235+ Best Black And White Cat Names

Cat Names March 21, 2021


235+ Best Black And White Cat Names

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Your two-toned fur-baby’s coat is the perfect inspiration to give them a unique name. Whether you’re looking for a classic or a sophisticated name for your tuxedo kitten, we have just the perfect name ideas.

These names have been carefully handpicked from our database and come complete with their meanings. So, do pick your favorite name from our list with confidence.

Male Black And White Cat Names

  1. Ace- Ace of spade, the most valued playing card in the deck just like your puss
  2. Bogart- Humphrey Bogart, a famous actor during the classical black and white films
  3. Boggle- This game has white dice with black letters
  4. Boots- For a tough pussy
  5. Bowtie- A black-tie that matches perfectly with a white shirt
  6. Bruiser- Suits a white cat with a black fur pattern on the eyes
  7. Butler- House servants who always wear a black and white uniform
  8. Cary Grant- Classic Hollywood actor during the black and white era
  9. Charlie- Charlie Chaplin, a famous comedy actor during the era of black and white films
  10. Chester- The distinctive white and black game of chess
  11. Chilly Willy- A silent cartoon character
  12. Chuck Taylor- A  footwear brand with a black and white label
  13. Citizen Kane- A classic black and white drama film
  14. Cummerbund- This sash comes in a variety of colors, including white or black
  15. Domino- A game of white tiles with black dots
  16. Droopy- Iconic cartoon character with a drooping face
  17. Duke- Inspired by the greatest Jazz composer, Duke Ellington
  18. Eightball- The black and white pool ball suits a tough kitten
  19. Elvis- The King of rock and roll Elvis Presley
  20. Fedora- A white hat with a soft brim and black ribbon
  21. Freckles- Adorable name for a puss with freckled black and white fur pattern
  22. Fred– Dancer Fred Astaire wears black and white suits
  23. Frostbite- Suits a white cat with black paws
  24. Gizmo- For a lovable and loyal puss
  25. Goofy- Suits a funny black cat with long ears and white paws
  26. Groucho- Groucho Marx, a comedian for the black and white motion pictures
  27. Harlequin- A black and white diamond pattern
  28. Houdini- Name your cat after the illusionist, Harry Houdini
  29. James Bond- Fictional character who wears stylish white and black suits
  30. Jess- A lively cat in the anime Postman pat
  31. Jeeves- A fictional character with a black and white tuxedo trademark
  32. Joker- This playing card in the deck has white and black markings
  33. Kuro- The good-hearted cat in the manga series Cyborg Kuro-chan
  34. Lamont- The editor of The Cultural Territories of Race: Black and White Boundaries
  35. Leopard- For a white cat with black spots who likes climbing trees
  36. Lucky- Suits your fortunate tuxedo kitty
  37. Majordomo- The chief servant who wears a black and white uniform
  38. Marble– Adorable name for a and well-mannered tuxie puss
  39. Marmaduke- A character in the Great Dane comic strip
  40. Mickey- A legendary carefree cartoon character, Mickey Mouse
  41. Mime- For a quiet cat who loves to mimic you
  42. Minty- This dark chocolate cake has white layers
  43. Mistoffelees- A magician and dancer Tuxedo cat in the musical Cats
  44. Oswald- Suits a mischievous puss like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
  45. Patches- A trickster in the video game Dark souls
  46. Pepe le Pew- The stripped Looney tunes character
  47. Pepper Saltman- The black pepper and white salt
  48. Quinn- For an intelligent bi-colored kitten
  49. Ref- The black and white strip of referee jersey, perfect name for your peaceful cat
  50. Raccoon- A lovely name for an intelligent cat
  51. Rico- Suits and an intelligent black and white furred cat who loves hunting
  52. Ripple- For a cat with white and black strips on their coat
  53. Rock- As in rock and roll of black rhyme and white country music
  54. Rook- This chess piece is either white or black
  55. Rorschach- A fictional character in the animated film Watchman
  56. Scotland- The origin of Border Collie
  57. Shango- Sub Saharan god of day and night
  58. Sirus- The brightest star in the night sky
  59. Sith- A Celtic mythological huge black cat with a white spot on the chest
  60. Sneakers- Some of these sports shoes are black and white
  61. Snoopy- The loyal and funny cartoon character in Peanuts
  62. Soccer- A sport played using a black and white ball
  63. Spade- A white card with a black heart
  64. Spats- The black and white outdoor footwear
  65. Speckles- An intelligent fictional character in the film G-Force
  66. Stache- Suits a white puss with a black mustache
  67. Stripesy– For a cute pussy with a striped black and white coat
  68. Stripe- A fictional black character with a white patch on his head in the film Gremlins
  69. Sudoku- This number puzzle has a black and white pattern
  70. Sunspot- Inspired by a fictional Marvel superhero
  71. Sylvester– The proud Sylvester the Cat of Looney Tunes
  72. The Tramp- The silent movie in the Black and white film era
  73. Tom- The funny cartoon character
  74. Triglav- Slavic god of sky, earth, and the underworld
  75. Tux– For a stylish puss like the black and white tuxedo suit
  76. Wheezy– An innocent and squeaky character in the cartoon Toys 2
  77. Yang– The black and white symbol of Yin and Yang

