5 Cat Breeds With Beautiful Round Faces

Cat Breeds June 16, 2024


5 Cat Breeds With Beautiful Round Faces

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If you are a cat lover, you’ll agree that round-face cats are just adorable. From their squishy nose to their round button eyes, these cat breeds have become a favorite to many cat lovers worldwide. Besides, round-face cats tend to be more sociable, and they also love to cuddle.

If you have a round-faced cat, you may be wondering what breed of cat she is. The round face cats are also called squishy-faced cats, while others call them the fat face cat breeds. Another name for these adorable kitties is the brachycephalic cats.

More About Your Round Face Cat

round face cats

The round shape on these felines’ faces is due to a genetic mutation that involves shortening and broadening of the skull, giving the cats their smooshed faces.

Round-face cats were not always around. They first gained popularity in Europe. In the 1950s, breeders came across a Persian cat who had the brachycephalic genetic mutation. Many cat lovers fell in love with this appearance which made the breeders breed cats with this specific genetic trait.

While these round faced cats are cute to look at, they have many health risks.

Some of which include;

  • Breathing and respiratory infections – Due to their short muzzles and narrow nostrils, round faced cats have a high risk of ailing from brachycephalic airway syndrome
  • Round faced cats may also have eye issues – Their eyes are prone to clogging due to their short tear ducts, which might also lead to eye inflammation
  • Another health risk is dental disease – Due to these felines’ short muzzles, there isn’t enough room in the mouth for all the teeth to grow, resulting in overcrowding and misaligned jaws. This also leads to the accumulation of tartar and plaque, while the misaligned jaws may cause the cat to have trouble chewing.

Despite the many health risks, these cats can live a healthy life if well taken care of. Before you commit to getting this cat breed, it is important to determine if your cat suffers from any of the above problems. Also, make sure you get a good veterinarian who will tend to your cat regularly.

Now that we have learnt a lot about these adorable furballs let’s look at some of the squishy-faced cat breeds.

1. Persian

persian round face cat

There is no mistaking the Persian cat, with her broad chest, wide eyes, squishy face, snub nose, and long luxurious coat, your Persian cat is a beauty to behold. Persians are the most popular round-faced cats.

Though elegant, these cats require a lot of work when it comes to grooming. Their luxurious coats, which come in different colors, need to be brushed daily to avoid matting and tangling. Daily face cleaning is also required to remove tear stains which are a result of frequent eye draining.

Despite their high maintenance, Persian cats are docile, sweet, loving, and prefer a laid-back environment. No wonder you’ll find your Persian kitty mostly snuggled on the couch or getting some sun outdoors.

The Persian cat is a popular family pet as this feline bonds well with children. Besides, this kitty doesn’t mind staying indoors.

2. Himalayan

Himalayan round face cat

The Himalayan cat or Himmy is an elegant and beautiful feline. Being a crossbreed of the Persian and the Siamese, the Himalayan takes the best traits from both breeds. For instance, your Himalayan luxurious coat is from the Persian, and adorable blue eyes are from the Siamese cat.

Though the Himalayan is a very affectionate feline, she prefers a laid-back environment and will often reserve her affection to family and people she knows.

You will often find your Himalayan napping or playing with her favorite interactive toy. Because of their long coats, you need to brush your Himmy daily to prevent the hair from matting.

3. Scottish Fold

scottish fold round faced cats

This adorable breed with a teddy bear look originated from a Scottish barn cat with ears that folded forward. The Scottish Fold cat we see today has unique folded ears, a round face, a short nose, and big beautiful eyes.

With their friendly and expressive nature, Scottish Folds prefer to be with good company. Even if it’s another pet, ensure your cat has company as they hate being alone. Scottish Folds are also very intelligent and love to play with various toys that test their smartness.

Daily grooming is required for this round-faced cat to get rid of dead fur. When grooming your cat, pay close attention to the eyes since they are prone to tearing. Though the Scottish Fold, like any other round face cat comes with health risks, it is still a wonderful cat to have as a companion.

4. Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair round face cat

The Exotic Shorthair is a crossbreed of Persian and American short hair. If you love the adorable cute eyes and the beautiful round face of the Persian but don’t have the time to groom the long hair, then this cat is perfect for you.

Exotic Shorthairs have the same features as the Persians, but they are smaller and, of course, as the name suggests, with shorter hair.

This low-maintenance breed loves to be entertained and cuddled. They also enjoy being in a calm environment. Though they do not require a lot of grooming, be sure to watch out for the tearing from their eyes to avoid any infections.

5. Burmese

Burmese round face cat

The Burmese, as the name suggests, is a cross between two breeds. A Siamese cat was crossed with a cat from Burma, resulting in this breed. Burmese cats have large golden eyes and round heads and ears. They also have short silky fur, which is perfect for people who require a low-maintenance cat.

Burmese cats are very active, and if you have one, you can attest that they love to chase things. Due to their playful nature, they don’t like to be left alone. If you leave your Burmese alone for too long, they may end up destroying your sofas and carpet. These cats adore human company, which makes them great companions for all cat lovers.

What breed of cat has a round face?

Classic examples of cat breeds with a round face include the rare Exotic Fold, Persian, Exotic Shorthair, Himalayan, and Burmese cats

What are squishy-faced cats called?

Squishy-faced cats are called brachycephalic cats. Such cats have flat round faces, shortened muzzles, excessive skin folding, narrowed airways, and shallow eye sockets.

What are the cats with flat faces?

Some cats with flat faces include the Persian cat, Himalayan cat, Munchkin cat, Bombay, Scottish fold cat, Exotic shorthair cat, and the Burmese cat.

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