11 Siamese Mixed Cat Breeds

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11 Siamese Mixed Cat Breeds

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The Siamese is one of the oldest cat breeds. it’s believed that this feline originated from Thailand which was formally referred to as Siam.

The history of this breed can be traced to a collection of ancient manuscripts with the name “Tamra Maew” loosely translated to mean “The Cat-Book Poems”. These manuscripts were created by the Ayutthaya Kingdom which reigned from 1351 to 1767 AD.

The Siamese cats were described as favorites of the royal families in Siam. It’s also believed that the Siamese cats received the souls of the dead royal family members.

In the past, Siamese lived a luxurious life in royal temples having priests and monks as their servants. In the 18th century, Siamese cats were among the most popular cat breeds in North America and Europe after President Rutherford Hayes’s wife, first lady Lucy Hayes received one of these cats as a gift from an American diplomat working in Bangkok.

Siamese cats have slender muscular bodies, almond-shaped blue eyes, large ears, long slender legs, and oval paws.


These adorable furballs that often get strongly attached to one person are sweet, even-tempered, affectionate, and very intelligent. They are vocal cats with loud low pitched meows.

Siamese cats are also people-oriented felines that don’t enjoy being alone. If left for too long, most Siamese cats will suffer from separation anxiety.

Further, Siamese cats need lots of interaction and mental stimulation. These cats also love being in pairs.

Thus, it’s recommended that you get two of these cats, especially if you’re too busy to keep your cat entertained. Siamese cats get along well with children and other pets.

Coat Coloring

These royal mystic felines are recognized by their high contrast color point pattern. The coat of the Siamese cat is short and pale with dark points on the face, ears, tail, and legs.

The fur color pattern on the Siamese cat is caused by a mutation of the enzyme responsible for melamine production. These mutated enzymes are temperature sensitive and are seen on the cat’s body extremities where the temperatures are low.

Notably, Siamese kittens are born pure white and develop darker points on the cooler areas of their bodies such as the tail, face, and legs as they grow.

Siamese Cats Classification

Siamese cats are classified as either traditional or modern based on the size of their tail, head, and pointed patterns.

Traditional Siamese cats are further subdivided into classic, apple head, and old-style. Modern Siamese cats are classified into the wedge and light-colored variations.

While it’s rare to find a purebred Siamese, mixed Siamese felines are in plenty. The four standard colors acceptable for Siamese cats are seal, blue, chocolate and lilac.

Seal point Siamese cats have a fawn or cream-colored body with dark brown color points on the nose, ears, and tail. The nose leather and paw pads may also be dark brown.

Chocolate point Siamese cats have ivory bodies with milk chocolate color points on their extremities. They also have cinnamon pink paws and nose leathers.

Blue point Siamese cats have bluish-white bodies with deep-blue color points. The nose and paw pads are slate colored

Lilac point Siamese cats have white bodies with pinkish-gray points. The paw pads and nose are cinnamon pink.

Redpoint is a rare type of Siamese cat having orange and crimson shades on her extremities and pink nose leather.

Siamese Cats Mixed Breeds

For years, cats have been mix-bred to create new and unique breeds with distinct personalities and a variety of coat patterns. A perfect example of this is the Siamese mix breed which is a cross between a Siamese cat and another cat breed creating a mix that is a hybrid of the two.

Siamese mixed cats are also referred to as Siamese crossbred or hybrid cats.

For a cat to be a mixed Siamese, it must contain some Siamese heritage. The most accurate way to tell that a cat has Siamese heritage is to conduct DNA analysis. In the absence of a DNA test, you can compare your cat’s traits with that of a Siamese. The more Siamese matching traits your cat has, the greater the chance she’s related to a Siamese parent.

Although each hybrid Siamese cat is different, most crossbreed Siamese cats inherit most traits from their Siamese parent than the other cat breed. These traits range from coat color, body shape, to personality.

For instance, your hybrid Siamese cat may look like a pure breed Siamese but with a laidback personality or you may end up with a Siamese mix that looks nothing like a Siamese cat in appearance but has all the personality traits of the Siamese.