Female Black And White Cat Names

  1. Ansel- Black and white photographer, Ansel Adams
  2. Aristocat- For your stylish Tuxedo puss
  3. Audrey- The star of black and white films, Audrey Hepburn
  4. Babka- For the love of this Jewish braided bread
  5. Banksy- Inspired by the white and black drawings of this England street artist
  6. Bear- The polar bears have a white coat with a black nose
  7. Bessie- Ideal for an overweight black and white cat
  8. Betty Boop- A light-hearted cartoon character
  9. Blotches- For a puss with irregular black and white spots
  10. Butterfly– Suits a free-spirited, beautiful cat
  11. Captain- For a puss who likes to take the lead
  12. Coco- Name your cat after the revolutionary stylist, Coco Chanel
  13. Colley- For an intelligent black and white-furred kitty
  14. Crescent- The beautiful pattern on your cute cat
  15. Cruella- A fictional character with black and white hair in 101 Dalmatians
  16. Dapple- For a white cat with dark spots
  17. Diablo- This plant has white flowers and dark leaves
  18. Diana– The sneaky black cat with white paws in the cartoon series Jewelpet
  19. Ding Dong- A delicious white and black chocolate cake
  20. Dressy- For a cat with a fashionable white and black coat
  21. Dodie- The author of 101 Dalmatians, Dodie Smith
  22. Dotty/Dottie- Suits a cute little kitten
  23. Fancy– Her white and black coat makes her look so sophisticated
  24. Fat Louie- The tuxedo cat in The Princess Diaries
  25. Frenchie- A sexy French white and black maid uniform
  26. Grandy- Name her after the grand piano with black and white keys
  27. Greta- Greta Garbo of black and white films
  28. Half moon-For a cat who brightens up your dull life
  29. Harley Davidson- Inspired by a brand of motorcycle
  30. Hemera- Greek goddess of day and night
  31. Hetty- Henrietta Lange, Fictional character in the television series The Worst Witch
  32. Holly- The black petal and white center of the Black Magic Hollyhock
  33. Jack Daniel- A brand of whiskey with black and white label
  34. Jellicle- The black and white cats in the Poem, The song of the Jellicles
  35. Koala- Ideal for a kind and quiet cat just like the Koala bear
  36. Lady- Suits your majestic fur-baby with white and black fur
  37. Ladybug- Ideal for a cat with a good luck charm
  38. Latte- A coffee drink made of espresso and steamed milk
  39. Latona- Greek mother goddess of day and night
  40. Lily-The Black Spider lily has black and white petals
  41. Lizzy- Black and white film star, Elizabeth Taylor
  42. Lucky- A black cat who crosses your path is a sign of good luck in Japan
  43. Magpie- A loud black and white bird
  44. Mallomars- Treats of chocolate-coated marshmallow
  45. Marlene Dietrich- A famous music and film star in classic cinema
  46. Maiden- Suits a loyal black and white cat
  47. Meg- The stripped cat in the children book series Meg and Mog
  48. Minnie- A sweet and fun-loving Disney character
  49. Mittens- The sassy cat in the animated film Bolt
  50. Mocha- Coffee drink flavored with chocolate
  51. Moonpie- Graham cookie filled with marshmallow
  52. Morticia- A fictional character in The Addams family
  53. Motley- Suits a cat whose black and white coat has no particular pattern
  54. Nova- If her coat is always clean
  55. Nuada- Irish Goddess of wind and sky
  56. Perdita- A mature character in 101 Dalmatians
  57. Panda- This loner mammal has black and white fur
  58. Penguin- For a puss who loves hunting in the waters
  59. Peppermint Patty- A white candy with a dark coating
  60. Petunia- Suits a cute and gentle puss
  61. Penny- The black penny has small black flowers with white edges
  62. Pinto- Horse with black and white patches, a fitting name for a determined and courageous feline
  63. Pinstripes- Ideal for a black cat with thin white stripes
  64. Princess Cheeto- New York famous black and white cat model
  65. Pittypat- Suits a cute cat with matching black and white coat
  66. Puffin- Inspired by the adorable seabird with a black back and whitechest
  67. Rabbi- The long white beard and black robe is the signature of this Jewish teacher
  68. Reverend- Suits a loyal white cat with black stripes on its neck
  69. Rosebud- Reminds you of the black and white film, Citizen Kane
  70. Odette- A kind and courageous swan by day and human by night character in the Swan Lake
  71. Odile- The evil black swan in the Swan Lake
  72. Onyx- Onyx Odyssey flower has dark petals with a white center
  73. Salt-N-Pepa- The white and black color of these two spices
  74. Shamu- Killer whale featured in SeaWorld San Diego show
  75. Shira- A fictional character in the anime Ice Age
  76. Ska- The black and white ska pattern
  77. Skunky- A funny name for your guardian feline
  78. Sock Hop- For a playful cat who likes scratching the floor
  79. Sundae- Vanilla ice cream dessert with dark topping, suits a cool and adorable cat
  80. Sushi- This Japanese dish is white and black
  81. Swan- Inspired by the black evil swan and the good white swan in Swan Lake
  82. Swirl- Perfect for a cat with spiral white and black fur pattern
  83. Swiss roll- A spongy cake rolled with cream
  84. Raya- Spanish name meaning strips
  85. Vega- The fifth brightest star in the night sky
  86. Vesper- Refers to the evening star
  87. Yin- The dark swirls in Yin Yang
  88. Zorilla- Suits a night-active cat with a thick black and white fur

