The 342 Best Bengal Cat Names

Cat Names June 11, 2024


The 342 Best Bengal Cat Names

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The Bengal cat is an exquisite beauty.  You get inspired just by looking at this cat’s unique patterns and decorative colors.

But if you need a little help coming up with a name for your striking Bengal fur-baby, we’ve just the right ideas for you.

Here are our 235 favorite Bengal cat names and their meaning. Hopefully, you’ll find one that is perfect for your gorgeous cat.

Male Bengal Cat Names

  1. Abhoy – Ideal name for a fearless cat
  2. Abu– Aladdin’s mischievous and loyal pet monkey
  3. Ace– Means one who excels, a perfect name for a triumphant cat
  4. Alas-Suits a tough cat that endures just like your Bengal kitty
  5. Alex-Greek name meaning man’s defender
  6. Alvin -A mischievous yet charming character in the animated film Alvin and the Chipmunks
  7. Archie- If your cat is bold and brave
  8. Arnie- My cat is a powerful as an eagle
  9. Arun-Means sun in Hindu, for an energetic cat
  10. Astras– Hindu mythological, supernatural weapon
  11. Atlantis– A legendary lost city at the bottom of the sea
  12. Thor – Your Bengal is certainly the alpha male in your home
  13. Babar– An intelligent fictional elephant in the children book Babar and the Adventures of Badou
  14. Bailey- Just like the law enforcer who nobody wants to mess with
  15. Ben- For your feline who has brought you good fortune
  16. Baldwin– Means bold friend in Germanic
  17. Bentley – A luxury car brand, perfect for your exotic Bengal cat
  18. Billy – He’s your family protector
  19. Tom – Reminds you of Tom and Jerry
  20. Captain– Refers to the commander of a ship, for a determined Bengal cat
  21. Chad- Means a warrior and a fighter
  22. Cambridge-Name your cat after the city in East of England where Harvard and the University of Cambridge are situated
  23. Charon -Mythological Greek ferryman of Hades, who ferries deceased souls across the river Styx
  24. Angel – Your Bengal cat is just perfect in every sense
  25. Dave- For your beloved Bengal feline
  26. Elektra – Name your powerful cat after the mythological Greek goddess of storm clouds
  27. Dutch- If your fur-baby is originally from Netherlands
  28. Pumba- Because this is your favorite cartoon character
  29. Daakshi – Your intelligent Bengal cat
  30. Domingo-Means Sunday in Spanish
  31. Eros-The mischievous Greek god of love
  32. Darling – He is your prince charming
  33. Eddie- A lucky charm
  34. Sushi– For the love of this Japanese traditional fish dish
  35. Sven – Scandinavian name meaning young warrior suits a courageous kitten
  36. Sylvester- From the famous cartoon Sylvester James Pussycat
  37. Garrey – Give your powerful cat this old-English name meaning spear
  38. Godwin – Your good friend
  39. Governor – For a Bengal cat who rules over your home
  40. Harvey – A brave Bengal cat deserve this French name meaning battle warrior
  41. Hobbes – Name your cat after the famous English philosopher, Thomas Hobbes
  42. Homer – The Greek poet and author of the Iliad and the Odyssey
  43. Hugo – Suits an intelligent cat
  44. Jot – For a friendly and social Bengal cat
  45. Kronos – The Titan god of time and harvest, father of many Olympian gods
  46. Lannister – The Great houses of Westeros overlooking the sunset sea
  47. Leo – Suits a brave Bengal cat
  48. Leopard – Ideal for a strong and ambitious cat
  49. Loki -Norse mythological god of mischief
  50. Maalav – Your old Bengal cat deserves this Indian oldest classical raga music
  51. Miles – Germanic name meaning soldier, suits a courageous Bengal cat
  52. Milo – Inspired by a curious and adventurous kitten in the famous movie The Adventures of Milo and Otis
  53. Mowgli – A fearless and intelligent character in The Jungle Book
  54. Napoleon-Name your cat after one of the world’s greatest military leader