So, shall we now look at some of the popular Siamese mixed cats?

#1 Himalayan Siamese cat Mix

  • Weight: 7-14 pounds
  • Lifespan: up to 15 years

A cross of Persian and Siamese cats results in a Himalayan cat breed. A Himalayan Siamese cat mix is a cross of a Himalayan and Siamese cat. The result is a mix that inherits 75% of its traits from the Siamese and 25% from its Persian parent. This is because the Himalayan cat already contains more than 50% of the Siamese traits. This hybrid designer cat is sometimes referred to as the Siamese Persian mix.

The personality of the Himalayan Siamese cat tends to lean more on the Siamese side as this cat contributes more to the hybrid’s genetics. The Himalayan Siamese cat is affectionate, loyal, energetic and playful. These intelligent and vocal felines also tend to be shy with strangers.

The standard weight of this mix ranges between 7 and 14 pounds. The weight will depend on the feline’s sex and whether the parents were large. This mixed cat has blue, green, or copper-colored eyes

#2 The Savannah Siamese Cat

  • Weight: 12-25 pounds
  • Life expectancy: 12-20 years

The Savannah cat is a cross between the African serval and the Siamese cat. The genetics of Savannah is more dominant in the Savannah Siamese mix.

This hybrid cat has a wild exotic appearance and the friendly demeanour of a domestic cat. The mix also has large ears, long legs, and a short spotted coat.

Savannah Siameses are intelligent, energetic, and playful cats that enjoy walking on a leash. They are also friendly and enjoy human company.

#3 Burmese Siamese Cat Mix

  • Weight: 6-12 pounds
  • Lifespan: 15-20 years

A cross of the Burmese and Siamese cat results in the Tonkinese cat breed. The Tonkinese cat was first bred in the 1950s and later recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1984.

The Tonkinese is a medium-sized muscular cat with slim legs and almond-shaped eyes. The soft and silky short coat of this mix comes in several colors including seal, cinnamon, blue, chocolate, cream, red, lilac, fawn, and tortoiseshell points on a white or warm ivory body.

The Burmese Siamese cat mix comes in three different patterns including point, mink and solid. A pointed Burmese Siamese cat is very similar to the Siamese cat with an off-white coat and blue eyes. Mink-patterned cats have aqua-colored eyes and even unmarked bodies with slight shadings on the underparts. Lastly, a solid patterned Tonkinese cat has beautiful green or yellow-green eyes and a body color that is a lighter shade of the point color.

Burmese Siamese mixes are color points cats which are born white and darken as they grow older. The intensity of the pointed coat varies and will depend on whether the coat has high contrast like in the pointed pattern, medium contrast common in the mink pattern or low contrast portrayed in a solid pattern.

The Tonkinese is an active, playful, friendly, chatty, and affectionate cat that demands lots of attention.

#4 Siamese And Maine Coon Mix

  • Weight: 9-18 pounds
  • Life expectancy: 9-15 years

Main coon cats are bred with a variety of other cats including Siamese to produce a hybrid called Maine coon Siamese mix. The traits of the resultant mixed breed may either resemble the Siamese or Maine coon cat depending on the dominant gene. This mix is quite large taking this trait from the Maine coon parent.

The hybrid cat personality includes a blend of the playful and outgoing nature of the Maine coon and the affectionate, loyal and talkative traits of the Siamese.  This mix also loves spending time with humans and is always quite loud. The Maine Coon Siamese mix also gets along well with other pets.

#5 Snowshoe Siamese Mix

  • Weight: 8-12 pounds
  • Lifespan: 14-18 years

The snowshoe cat is a cross of a seal point Siamese cat and an American short hair cat. This mix was first bred in the US in the 1960s.

Snowshoe Siamese mixes are born all white and will develop seal points or blue points as they grow older. They have medium-sized muscular bodies, short coats and walnut-shaped blue eyes. They also have upside-down v-shaped white noses and white paws.

