Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere? Is She Clingy?

Medically reviewed by: Dr. Joanna Woodnutt, MRCVS
Cat Behavior February 16, 2022


Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere? Is She Clingy?

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As a cat parent, there will be times when you wish you and your cat spoke the same language. After all, being able to reason with your feline family member would make it easier to nip noisy night-time playtime in the bud and perhaps save your new carpet from being clawed!

Despite the language barrier, you can often understand what your kitty is telling you is by observing and understanding their facial expressions, body language, posture, and behavior.

So, what if your favorite furball follows you everywhere? What does it mean?

Sometimes, your cat will cling to you like glue so that you can’t even make a sandwich or use the bathroom in peace!. Pretty strange behavior, right, for an animal that’s meant to be so independent?

So, if you’ve been asking yourself, “why does my cat follow me everywhere?” read on as we might just have the answer.

1. Attention Seeking

Your puss will follow you around, meow, and rub on your legs because they want your attention. This often happens when you’re busy with other activities and your furball feels like they have been forgotten. You can help them feel more secure by giving them a fuss or initiating playtime.

2. They’re Bored

Cats are intelligent creatures, who prefer to be in an enriched environment where they are intellectually stimulated.

When your cat is indoors, they might get bored easily if there’s not much to do around the house. If you don’t have lots of toys, scratch posts and trees to keep them occupied, they  may resort to following you everywhere.

This is especially true if you’ve been away from home all day. While you’re gone, your cat will miss you and will probably get a bit bored too. So, when you return in the evening, it’s not surprising that your furry friend channels all of their energy onto you.  Making sure they have plenty of toys and activities to keep them occupied should help to keep their boredom at bay.

3. They’re Curious

You’ve heard the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat,’ right? Well, it’s because naturally, cats are curious creatures.

If your feline is the nosy type, they might follow you around because they want to know what you’re up to.

So, if you’re doing something that involves sounds or smells that your cat’s not used to, you can expect them to show some extra interest. Of course, if you’re in a part of the house where they’re not normally allowed, you’ll probably find they’re even more desperate to accompany you!

4. Separation Anxiety

Kittens follow their mothers everywhere because they feel safe around them, but adult cats will also seek out the company of those who make them feel safe. Your cat will feel secure around you, especially if you’re the one who cleans, feeds, and plays with them.

Therefore, they might follow you, their adoptive mother, just like they used to with their biological mother. This is perfectly normal behavior.

The downside of this bond and attachment is separation anxiety. If you often leave your furry friend by themselves for a long time, they might become anxious about it. If you have a cat with separation anxiety, you might notice that they follow you around because they are scared you might leave.

5. They Want To Play

When your cat is outdoors, they will often hunt. Hunting behavior is not always for food, it’s sometimes just for fun. If you look out of your window you might notice your furball honing their hunting skills by chasing birds, mice, butterflies, or other insects.

If you notice your cat follows you around a lot while indoors, they might be trying to entice you to play and have fun together. Playtime is very important for your cat because it relieves boredom and helps them release extra energy. It’s also a great way to bond with your purr-fect pal.

If you don’t have much time to play with your feline friend, consider buying some toys and puzzles to keep them busy.

6. They’re Hungry

In most instances, when you head towards the kitchen, your cat will gladly follow you just in case it’s feeding time! Be careful not to feed your greedy kitty every time they do this though, as you might cause them to become overweight.

If your cat follows you to the kitchen and meows expectantly, you might think they’re demanding food because they’re hungry, but they might just want your attention, or they might be trying their luck to see if you’ll give them something tasty!

7. Routine

Cats love routines. When in the wild or the outdoors, there are many things to keep your furry friend busy. For instance, an outdoor cat will spend time marking her territory or hunting. But when indoors, your feline studies what you do from morning to evening as they don’t have much to do.

If you have an indoor cat, they have probably mastered your daily routine and know it inside out!. For instance, your cat will follow you when you’re about to go to the kitchen to cook lunch or even when you go to the bathroom for a warm bath.

It’s difficult for your feline to break from routine, because it provides them with reassurance, so instead try to enjoy it when they follow you around!


Despite being considered solitary creatures, cats are generally quite fond of humans.

A cat might follow you everywhere because you’re their favorite person and they want your attention or to play with you.  Your special furball might also act particularly clingy to you if they need something or are frightened, anxious, or distressed.

It’s best not to ignore or shoo your cat away when they follow you everywhere. Now that you understand the cause of this behavior, you should be able to make the necessary adjustments to keep your cat feeling calm and happy.

Acknowledging and returning the affection your kitty shows you when they follow you around will help to strengthen your bond. You can return this love by petting them, having some interactive playtime, or offering them a few tasty treats.

Remember though, it’s best to make sure that your puss is not over-attached to you and provide plenty of toys and activities when you’re gone to ensure your cat doesn’t get stressed every time you leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my cat so clingy?

Your cat loves being around you, and might follow you around as normal routine behavior. Your cat may also cling to you because they’re craving your attention, need food, or are feeling a bit bored. Some cat breeds, like the Siamese and Sphinx are especially clingy and will follow their owner everywhere.
Consider your cat’s clingy behavior worrying if they are constantly meowing, become destructive, or if they get in your way, making it impossible for you to perform your usual activities. If this is the case, take your pet to the vet as they may be suffering from an underlying health issue.

Why does my cat follow me and no one else?

Your cat has marked you as her favorite person. They trust you more than the other family members, and that’s probably why they will follow you and no one else. So, although it can be frustrating, it’s a huge compliment!

Why does my cat follow me everywhere, even to the bathroom?

Your cat finds you fascinating, and is simply following you to the bathroom to be near you.

Your feline will want to share everything with you, including your private moments in the bathroom. Besides, your cat probably doesn’t understand private spaces or boundaries!

Do cats have a favorite person?

Because of the love and care your cat receives from you, they might choose you as their favorite person and even consider you as their adoptive mother. If you’re your furball’s favorite, they will always want to be near you. This closeness helps your feline feel at ease and strengthens their bond with you.

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