  55. Neptune – The powerful Roman god of the sea and freshwater
  56. Nero – The fifth Roman emperor who loved music
  57. Odysseus – An intelligent and cunning Greek hero who fought in the Trojan War
  58. Orpheus – Name your cat after the legendary Greek poet, musician, and prophet
  59. Pollock – Inspired by American painter, Paul Jackson Pollock
  60. Prada – Italian high-end fashion house suits a Bengal cat with class
  61. Ferdinand – A peaceful and soft-hearted bull character
  62. Reginald – Latin name meaning King
  63. Rex – For a Bengal cat of royal bearing
  64. Sergeant – Ideal for a cat who likes to be in control
  65. Shakespeare-Inspired by the greatest poet, actor, and play writer, William Shakespeare
  66. Flynn – Irish name meaning reddish, suits an orange-brown Bengal cat
  67. Rajah – Jasmine’s pet tiger in the film Aladdin, because your striking cat is so majestic
  68. Beast – Even your neighbor’s dog knows better than to mess up with this cat
  69. Evan- For your perfect cat who makes you happy
  70. Frank – For a Bengal cat who is so honest, never does wrong
  71. Greg- For your guardian angel
  72. Harry- Perfect for your fur-baby who rules the neighborhood
  73. Jack- God is gracious, He chose to give me this wonderful cat
  74. Cheetato – A cartoon character from the TV series Timon & Pumbaa
  75. Muffin- He is your love
  76. Aslan – Your lion king
  77. Bagheera – Meaning a black panther
  78. Kion- If you can’t enough of the Lion Guard animation
  79. Jake- God is the protector of your dear Bengal cat
  80. Brutus – Perfect if your cat is so fierce like an assassin for hire
  81. Lucas- Ideal name for your bright colored male cat
  82. Luke- Because Lucas is too common
  83. Manny- For your peaceful feline
  84. Mason – Curved from stone
  85. Kovu – If he is a good liar, this name is perfect
  86. Mikey- If your name is Michael, call your cat Mikey
  87. Bandit – Perfect name for your little rascal
  88. Nicky- Suits a cat who has survived a lot, he is a victor
  89. Noah- For a cat who is your comfort
  90. Oli- The warrior
  91. Oscar- Your gentle friend
  92. Clawhauser – if you love officer Clawhauser of the film Zootopia
  93. Reggie – For your feline who helps you make decisions
  94. Ricky- Your brave ruler who maintains law and order
  95. Sammy- Perfect name if your puss is a good listener
  96. Seb- Suits a cat who behaves like a small god
  97. Teddy- The guardian of the galaxy
  98. Theo- If you got your Bengal cat as a gift from a special friend
  99. Simba – The kind and adventurous king of the jungle in The Lion King
  100. Timmy- He’s so tinny, he’s Timmy
  101. Will- If your cat gives you the will to live
  102. Fang – Perfect for a Bengal cat who won’t hesitate to bite if you mess with him
  103. Nitro – Your cat is braver than your family dog
  104. Kaio- Ideal for a funny cat who loves to play tricks on you
  105. Judge – Perfect for your cat who makes all the decisions in the house
  106. Axel- If your Bengal cat loves peace and is rarely in trouble
  107. Czar- For your charming Bengal cat
  108. Goliath – If he is the biggest and most feared cat on the block
  109. Admiral – For a puss who is high ranked among all your pets
  110. Usain- He runs so fast, no one can catch him
  111. Wyatt – For a brave fur-baby
  112. Mufasa- The elder one
  113. Quentin- Perfect name if he was born fifth
  114. Rocky – If your kitten is as hard as a rock and the falls he has survived are countless call him Rocky
  115. Rambo –If your Bengal cat looks like he can take the whole army by himself
  116. Oliver – He’s a beauty, everyone wants to touch him
  117. Princeton – Perfect for your handsome feline
  118. Taurus – Latin meaning bull suits a strong and muscular Bengal puss
  119. Tigris -Latin word for a tiger, a powerful name for your kitty
  120. Thaddeus – Aramaic name meaning courageous heart
  121. Virgil -Roman legendary poet who wrote Aeneid