This mix will have overlapping qualities resulting in a friendly, loyal and athletic built cat. The Siamese is an intelligent breed while the Snowshoe is usually a people-oriented and playful cat.

The Snowshoe Siamese mix breed gets along with children and other pets and tends to be shy around strangers. This cat’s sweet, loving, affectionate and playful nature makes her suitable for an active family. This furball is also a very talkative cat with a voice that is softer and quieter than that of the Siamese cat.

Additionally, these intelligent hybrid cats love human company and are easy to train.

#6 Siamese Ragdoll Cat

  • Weight: 10-15 pounds
  • Lifespan: 8-15 years

The Siamese ragdoll mix cat is a combination of the talkative Siamese breed and the plush Ragdoll cat. The result is a large-bodied cat with soft, cuddly fur. Some breeders call this mix Ragamese.

Most Siamese Ragdoll mixes have purebred parents. The mix tends to have the appearance and personality of the Ragdoll rather than the Siamese. This mix is characterized by blue eyes, a long coat like that of the Ragdoll, and vocals of the Siamese.

The Siamese Ragdoll is a very affectionate, friendly, intelligent and playful mix. They are ideal for large families that can provide plenty of company and attention. The mix gets along well with children and other pets.

#7 Mixed Black Siamese Cats And Tuxedo Siamese Cats

  • Weight: 7-10 pounds
  • Life expectancy: 12-18 years

A tuxedo cat is not a breed but rather a coat pattern. Black and tuxedo Siamese cat mixes may have some Siamese genetics in their background but may not be pure Siamese breeds despite having white tuxedo color variations.

Pure Siamese cats grow and maintain darker color points over time on their extremes. On the other hand, a black and tuxedo Siamese mix has a black coat with white marks on the chest and neck.

The best way to identify Siamese cat traits in a tuxedo cat is to look for the wedge-shaped head, slender body, and the affectionate and very vocal nature of the Siamese.

#8 Siamese And Persian Cat

  • Weight: 7-12 pounds
  • Life expectancy: 15-20 years

The Siamese and Persian cat mix has the color point markings of the Siamese and a silky long coat of the Persian.

The mix has blue, copper, or green-colored eyes. This mix is a social, loving and outgoing cat that gets along well with children and other pets like dogs. They are also known to be very vocal.

#9 Siamese Calico Mix

  • Weight: 8-10 pounds
  • Life expectancy: 15-18 years

Calico is a name given to cats with three colored coat patterns. When a Siamese is crossed with a calico cat, the result is a Siamese calico mix. Chances of producing a male Siamese calico cat are very rare, approximately 0.1%. The mix has a short coat with three or more color shades including white, black, grey, or red.

This mix is very intelligent, playful, and affectionate. They are also lap cats that enjoy cuddles.

#10 Siamese Tabby Mix

  • Weight: 8-10 pounds
  • Life span: 15-20 years

Tabby is a pattern of stripes, swirls, blotches, or spots on a cat’s coat. A mix of a Siamese and a tabby cat results in a feline with a wild lynx appearance that is often referred to as tabby or lynx point. The first Siamese tabby point was a result of unplanned mating.

The breeding of this mix began in 1940 and was recognized by Cat Fanciers’ Association in the 1960s. A tabby-pointed Siamese cat has stripes around her eyes, cheeks, and legs. The mix also has blue eyes and a long tail with various rings of colors. These felines’ foreheads have an M-shaped marking and their coat colors include seal, lilac, red, apricot, and chocolate.

The Siamese Tabby mix is an adorable and affectionate breed that is loyal, playful, and people-oriented.

#11 Siamese Calico & Siamese Tabby Mix

  • Weight: 7-10 pounds
  • Life expectancy: 12-18 years

Calico and tabby are not cat breeds but rather coat patterns. A Siamese calico and Siamese tabby mix is likely to produce a cat with a short to medium coat. The pair produces cats with various eye colors.

The color points of the Siamese and the coat markings of the calico and tabby cats result in a mix of various color point designs.

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