The 8 Types Of Siamese Cats And Their Colors (With Pictures)

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The 8 Types Of Siamese Cats And Their Colors (With Pictures)

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The Siamese cat is named after the ancient Kingdom of Siam, which is today known as Thailand. The Siamese cat is a friendly and gorgeous feline known for its blue eyes and sleek tail. These furballs that are also said to be smarter than your average cat are also revered for their gracefulness and charm.

Another distinct feature of the Siamese cat is the color points on this feline’s tail, paws, ears, and face. These markings give the Siamese cat a look that is unique from other kitties.

The variations in the Siamese colorations have also resulted in several types of Siamese cats. In fact, knowing how to tell the Siamese cats types apart based on their colorations and markings is a highly sought-after skill among breeders and cat enthusiasts.

To help you tell your Siamese cats apart or recognize the type of Siamese feline you might have in your home, here are the different kinds of Siamese cats and their distinct traits.

Are There Different Types of Siamese Cats?

Although there are many types of Siamese cats, all these types belong to two broad categories: traditional and modern Siamese cats.

Let’s look at each of the two broad categories in detail:

  1. Traditional Siamese cats – These are Siamese cats that have been in existence since ancient times. The traditional Siamese cat has a round head, a crooked tail, triangular ears, and deep round eyes that dip towards the nose. According to legends, the traditional Siamese cats helped guard royal treasure in the Siam Kingdom and were treated like royalty. Once they passed on, it was believed that these cats would take on the spirit of the kingdom royals.

Traditional Siamese cats are further divided into:

  • Applehead
  • Old style
  • Classic
  1. Modern Siamese Mix Cats – Over the years, the traditional Siamese cat has changed in terms of coat color and appearance. Breeders have focused on breeding Siamese felines with long elegant bodies and wedge-shaped heads, resulting in the modern Siamese cats. These cats are slim, muscular, with a lighter coat than the traditional ones. Other features that characterize the modern Siamese cat include almond-shaped eyes and long ears. These cats are popular among modern breeders and often feature in movies, and cat shows.

Modern Siamese cats are grouped into:

  • Wedge
  • Light-colored points
  • Dark-colored points

Let’s now look at the subgroups of both the traditional and modern Siamese cats, shall we?

1. Applehead

applehead siamese cat
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The Applehead Siamese cat gets its name from its round face that looks like an apple. This small cat also has a muscular body characterized by big bones. Appleheads tails are shorter compared to the other traditional Siamese cats. When it comes to their coat colors, the Appleheads have dark brown or black points.

Unlike other modern and classic Siamese cats, the Appleheads are less vocal, although they are extremely friendly and love to cuddle.

2. Old Style

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The Old Style Siamese cat has an elongated body that is different from that of the Applehead or the Classic. Their crossed ears are almond-shaped, and their faces are longer. The big ears and nose of this cat point upwards. Compared to the Applehead, the Old-Style cat has a bulkier body.

The old-style Siamese cat also has a meow that can be mistaken with the sound of a crying baby. This kitty is very attached to its family and will most probably follow you around.

3. Classic

Image credit: modelkittizens

Compared to the other two traditional Siamese cats, the Classic is more athletic and energetic. This cat has a more slender body, and the noticeable nose dip found on the other traditional Siamese cats is missing in the Classic. This cat has other features common among the Siamese cats, including deep blue eyes and dark points on their cream bodies.

The Classic Siamese cat was in 2007 recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association and categorized as an advanced New Breed in 2009. This affectionate cat loves human attention and will never say no to cuddles.

4. Wedge

wedge siamese cats
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The Wedge Siamese cat has a wedge-shaped head and a lean muscular body. The Wedge cat’s pointy ears are a bit lower than the head. Unlike the traditional Siamese cats, these modern cats have wide noses that point outwards.

The wedge cats are famous show cats and are just as affectionate and loving as their traditional counterparts. Wedge Siamese are also the loudest among the different Siamese cats.

Unfortunately, most Wedge Siamese cats have a high risk for heart and kidney problems. However, when fed on a healthy diet, these cats can live long, fulfilling lives.

5. Light Colored Points

white colored point siamese cat

Breeders have managed to change the physical look of the traditional Siamese cats and their coat colors. The light-colored Siamese cats have light-colored coats and, based on the coat color, can further be categorized into:

  • Cream point- From the name, this Siamese cat has a light coat without any dark spotting
  • Chocolate point– The chocolate point Siamese cat has an ivory body with milk chocolate-colored points on the tail, ears, paws, and nose.
  • Lilac point – The Lilac point Siamese cat has a white body with pink-grey points. Compared to other light-pointed Siamese cats, their bodies have a lighter color.

6. Dark Colored Points

dark colored point siamese

The Dark Colored Points are modern Siamese cats that have darker coats and points. These cats can further be categorized into:

  • Seal point – Seal point Siamese cats are very similar to the Chocolate points but with much darker coats. They have dark brown or brown-black bodies with dark points on the feet, ears, tail, and nose.
  • Bluepoint– A blue point Siamese cat has distinct bluish-gray points on the face, ears, and tail. The base of this cat coat also has a bluish-white color.
  • Redpoint – The Red point Siamese cat has creamy white fur with shades of crimson, dark amber, or orange. These cats are uniquely beautiful with reddish-gold or bright red points. These cats are very rare and not yet recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association. These cats are known as Flame points in the UK.

In closing, Siamese cats are loveable affectionate felines that make wonderful family pets. There are two broad Siamese cat types which are further subdivided into six types. Hopefully, now you know which type your Siamese furball belongs to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many kinds of Siamese cats are there?

There are two broad kinds of Siamese cats, the traditional and modern Siamese cats. The traditional Siamese category is further divided into the Applehead, Old Style, and the Classic Siamese cat breeds, while the modern category is subdivided into Wedge, Light Colored Siamese, and Dark Colored Siamese.

How can I tell what kind of Siamese cat I have?

You can tell the kind of Siamese cat you have by looking at their physical features and their coat coloring. For instance, the Classic Siamese cat can be distinguished from other Siamese cat types due to its athletic and slender body. Besides, this cat doesn’t have the noticeable nose dip common in other Siamese cats. On the other hand, it’s easy to tell a Bluepoint Siamese cat due to their distinct bluish-gray points on the cat’s face, ears, and tail

What is the rarest Siamese cat?

The red point or flame point Siamese cat is the rarest among the available Siamese cat breeds. The reason is that it’s very rare to find the redpoint coloring, which makes it hard to breed this cat.

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