Female Bengal Cat Names

  1. Adele- A lovely name for a beautiful female Bengal cat
  2. Ava- Perfect name for a cat who’s full of life
  3. Amie- Because she’s your best friend
  4. Annie- For that cat that has brought favor and grace to you
  5. Aadarshini – Means idealistic in Hindu, ideal for a cat with endless tricks
  6. Aadhrika – Give your steadfast Bengal cat this Hindu name meaning mountain
  7. Amaryllis – A beautiful red flower, a symbolism of beauty, love, and determination
  8. Amber– A valuable and beautiful puss deserved this name!
  9. Amphitrite– Greek mythological goddess of the sea
  10. Anupama– Suits a Bengal cat with incomparable beauty
  11. Aphrodite-Greek goddess of beauty, love, pleasure, and fertility
  12. Arabella – Latin name meaning answered prayer
  13. Ariel– The curious mermaid princess character in Disney’s The Little Mermaid
  14. Ariela– Means Lion of God in Hebrew
  15. Artemis – Greek goddess of the hunt, the moon, and chastity
  16. Aurelia– Inspired by the gold coin used in ancient Roman
  17. Ayla– Give your intelligent puss this Sanskrit name meaning born of knowledge
  18. Bella- Because she’s the most beautiful cat on earth
  19. Bastet – Egyptian goddess of cats, protection, fertility, and childbirth
  20. Carly – Ideal for her is she’s a warrior who never gives up
  21. Demi- For your tiny but pretty female cat
  22. Ella- If she’s stunning, and looks like a goddess
  23. Bitsy –She’s my daughter’s favorite who is called Elizabeth
  24. Emily- If she always strives to be the best
  25. Enid- Your Bengal cat is pure with no blemish
  26. Fiona- Perfect name for a cat who is always laid back and easy going
  27. Georgie- Your Bengal cat who always has work to do
  28. Hazel- For a feline who loves nature
  29. Ingrid- For your friendly puss who warms up to everybody
  30. Judy- Perfect for your cat who everybody can’t stop praising
  31. Megan- Suits a strong cat
  32. Felix –If she is extremely funny and an entertainer
  33. Kitty – For your pure Bengal cat
  34. Mia- Lovely name for your puss you consider a queen
  35. Minnie- My Bengal cat is awesome and very popular
  36. Nora- A perfect name for your honorable cat
  37. Orla- Means a golden princess
  38. Rae- A treasured gift from God
  39. Bloom – She’s the most attractive cat you’ll ever find
  40. Katniss – My warrior cat who isn’t afraid of the boys
  41. Stella- Because your female cat is a shining star
  42. Elektra- If your cat is literally a dare devil
  43. Zira – She is the moonlight queen
  44. Trixie- Ideal for your playful light-spirited feline
  45. Viola- Cute name for a Bengal with purple markings
  46. Wanda- Your female cat is a wanderer, her name is Wanda
  47. Zelda – If she is blessed call her Zelda
  48. Belle – Your Bengal cat is so beautiful and adorable
  49. Bellatrix-Your brave Bengal cat deserves this Latin name meaning female warrior
  50. Boggle-For a cat full of surprises
  51. Bongo-meaning drums suit a funny puss with moves
  52. Bonnie– A lovely name for a cute Bengal kitty
  53. Butterscotch-Suits adorable, sweet puss
  54. Calliope-Name your jovial and playful cat after the Mythological Greek goddess of music, song, and dance
  55. Celeste– Means heavenly in Latin suits adorable cat
  56. Cerse – A fierce and bold Lannister queen in The Game of Thrones
