Maine Coon vs. Normal Cat – The 4 Major Differences

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Maine Coon vs. Normal Cat – The 4 Major Differences

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Are you thinking of adopting a Maine Coon?  If you are, you may be wondering if any distinguishing features set this large cat apart from your typical cat.

Well, apart from the sheer size of the Maine Coon cat, there are other unique features that make this breed a popular pet.

Maine Coons are the oldest and most popular cats in North America. They are shaggy and have gorgeous eyes with tabby coloring and patterns.

Below are the extraordinary features that tell your Maine Coon vs. normal cat apart.

1. Physical Features

  • Coat

Compared to your normal cat, Maine Coons have long, silky, and shaggy coats. The fluffy and waterproof coat comes in more than 64 different colors.

This luxurious coat with a large ruff along the chest and neck protects the Maine coons while playing in the snow. The large ruff also gives this cat a majestic lion-like appearance.

Maine Coons hair is longer in some parts of this feline’s body. For instance, the legs and belly have longer hair compared to other parts of the body.

Another furry difference between a Maine Coon and a typical cat is the tuft of hairs in your Maine Coon’s paws, feet, and ear tips. These fur tufts act as earmuffs and snowshoes in the cold.

  • Face

The Maine Coon has a wide face with a long squared- muzzle, high cheekbones, and a solid chin. The ears are large, pointed, and have lynx tips. When it comes to a normal cat, the shape of the face is often triangular, while the ears come in different sizes and shapes.

Most domesticated cats have blue, yellow, green, hazel, or mixed eyes, unlike the beautiful large oval-shaped eyes of the Maine Coon that come in amber, gold, and green colors. Compared to a normal cat, Maine Coon’s whiskers are longer. The whiskers help these cats navigate dark and tight areas.

If you have a mixed Maine Coon breed, she may have only a few of the mentioned traits. For instance, while a pure breed Maine Coon will have a squared-muzzle and large paws, a mixed breed may have a softer muzzle and no tuft of hair in its paws.

  • Tail

Your Maine Coon will have a supper fluffy and long tail that’s 12-18 inches long. Most of the time, this tail stays up, waving back and forth in the air when your cat is walking majestically around the house.

The tail of a normal domesticated cat is thin, noodle-like, and not luxurious, and it’s about 10 inches long.

  • Size
maine coon vs normal cat

Undoubtedly, Maine Coons are bigger than your normal cat. They are also much larger and have bulkier bone structures. The shortest Maine Coon is about the same length as the longest normal cat.

Maine Coons have bulky bones, and the cat’s rectangular body weighs 12-18 pounds and 8-12 pounds for males and females, respectively. This sizeable cat measures an average of 40 inches in length from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail and 10-16 inches in height. They also have larger paws compared to normal cats.

It’s no wonder that Maine Coons are known as the largest domesticated cats and are documented in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest domesticated cats.

A normal domesticated cat that isn’t overweight weighs 9-10 pounds and 12-18 pounds for females and males, respectively. Such a feline measures 18-20 inches in length, including the tail, and 9-11 inches in height.

2. Growth Rate

A Maine Coon feline takes 3-4 years to mature, while normal cats take two years to reach maturity. Maine Coons remain kittens for a longer period compared to normal kitties because of their large size.

However, Maine Coons grow faster in size and weight compared to normal cats.  For instance, it’s not uncommon to see a Maine Coon kitten gain 3 pounds in a month, while a typical kitten will at most put on one pound in a month.

3. Personality

Your Maine Coon is one big ball of personality.  These cats are gentle giants, and they are much more affectionate compared to typical cats.

Maine Coons are also extremely friendly to all family members and household pets, including dogs. They love humans unconditionally. Your Maine Coon is also not afraid of water, and you may discover that she loves to swim.

Another notable difference is that Maine Coons have dog-like personalities. They are loyal and will follow you around the house just to be close to you. They demand lots of attention and enjoy being held and touched. In addition, Maine Coons are highly trainable. These cats can easily learn new tricks, follow voice commands, and even learn to walk on a leash.

On the other hand, the typical domesticated cat is affectionate but very independent. She will often spend time alone and may be grumpy and even aggressive towards certain family members. Most normal cats also have a love-hate relationship with water and are hard to train.

4. Price

Maine Coons are more costly compared to normal cats. For as little as $50-$100, it’s easy to adopt or buy a normal cat from a shelter or online marketplaces such as Craiglist.

However, when it comes to buying a Maine Coon kitten, you’ll have to part with $1000 or more, and you can only get them from a CFA accredited breeder. In some instances, you may have to put your name on the waitlist for future litters.  The price maybe even higher if the kitten is considered show or pet quality.

In closing, Maine Coons are unique and beautiful cats inside out. These gentle giants make great pets. The only downside is that their coat needs constant grooming, but this is a small price to pay if you’re a Maine Coon lover. And if you’re looking for a special companion, you now know that Maine Coons make wonderful companions.


What makes a Maine Coon cat different?

Also called the gentle giants, Maine Coons have large and muscular bodies with fluffy and luxurious-looking coats. They are also attracted to water and enjoy swimming.

Are Maine Coon cats really that big?

Yes, the shortest Maine Coon is about the same length as the longest normal cat. Besides, Maine Coons have been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest domesticated cats meaning they are pretty big compared to the typical domesticated feline

How do I know if my Maine Coon is big?

If not overweight, your adult Maine Coon weighs 12-18 pounds and 8-12 pounds for males and females, respectively.  You can also feel your cat’s tummy and check if it bulges out of its rib cage. If it hangs and bulges out lower than the rib cage on each side, your Maine Coon is probably overweight.

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