of love, Venus
  5. Athena– Greek goddess of wisdom and war
  6. Aubrie– French name meaning rule and order
  7. Auburn– Suits a tabby cat with a reddish-brown coat
  8. Bebop– For the love of this jazz music style
  9. Buffy– As in the strong and honest Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
  10. Cat Middleton– Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge
  11. Catniss– Katniss Everdeen, a character in The Hunger Games film
  12. Cheyenne– If your cat has moves, give it this Indian name meaning born dancer
  13. Choupette– Karl Lagerfeld’s pet cat
  14. Cindy– Cindy Crawford, supermodel and fashion icon
  15. Cleo-cat-tra– The famous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra
  16. Cora– Means maiden in Greek
  17. Daisy– The sacred flower of Freya, Norse goddess of love, fertility, and beauty
  18. Domina– Perfect name for your noble kitty
  19. Dorothy– A sweet and courageous character in The Wizard of Oz
  20. Echo– The beautiful mythological Greek goddess
  21. Ebony– For a beautiful, tough tabby cat
  22. Éclair– Means flash of lightening in French, suits a swift and powerful feline
  23. Emely– Suits a determined furry friend who never gives up
  24. Envy– She’s always jealous of other pets in the home
  25. Ezra– A helpful puss in the house
  26. Fanta– A fruit-flavored soft drink
  27. Foxy– A name to call a cunning tabby cat
  28. Gia– Italian name meaning God’s gracious gift
  29. Gigi – Inspired by fashion model, Gigi Hadid
  30. Grumpy Cat– Name your friendly feline after this internet celebrity cat
  31. Gypsy– Suits a free-spirited, adventurous puss
  32. Harper– Nelle Harper Lee, the author of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird
  33. Izzy– A fictional character in Grey’s Anatomy series, Izzie Stevens
  34. Jellylorum– The motherly caretaker in Musical cats
  35. Juliet– An intelligent and obedient character in Romeo and Juliet
  36. Jo Dee– Famous country music artist, Jo Dee Messina
  37. Juno– Greek goddess of love and marriage
  38. Katie-Suits your innocent puss
  39. Kendall– After the socialite model found in Keeping with the Kardashians
  40. Kiki– For a tabby cat who enjoys your funny stories
  41. Krystal– Your favorite restaurant for delicious hamburgers
  42. Lava– Perfect name for your big cat with a reddish coat
  43. Lesly– Irish name meaning the garden of holly suits a beautiful innocent puss
  44. Lexie– Name your outgoing and adventurous puss after Guinness world record holder, Lexie Alford
  45. Lili– A lovely name for a beautiful, innocent feline
  46. Lola– Inspired by the song by the rock band The Kinks
  47. Lucy Liu– Your all-time Ally McBeal star
  48. Luna– Give your stylish puss this Latin name meaning moon
  49. Maleficent– A kind-hearted and powerful fairy
  50. Mandarin– As in the sweet mandarin oranges
  51. Mattie– American poet whose work advocated peace, Mattie Stepanek
  52. McBeal– Inspired by television series Ally McBeal
  53. Meowly– If you enjoy the sound of your kitten meows
  54. Mila– A party-loving actress Mila Kunis
  55. Mimosa– A cocktail of champagne and chilled orange juice
  56. Missy– She’ll come running when you call her this name
  57. Nina– Means beautiful eyes in Hindu
  58. Norma Jean– After the glamorous American actress and model
  59. Paisley– Suits a puss with a softly curved pattern on her coat
  60. Petals– Suits a gentle puss with a soft coat
  61. Princess– For a precious kitty with a beautiful coat
  62. Queenie– A lovable character in Candice Carty-Williams book
  63. Raya– Refers to stripes in Japanese
  64. Russet– A shade of reddish-brown
  65. Scarlett– The red scarlet color symbolizes courage, joy, and passion
  66. Shania– Shania Twain, a Canadian singer who mixed country music with pop
  67. Siena– Suits a feline with a reddish-brown coat
  68. Silky– For a tabby cat with a bright, soft coat
  69. Smurfette– A caring and resourceful character in the film Smurfs
  70. Tabs– Tabitha in short, a fitting name for a graceful, beautiful cat
  71. Tinkerbell– A sassy and stubborn fictional character in the book Peter pan
  72. Toots– Suits your adorable, sweet cat
  73. Zara– For a tabby cat with a coat as bright as the dawn
  74. Zinah– Give your beautiful puss this Arabic name