  57. Coco – Inspired by the stylish French designer, Coco Chanel
  58. Cordelia -Celtic name meaning daughter of the sea
  59. Cosette– Ideal for a victorious puss
  60. Daakshya – For a smart and trustworthy Bengal cat
  61. Daisy- Meaning a flower; Norse goddess Freya’s sacred flower
  62. Queenie- She’s the ruler of the galaxy
  63. Zöe – Suits a cat that has given your life a new meaning
  64. Diana- Because your cat is divine
  65. Zuba – Her beauty dominates like the sun
  66. Willow- For your slender beautiful Bengal cat
  67. Diva – She’s the queen of prom, isn’t she?
  68. Bonnie- Your Bengal kitty is so pleasing to the eyes
  69. Sarabi – The mother to kittens
  70. India- Name her after the one of the most beautiful countries
  71. Acadia – If she is very choosy like she was born in a world of plenty
  72. Iris- Perfect for the most unique female feline
  73. Gigi- Perfect name for your gracious and adorable fur-baby
  74. Sasha- If your Bengal cat is very protective, this is a perfect name for her
  75. Helga- A holy female cat who’s blessed
  76. Cuddles- If your furry friend loves cuddles and hugs
  77. Tia- Simply means joy
  78. Cheetata – She is as cute as a cheetah
  79. Lily – She’s a flower
  80. Daphne– Greek nymph associated with fountains, wells, streams, springs, and other freshwater bodies
  81. Duchess – Your Bengal cat must be the commander of the troop
  82. Lotus –Suits a pure exotic Bengal cat
  83. Tigress – Great name for your majestic feline
  84. Nahal- If your Bengal cat love flows like a river
  85. Cherry – Suits a cat who is very dear to you
  86. Roxy – She’s is a show gal
  87. Charm- For your fascinating beauty
  88. Kiara – Perfect name for a bright little fur-baby
  89. Empress-Ideal for a Bengal cat who rules your home
  90. Freya– Norse goddess of love, beauty, battle, fertility, and gold
  91. Garjra – Indian name meaning garland of flowers suits a beautiful and gentle puss
  92. Geisha– suits a friendly and social cat that entrains visitors
  93. Harley– For the love of this brand of motorcycle
  94. Isadora– Gift of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of love, healing, magic, fertility, and the moon
  95. Laalitya-Suits a beautiful cat that is graceful and lovely
  96. Laavanya– For a Bengal cat full of beauty and grace
  97. Laina – Refers to sun rays for a cat who gives you hope
  98. Leia -A fearless and dedicated princess in Star Wars
  99. Maahi– An Indian name meaning the union of heaven and earth, suits a social and lovable at
  100. Maahir – Ideal for a smart and skillful cat
  101. Matilda – Means mighty in the battle for a fearless puss
  102. Molly– Hebrew name meaning star of the sea
  103. Nala – A playful and brave character in Disney’s The Lion King; She is the queen
  104. Cherub- If your puss is a blessing to your family.
  105. Seraphina– Give your powerful Bengal cat this Hebrew name meaning burning one
  106. Serena -Suits a calm and peaceful cat
  107. Tora-A powerful puss deserves this Japanese name meaning tiger
  108. Tori– A diminutive of Victoria meaning conqueror
  109. Ursula -The sea witch in the Disney film the Little Mermaid
  110. Vivette– Of Italian origin meaning gift of god
  111. Xena- Suits a cat who is courageous and ready to fight any intruder
  112. Nyx – if your cat is a night queen
  113. Beauty – Who’s the fairest of them all?

