Get Your Furball Raring To Ride A Broncho In This Fashionable And Cool Cowboy Costume

Cat Fun May 8, 2024


Get Your Furball Raring To Ride A Broncho In This Fashionable And Cool Cowboy Costume

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As a pet parent you have surely thought about or actually dressed your kitty up in a cute sweater or adorable costume. Because the pet fashion market is rapidly growing, more and more clothing manufacturers are moving into the pet clothing sector.

Today it’s easy to find a knitted sweater, a jacket, or even a Halloween costume for your furry friend.  It’s easy to find these items online at stores like AmazonEtsy and eBay.

If your cat (or dog) is open to playing dress-up, we have the most adorable cowboy costume for him. This simple little outfit will have your kitty looking for a stand-off outside the saloon just like in those old western movies.

This budget-friendly outfit lets your fur baby experience the wild West while prancing around the house. This costume also stands out because of its fine details like the Sheriff’s star on the vest, the unique sew on the pants side pockets, to the black lasso that you can attach to your pet’s hand.

cat cowboy outfit: denim pants, vest, tumble red handkerchief

This outfit is a two-piece set that includes an easy-on suit that comes complete with a pair of denim pants, a vest, and a tumble red handkerchief. To complete the look it also includes a perfectly sized 10-gallon cowboy hat, that completes the cowboy look.

cat cowboy wild west outfit

The best part is this won’t be a tough costume to get on your pet. Slip it on over your kitty’s front paws and attach the Velcro strap to wrap around your feline’s neck. The cowboy hat has an adjustable elastic strap and a toggle to secure the hat in place right under your cat’s chin.

This cowboy outfit is made from polyester material and is machine washable. The adorable costume also comes in four sizes, which are; large, medium, small and extra small. These sizes run true to size for average pet clothing. If you are unsure about your pet’s size, you can measure using a tape measure to measure your feline’s neck and chest girth plus their body length. You will want to measure a bit loosely to allow for some movement and breathing room. If your kitty isn’t too keen on being measured, you can always entice them with treats.

cute cat polyester cowboy wild west costume

This costume is not only great for cats, but it will also work perfectly on a small-sized dog.

small dog cowboy wild west costume outfit

This cute costume makes even the most grumpy cat happy, and it will be a hit for Halloween. It’s also a great wardrobe idea for your pet’s next photoshoot.

Here is what customers are saying about this awesome outfit:

I was VERY pleased with this outfit. My little dog Snuffy looks like Gabby Hayes. The fit and quality were better than expected. I would certainly recommend and purchase again. Another satisfied purchaser wrote, “Costume is just as described! My dog looks so cute in it!”

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