Most Popular Maine Coon Coat Patterns And Colors

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Most Popular Maine Coon Coat Patterns And Colors

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The Maine Coon is the third most popular cat according to the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) list for most popular breeds for 2020. This cat’s beauty and intelligence makes it a popular choice amongst many cat lovers.

Maine Coons are also amongst the biggest and the oldest domesticated cats in the world. These cats origin can be traced back to Maine State of North America. Their sharp tufty ears, large eyes, long fluffy tails, and thick shaggy coats make them stand out among other domesticated cat breeds.

The Maine Coon beauty has made this cat feature in many Hollywood movies and series, including the famous Harry Potter films. They have also won several shows and competitions around the world. In addition to their beauty, these cats are very social, playful and chatty, making them get along with almost everyone in the home.

Undoubtedly, a cat’s beauty goes hand in hand with its coat color. Maine Coons come in a large variety of colors groups and patterns. These color groups include bi-color, parti-colored, solid, smoke, tabbies, tabbies with white, shaded, shaded with white, ticked tabbies and tortoiseshell. Let’s dig into the most common coat patterns of the Maine Coons.

Popular Maine Coons Coat Patterns

1. Solid

Popular Maine Coons Coat Patterns solid

Solid Maine Coons have one single color across their entire bodies. There are no stripes, patterns, or patches that break this coloring.

The solid color should be uniform throughout the body, from the root to the tip of its fur. The solid color paired with a fluffy coat makes a solid-colored Maine Coon have a beautifully distinct look. Black, brown, white, cream, blue and blue with shades of grey are among the solid colors of the Maine Coon cat.

2. Smoke

Smoke Maine Coon cats have solid colors on their outer fur with lighter coloring on the undercoat. Parts of these cats’ chests also have some amount of fade or lighter coloring.

Most smoke Maine Coons have an undercoat of silver coloring with the roots of the hair shafts being silvery-colored. This can be noticed when your cat is playing or lying upside down.

Different types of smoke in Maine Coons include black smoke, blue smoke, cameo smoke, cream smoke, tortie smoke, and blue-cream smoke

3. Tabbies

This is the most popular and common color pattern among the Maine Coon cats. A tabby Maine Coon features stripes or tabby markings on the upper fur or lower undercoat. Tabbies have a large variety of colors and patterns classified into classic tabby, mackerel tabby and patched tabby patterns. These classifications depend on the type of stripes and color combinations of the base of these stripes.

4. Tabbies with White

They are tabby Maine Coon cats with white paws and chests.

These are referred to as tabbies with white and include brown tabby white, brown patched tabby white, red-tabby white, silver tabby white, silver patched tabby white and patched tabby white

5. Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshells or torties, as commonly called, have black color on their base with red and cream patches.

A Tortoiseshell Maine Coon cat with tabby stripes is called a Torbie. The only difference between Torties and Torbies is that Tortie Maine Coon cats have small patches while Torbies have stripes; otherwise, other features are similar. You may also spot the difference by looking at the paws since Torbies have a red shade on their paws. Statistics have it that there are more female Torties than male.

6. Shaded

A shaded Maine Coon has a single solid colour with the degree of intensity varying in a section of cat’s body. The most common less shaded body part is the chest which will be lighter or fade to white.

Some of the most common shaded Maine Coon coat colors include shaded silver, shaded cream, shaded blue-silver, shaded cameo, shaded tortoiseshell and shaded blue-cream.

Common Maine Coons Coat Colors

The above are the most common color patterns of the Maine Coons. Let’s now sample some of the most popular coat colors that Maine Coon cats have.

1. White

A solid white Maine Coon is hard to come by since the white genes cannot be passed easily to the offspring.

White Maine Coons will display pink tufts at the tips of their ears.

2. Cream

Popular Maine Coons Coat Patterns cream
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A Cream Cameo Tabby is one of the most famous Maine Coon coat colors. This cat will have silver and blue shades along with stunning cream coloring.

Cream Maine Coons may be solid or patterned.  The cream color appears white at a quick glance but fades slightly in the light. Solid cream cats are also called full cream.

3. Black

Black is one of the most common colors for Maine Coon cats.

Black Maine Coons have a dense black color from head to toe. They have no signs of smoke in their undercoat and no tinges of rust on their fur tips. The beautiful solid black Maine Coons have black noses, brown eyes and black paw pads.

4. Brown

Popular Maine Coons Coat Patterns brown

This is the most common color for Maine Coons since it’s naturally available and easy to breed. A brown-colored Maine Coon may or may not have patterns.

5. Blue

Solid blue Maine Coons have an exotic look. These cats have a blue nose, golden-green eyes and blue paw pads. Most Blue Main Coons have coats with shades of blue and silver.

6. Blue-Grey

Blue-grey Maine Coons are very beautiful cats. Their grey color tends to fade while the silver shines a little. The nose and ear tufts of these cats are grey or black.

7. Red

Red is the most famous color for Maine Coons due to its alluring bright appearance. Red Coons are commonly labeled as either orange or ginger.

Red Maine Coons with their long hair, pink nose, pink paw pads and bright golden eyes are beautiful cat breeds. The orange hue brings out the beauty in these red cats.

8. Cameo

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Cameo Maine Coons have a bright red color on the upper parts of their bodies and shiny silver colorings on the middle to the lower sections of their bodies. Their paws are pure white, while their tails are a combination of red and silver.

9. Silver

Silver Maine Coons are less common. The silver coloring is very different, and you may think it’s a shiny version of grey. The silver color has a shiny grey hue and is often a mix of the two colors.

10. Black and White

These Maine Coons have a black base with a white section extending from their nose to the chest. Their nose is pink, while their paws and undercoat are also white.

In conclusion, Maine Coons are adorable cats that come in many colors and patterns. Regardless of the coat color of your Coon, it’s without doubt that these gentle giants make loving companions and add joy to any home.


What is the most popular Maine Coon Colour?

It’s easy to find a brown Maine Coon

What is the rarest Maine Coon color?

White Maine Coons are not easy to find and breed, making them quite rare.

Are cream Maine Coons rare?

Cream Maine Coon cats may come in a solid color or a combination of various colors and patterns. Finding these colors among the Maine Coons is not difficult.

What is a shaded Maine Coon?

A shaded Maine Coon has a solid color with varying color intensity in certain body parts, such as the chest.

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