Unisex Bengal Cat Names

  1. Jess- Meaning a gift
  2. Penny- A cute name fitting a small sized cat
  3. Bracken- For your spotted beautiful cat
  4. Bramble – Everyone’s full of envy of your Bengal cat
  5. Chase – For the feline who is always chasing something
  6. Clash- Means gray, if your cat has gray markings
  7. Diamond- Suits a precious cat who is loved
  8. Sweetie- She is your dearest
  9. Drive – If you rescued your cat while driving to work
  10. Giggles – Suits a fur-baby who amuses you
  11. Falcon- If your cat resembles this famous bird
  12. Fern –An easy name to pronounce especially for kids
  13. Bubbles – If happiness is her or his second name
  14. Ferret – For a puss who is very cunning
  15. Sparkle – Because the eyes of your cat glow in the darkness
  16. Divine – Perfect name for a cat who has the power to cheer everyone up
  17. Boo Boo- She can’t take her eyes off The Boo Boo
  18. Flush- Suits a Bengal cat with some reddish marking on their coat
  19. Forest- Your Bengal cat wouldn’t look out of place in a forest
  20. Frisky – Perfect for a playful and jovial Bengal cat
  21. Heaven – Isn’t your cat perfect? A gift from heaven
  22. Sunny – If your cat loves to spend the whole day busking in the sun
  23. Hawk – For a cat who is so hawk-eyed
  24. Dream – If sleeping is your cat’s favorite hobby
  25. Manchas – The spotted one
  26. Hunter- Great name if your cat is very skillful in catching insects
  27. Killer – Perfect for a cat who is always destroying things
  28. Maze – For a feline with perfect markings that resemble a maze
  29. Prey – If your Bengal cat loves to hunt for their own prey, give them this name
  30. Prowler – Perfect for Bengal cat who moves in the shadow
  31. Quest- Suits an adventurous Bengal cat
  32. Raid – Means an explorer
  33. Ranger – A beautiful name just like your majestic Bengal cat.
  34. Buttons – If your puss has eyes that look like small buttons
  35. River – For your Bengal cat who isn’t afraid of the water and enjoys spending time by the river bed
  36. Nike– Greek goddess of victory
  37. Ocelot– Suits a protective Bengal kitty that loves hunting
  38. Ophelia– Hamlet’s love in Shakespeare plays Hamlet
  39. Sabrina-Celtic goddess of river Severn
  40. Sadie-Short form of Sarah meaning princess
  41. Scout – Because your feline cat is always on a discovery mission
  42. Shikar – For a Bengal cat who isn’t afraid of heights
  43. Spook – Suits a feline with scary eyes
  44. Thicket –For your Bengal cat with thick fur
  45. Tracker – Ideal for a Bengal cat who’s always in the woods
  46. Trail – If your feline has left a trail of beautiful memories
  47. Trapper – A fun name depicting the physical character of a Bengal cat
  48. Valley – For a cat who loves the outdoors
  49. Ash – This name resembles the color of your cat’s coat
  50. Argent – Cute name for your courageous puss
  51. Bullet – Because your feline can outrun a deer
  52. Cinder – Perfect if your fur-baby has ash-like markings.
  53. Tiny- Suits your small Bengal fur-baby
  54. Ember – If your puss is a bright spark in your home
  55. Foggy – Compliments your cat’s grey color
  56. Glam- Perfect for your glamorous friend
  57. Honey – If your feline is extremely sweet and well-mannered.
  58. Gleam – The spark in your cat’s eyes tell it all
  59. Glitz – Beautiful and sophisticated
  60. Granite – Ideal for a Bengal cat whose coat color resembles the granite stone
  61. Gray- Derived from the eye color of your cat
  62. Gunner – A unique name for your special cat
  63. Nugget –A gift from God
  64. Misty – Perfect for your Bengal cat with a foggy, dark appearance
  65. Opal –A gemstone
  66. Tickles – If your cat makes everyone laugh
  67. Pearl – Perfect for a cat who is a beauty to behold
  68. Pewter – For a cat you consider exotic and valuable
  69. Seal – Great name for your feline who has a cute face like a seal
  70. Shine –Because your cat has sparkling eyes
  71. Slate- Perfect name for a Bengal cat with grey eyes
  72. Heathcliff – Your feline is always looking for an adventure
  73. Smokey – If your cat is smokey in appearance
  74. Steel –Perfect name if your feline has teeth as hard as steel
  75. Sterling – For a cat whose eyes look like little stars
  76. Storm – Perfect for a Bengal cat with thick fur
  77. Sylvie – A wild cat like your Bengal feline
  78. Tinsel – Ideal name for a cat with a shiny coat
  79. Weber- If your cat loves to play with your weaving yarn
  80. Whisper –Her meow is like a whisper
  81. Alp – She is white as the snow in the Alp Mountains
  82. Blanca – Because my Bengal cat is white.
  83. Blizzard – If her eyes has a frost like appearance
  84. Boo – Your cat is your special person
  85. Chalky – White as chalk
  86. Tigger- From a far you might mistake this cat for a tiger
  87. Chilly – Suits a feline who is very cold towards visitors
  88. Cloud – For your cat who is so white like he came from the clouds
  89. Cotton – Suits a feline whose coat is very smooth
  90. Everest – If your cat is as big as mount Everest
  91. Hero- Great name for your brave cat who saves the day
  92. Glacier – If your Bengal feline looks like a moving snow
  93. Pumpkin – Just sweet and adorable
  94. Icy – For a puss with cold eyes
  95. Garfield – Name your fur-baby after your favorite cartoon character
  96. Ivory – If your cat is a gem
  97. Makalu – Because your cat loves climbing trees
  98. Rainier – If you have a feline who is always moody like a volcano waiting to erupt
  99. Boots- Like the feline in Puss in Boots
  100. Skyang – Name your feline after a peak in the world’s second largest mountain
  101. Snowbell- Fits a white Bengal cat who loves to meow
  102. Snowflake- Because your cat is sensitive to dirt
  103. Nermal – Perfect name for your fur-baby who has refused to grow up
  104. Trivor – A high peak, on top of the world
  105. Tweedy – Great name for a cat who has endured many hardships
  106. Scar- For your feline who never misses a fight.
  107. Yeti – If your Bengal cat is adopted
  108. Zeus – Ideal for your fierce Bengal cat


Your Bengal cat is unique, which is why you should give them a name that complements their uniqueness. Hopefully, our favorite Bengal names gave you the inspiration you needed to choose a name for your feline.

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