Unisex Tabby Cat Names

  1. Alabama– A southeastern State in the United stated commonly known as cotton state
  2. Aldo– Suits an old intelligent tabby feline
  3. Allegra– For a cheerful puss who is full of energy
  4. Aloha– Give tribute to your cat’s Hawaiian roots, a friendly cat who loves to say hello
  5. Bacio– Means kisses in Italian
  6. Bambi– A friendly and curious Disney character
  7. Bayadere– A fabric with bright horizontal stripes
  8. Binx– A sweet, smart, and courageous cat in Hocus Pocus
  9. Bongo– Name your cat after the largest African antelope with a reddish-brown coat with white stripes
  10. Bontebok– The rarest antelope in the world
  11. Buena– Ideal for a well-mannered cat
  12. Bumblebee– A kind and loyal fictional robot character
  13. Cassidy– Suits a tabby cat with curly fur
  14. Cheetah– The fastest animal on land
  15. Chevrotain– Suits a cute tiny kitten
  16. Chipmunk– Fun-loving character who loves singing in Alvin and the Chipmunks
  17. Cinnabar– A brownish-red stone known to bring good luck
  18. Civet-A shy wild cat with a striped brown coat
  19. Coconut– Suits a tough looking tabby cat with a soft heart
  20. Corazon– Means heart in Spanish, suits a feline who is your best friend
  21. Culpeo– For a cute tabby puss with a bushy tail
  22. Curry– For the love of this Indian spiced meal
  23. CyranoCyrano de Bergerac, a play by Edmond Rostand
  24. Dakota– Native-American name meaning friend
  25. Dempsey– Irish name meaning descendants of the proud one
  26. Doe– Perfect name for a gentle and calm feline
  27. Dorito– A flavored tortilla chips brand
  28. Duiker– A stealthy Sub-Saharan Africa antelope
  29. Dunnart– Suits a small puss who is very active at night
  30. Eden– Means paradise in Hebrew for your charming cat
  31. Fergi– For a steadfast and strong cat
  32. Funky– A popular kids dance, funky monkey
  33. Furball– For a furry tabby puss
  34. Gingham– This fabric has bright stripes
  35. Goosebumps– Suits a tabby cat who loves to fluff up their fur
  36. Goral– An Indian name meaning lovable
  37. Hei– Japanese name meaning wisdom
  38. Hero– For a brave kitty who makes you proud
  39. Hershey– World’s largest chocolate manufacturing company
  40. Hodgepodge– Your feline’s coat is untidy, but you love it
  41. Hog badger– A native Southeast Asian shy mammal that lives underground
  42. Jowls– A funny name for your tabby cat
  43. Kadin– Means companion in Arabic
  44. Kob– The reddish-brown antelope of the Savannah
  45. Kudu– African antelope with a brown coat and white stripes
  46. Kulan-Asian cute mammal capable of enduring both hot and cold seasons
  47. Laces– For a friendly cat with a soft coat
  48. Lee– Irish name meaning dweller in the wood suits a puss who loves hunting
  49. Legend– Your hero, the one who always saves the day!
  50. Lemming– Perfect name for your loyal hairy kitten
  51. Lemur– The ringed tailed lemur Madagascar cartoon, king Julien
  52. Lovie– For an adorable, sweet tabby feline
  53. Lytle– For your little cute kitty
  54. M&M– Your favorite multicolored chocolate
  55. Mac– As in Macintosh computers developed by Apple Inc.
  56. Mars– A brand of chocolate bar
  57. McGee– Scottish name meaning son of Hugh, perfect for your powerful and fierce tabby cat
  58. Mocha– A coffee drink flavored with chocolate
  59. Mona monkey– This world old monkey has a reddish-brown coat with a white rump
  60. Mongoose– If your feline friend kills and keeps away small animals
  61. Monjon– Suits a small tabby cat
  62. Murdock– Scottish name meaning protector of the sea
  63. Mylie– Suits a cheerful and happy puss
  64. Nyala– The most beautiful and elusive antelope
  65. Rena– Refers to a joyous song in Hebrew
  66. Scout– Suits a smart kitten who loves adventure
  67. Tate– Give your cheerful and joyful cat this Norse name
  68. Think Think– Name of Taiwan president tabby cats
  69. Tobin– A cute name for an obedient tabby cat
  70. Trinity– If you’re inseparable with your cat
  71. Yale– Name your intelligent puss after this famous top university


Hopefully, you found the perfect name for your tabby cat from our list. This huge list has lots of ideas that can give you the perfect inspiration to give your new fur-baby a fitting moniker.

If you want to name other cats in your home, we have the perfect cat names from our other name lists below.

And we welcome any other tabby cat ideas not mentioned in this list. You can always share them with us in the comments section.

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