Unisex Black And White Cat Names

  1. Albatross- For your large white cat with black patches
  2. Badger- Suits a black and white puss with long claws who loves burrowing
  3. Bandit- The world fattest raccoon, perfect for your big mischievous feline
  4. Barcode- The black and white machine-readable line
  5. Battle cat- The He-man companion tiger
  6. Black boot- For a white cat with black paws
  7. Blot- Suits a cat with a blotted fur pattern
  8. Bullseye- For a feline with white and black strips
  9. Candela- Unit of luminous intensity
  10. Cappuccino- Black coffee drink topped with white cream
  11. Chanel- This French fashion house has a black and white logo
  12. Checkers- The black and white checkers board
  13. Chickadee- The curious and friendly North American bird
  14. Constable- Police officer within this rank wears a black and white uniform
  15. Cupcake- A lovely name for a sweet puss
  16. Crossword- Word puzzle of white and black squares
  17. Dabble- For a cat who loves to take a bath
  18. Dalmatian- For an energetic and playful pussy
  19. Dawn- End of night and beginning of the day
  20. Dice- For a naughty cat with a white coat, lots of white spots
  21. Dipper- Suits a black cat with a white patch on their chest who loves playing with water
  22. Elegante- For a cat with a stylish white and black coat
  23. Ermine- Suits a tuxedo cat with a short tail
  24. Eskimo- Ideal for a fluffy cat unbothered of the cold weather
  25. Fancy pant- Inspired by the 2D adventures video game
  26. Gala- For a puss who loves parties and treats
  27. Garcon- One who wears a black and white uniform
  28. Harp- As in Harp seal, an ideal name for a water-loving cat
  29. Heckle- A mischievous characters, Heckle and Jeckle
  30. Holstein- Ideal for a large Tuxedo cat
  31. Jazzy- Classy name for a white and black theme
  32. Kiss- Inspired by the American rock band
  33. Keyes– Perfect if your cat loves to listen to you play the black and white piano keys
  34. Lemur- Suits a tuxie cat who is a loner
  35. Maestro- Musical conductor who wears a black and white suit
  36. Magician- For a cat who plays a few tricks on you
  37. Magpie- The intelligent and beautiful magpie birds
  38. Maverick- The black and white logo of Maverick city music group
  39. Moo-moo- A black and white cow in the nursery rhyme
  40. Mosaic- For a cat with a flawless white and black coat
  41. Namash- Means freckle in Arabic
  42. Newsies– Newspaper traditionally printed in black and white, great name for your popular puss
  43. Note- The black and white musical notes
  44. Opera- For a talented kitty who is a team player
  45. Orca- The black and white-bodied whales are stubborn and playful
  46. Osprey- Name your cat after this large white and black feathered hawk
  47. Payge- A book pages with white and black text
  48. Piano- This musical instrument has black and white keys
  49. Pinwheel– Unique name for a fun-loving puss
  50. Pixel– The small dots that make an image on your computer screen
  51. Puck– A small black disc used to play ice hockey
  52. Puzzle- The white and black crossword
  53. Q-Tip- Suits a black cat with white paws
  54. Retro- The fashion of the past in modern time
  55. Shirokuro- Means black and white in Japanese
  56. Stilts- Ideal for a cat with long legs
  57. Stripey- A cute white feline with a black strip
  58. Spek- For a white cat with small dark spots
  59. Splatter- Ideal for a swift white and black cat
  60. Spot- Suits a cute cat with black and white spots
  61. Socks- For a black cat with white paws
  62. Symmetry- Suits a puss with an even shade of black and white
  63. Tailster- For a puss with matching white and black fur
  64. Tapir- Suits a gentle and shy puss with a long nose
  65. Tiger- Give your strongest Tuxedo cat this jungle name
  66. Toppa- Italian name meaning patch
  67. Tuxie- A cute and stylish white and black kitten
  68. Two Tone- Perfect for a bi-colored kitty
  69. Vintag- Your precious black and white furred old cat
  70. Whaley- A cool name for a powerful huge feline
  71. Zebra- Suits a temperate wild cat with black and white stripes
  72. Ziggy- The white and black zigzag pattern on your cat’s coat is just adorable


Now you have no excuse for not getting your dual-colored feline a great name. Have fun choosing the perfect name for your cat from our massive list of black and white cat names.

And if you’re looking for new cat name ideas, get all the inspiration you need from our other cat names lists below.

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