7 Signs That Show Cats Can See Ghosts

Cat Behavior May 11, 2024


7 Signs That Show Cats Can See Ghosts

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Credit: Marko Blažević

A ghost is a soul or spirit of the dead that appears to the living in a pale, transparent image. Janice Gilligan, an animal communicator describes ghosts as “sprits struck in the physical world that are attracted to energy sources and places as opposed to beings that have transitioned to the afterlife”.

Have you noticed that your cat sometimes stares at an empty space? It could be the ceiling, wall, or through a closed window. Is it possible that in such instances your cat is looking at some invisible being like a ghost or spirit?

According to science, cats do seem to see and hear things that we humans can’t.

How you do ask?

Well, here are different explanations as to why your furball can see ghosts.

1. Cats Enhanced Senses

The scientific explanation as to why cats see ghosts is based on their enhanced senses as explained below.

  • Enhanced Eyesight

While humans can see many shades of colors, cats can only see two shades of colors, blue and yellow.

In addition, cats have excellent night vision although their day vision is worse than that of humans. Actually, your furball eyes glow at night.

Besides, a cat’s eyesight is sharp at the center but blurry on the edge which is why they’re able to focus on their target.

Also, according to science, cats and dogs can see ultraviolet light. This may explain why cats see ghosts and spirits since ghost hunters have been using ultraviolet light to detect ghosts for ages.

  • Hearing

Apart from eyesight, cats make use of their hearing to detect ghosts.

Cats can hear frequencies four to five times higher than humans. A cat’s ears can move independently to a 180 degrees range enabling her to detect where sounds are coming from.

Besides, while humans identify the source of sound within 20 degrees, cats can identify the sound source within 5 degrees. Your cat does this by moving her head and ears to determine where the sound is coming from and the height of where the sound is from.

So, if you see your cat looking intently at something invisible maybe they can sense them through their excellent hearing sense.

2. Notable Cat’s Paranormal Behaviors

Credit: Kristin Lopez

Another explanation that makes scientists and animal experts believe that cats do see ghosts is their paranormal behaviors.

  • Defensive Or Aggressive Behavior

When a cat feels threatened and needs to protect herself, she flattens her ears, puff’s up her tail and poses in a crouched position. They may even hiss or growl in defence.

Some cat parents will agree that sometimes their cat will exhibit this behavior without any noticeable danger. In such instances, animal experts believe that cats do this when they see ghosts or other invisible beings.

It’s also believed that cats can also be possessed by evil spirits. When this happens, the cat will portray violent behaviors or they might jump or attack you.

  • Staring

Cats are curious by nature. Your cat may focus and stare at something that may be invisible to you only for you to notice that they are tracking a bug or fleck of light. If in some instances you’re unable to locate what your cat is staring at, probably they’re seeing ghosts or spirits.

Cat observers have found that cats may stare at a particular spot continuously without blinking. For instance, your cat may stare at a stairway as if somebody is walking up and down on it or they may keep staring at a wall.

Some cats will even try to fight something invisible on their face after staring at it for a while. While some people may point out that the cat is simply playing, this is not the case according to cat experts.

  • Reaction To Unidentified Noise

When your cat hears a noise, she first assesses the sound for any impending danger. If the noise poses no danger, she will settle back and enjoy her nap.

However, if the noise is threatening your cat will be on guard and probably try to investigate further.

When a cat seems to recognize sound threats that you cannot see or hear, then it may be a sign that the sound is from a ghost or spirit.

  • Protective Behavior

Cats have special bonds with their owners. They’ll tend to cuddle up next to their favorite human or even sleep by their side.

As a cat parent, you’ll agree with me that your cat will behave strangely when she senses unusual energies around you. If you notice your cat is standing next to you and displaying aggressive behavior towards something that you can’t see then she is most likely trying to protect you from something such as a ghost or spirit.

Cats can also use protective behavior to alert you of ghosts or spirits that may be in the vicinity.

3. Cats As Spiritual Guardians

There are several beliefs regarding cats. One of them is that cats are spiritual guardians as they know more than humans. It’s believed that cats can see into the spiritual world and protect those around them from dark forces or spirits.

Some people believe that having a cat inside their house protects them from evil spirits while others are of the opinion that different cat coat colors have different spiritual meanings.

For example, in Japan, it’s believed that a Japanese woman with a black cat attracts more suitors while the Chinese people believe that when a black cat crosses your path, it’s a sign of good luck. Sailors also had polydactyl cats in their ships to ensure safe travels while black cats were presented as a wedding gift to bring good luck to the couple in old England.

Cats are also capable of detecting something that poses a threat to themselves or their owner. They can also detect when their owners are hurt or sad. A cat may not completely protect you from evil spirits, but she may warn you that something bad is about to happen.

Cats can also sense evil energies coming from certain people. It’s said that cats don’t like the presence of psychics. They will hiss or stay away from such people.

Ancient Egyptian mythology has it that cats were blessed with powers to wad away evil spirits. Buddhists also believed that cats are the souls of the dead before they find their way to new life.

4. Cat Mythology

Credit:Dzmitry Dudov

Cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt. They were considered to be mediators between the spirit realm and the human world.

Bastet, a cat-headed goddess was an ancient Egyptian goddess of protection and the protector of women’s secrets and the guardian against evil spirits and diseases. She was the daughter of the sun god Ra.

Also, in Egyptian culture, the killing of cats was considered a punishable crime and when a cat died, the family members who owned the dead cat had to shave their eyebrows.

In some African cultures, a cat would be brought to the house of a dead person to detect if the spirit of the dead is lurking around the house. Witches also carried cats around to help them detect the movement of ghosts and spirits.

In addition, African herbalists used cats’ eyeballs to make concoctions for spells that could see into the spirit world. It was believed that people who drank such concoctions could see ghosts and spirits.

5. The Sixth Sense

Cats pay detailed attention to the world around them and they’re said to have an unspoken connection to it. When a cat stares into space it’s believed that she can see or sense things we humans can’t. Cats can also sense danger and emotions that humans seem not to understand.

It’s also believed that cats can easily predict the future or easily sense how their owner is feeling. For instance, some cats can predict the death of a person and offer them comfort in their last days.

According to a recently published article, one such ten-year-old cat named Oscar who resided at Steer Nursing home since kittenhood is believed to have predicted the death of more than 100 patients at the home.

6. Personal Experiences

Credit: Danielle MacKinnon

Various people have given their own experiences of how their furballs alerted them of the presence of ghosts or spirits.

Adam Ellis, a Buzzfeed contributor shared a series of Tweets on how his cats often stood at the front of his door a few minutes to midnight just to stare at something that seemed to be on the other side of the door. According to him, when your cat is seeing ghosts they will give you tons of signs that something freaky is happening.

Another cat owner also reported that his cat kept staring in an empty room. The cat owner later noted that he could hear strange noises coming from the unoccupied room.

7. Animal Experts Have Their Say

Some cat experts also agree that cats do interact with ghosts or spirits.

Jackson Galaxy, cat wellness and behavior expert explains that cats have evolved to sense things that humans can’t. They can hear six times more than humans and can also see the smallest bits of light. Cats can also detect changes in temperature and air current with their whiskers.

Galaxy also admits that his cat picked up certain energies in his house that made him believe in the spirit world.

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