15 Super Fluffy Cat Breeds That Make The Perfect Snuggle Buddies

Cat Breeds July 7, 2021


15 Super Fluffy Cat Breeds That Make The Perfect Snuggle Buddies

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Who wouldn’t love to cuddle next to a cat with a dense plush coat? Fluffy cats are literally little teddy bears, and even if you aren’t a cat lover, fluffy felines are impossible to resist.

So, if you’re looking for the fluffiest cat to be your cuddling buddy, then you’re in luck, as all the cats in this list are all fluff.

1. Persian

fluffy Persian cat

The magnificent Persian cat is one of the most popular purebred cats worldwide according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, and for a good reason.  This feline has an exotic look due to her beautiful long silky coat and gorgeous face. Pair these two traits with a sweet personality, and you have yourself a loveable and beautiful pet.

Persians are very affectionate and gentle felines who love being pampered. This indoor cat gets along with children and other pets making her a great family pet.

Persian cats are expensive to maintain as their long flowing coat requires daily brushing while the eyes also need a daily wash to get rid of tear stains.

2. Maine Coon

Maine Coon fluffy cat

Another beautiful fluffy cat is the Maine Coon. This cat is native to America, specifically the state of Maine. This furball has a long bushy tail and a furry neck.

It’s easy to fall in love with this gentle giant cat due to her affectionate and friendly nature. Maine Coon cats are good mousers due to their excellent hunting skills. The thick double coat of this feline that has long hair is well-suited for areas that experience cold weather. Your Maine Coon’s long hair will need daily brushing.

3. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll cat gets its name from its tendency to limp in your arms when you hold or pet her. Your Ragdoll cat is a laid-back giant who is affectionate and loves to cuddle.

It’s easy to distinguish Ragdolls from other cats due to their stunning blue eyes and silky white fur. This cat is loyal, friendly, and playful.

Your soft snuggle buddy will often exhibit puppy-like qualities such as welcoming you at the door and following you around the house. This breed requires weekly brushing, making it a low maintenance cat

4. Birman

Birman fluffy cat

Birman is an adorable cat breed with a bushy tail and paws. It has gorgeous blue eyes, a light-colored body with dark coloring on the face, ears, legs, and tail. The soft, silky, long coat of your Birman cat doesn’t mat much, making this a low maintenance feline.  Brush the cat’s coat twice a week, and you’re good to go.

Birmans are pretty large but gentle. They are also quiet, even-tempered, and affectionate. Birman cats love spending time with humans and can adapt to any environment.

5. Siberian

Your Siberian cat will have a double-thick, waterproof coat which makes it possible for this cat to survive in extremely cold conditions. These felines also have bright bushy tails, fluffy legs, and a beautiful ring pattern around their neck. Their coats, which thicken during winter and become shorter during summer, are tangle-free, requiring moderate brushing.

Siberians are very intelligent, loyal, loving, and social. They get along with all family members. Your Siberian furball will always follow you around, waiting for an opportunity to cuddle.

6. Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is the official cat of Norway. This feline also called the forest cat in Norway, has furry legs, a long bushy tail, and triangular ears.

Your Norwegian is muscular and has a waterproof double coat. Don’t be fooled by this cat’s well-developed muscles, as the Norwegian Forest makes a great companion. These cats are intelligent, outgoing, and friendly pets who love to cuddle.

7. Ragamuffin

fluffy Ragamuffin cat

Ragamuffins are very much like Ragdolls in color and pattern, except for the fact that this cat doesn’t go limp when you hold her. This cute cat has a large long body and a soft silky coat.

A Ragamuffin cat has fluffy, long, and incredibly soft fur, making her the perfect cat for those looking for a snuggle partner.  Their tangle-free coat requires minimal grooming.

Your Ragamuffin loves companionship and won’t mind curling in your arms like a baby. Ragamuffins have puppy-like qualities as they enjoy playtime and can even learn a few tricks. This breed is a wonderful companion due to its sweet and affectionate nature.

8. Himalayan

fluffy Himalayan cat

The Himalayan is a cross between the Persian and Siamese. This cat got its name from the close resemblance it has with the Himalayan rabbit. This strikingly beautiful feline has a furry coat of Persian and Siamese coloring that requires daily grooming. Another striking feature of this feline is her deep blue eyes.

This popular breed is known for its intelligence and laid-back personality. Your Himalayan pet will have a tight bond with you but will often become shy around strangers. Himalayan cats require daily grooming.

9. British Shorthair

British Shorthairs have short hair that’s very plushy and fluffy. This cat’s other distinct features include a short, broad nose and beautiful large eyes with gold, orange, or copper coloring.

British Shorthairs are extremely intelligent, loyal, and affectionate to children and other pets. This cat makes a wonderful indoor pet as she loves attention and won’t mind staying inside, provided there are people and toys to keep her busy. Besides, this is a low-maintenance feline as her plushy hair requires weekly brushing.

10. Turkish Van

fluffy cat Turkish Van

Turkish Van, nicknamed swimming cat, is one breed that loves spending time in the water. This feline has almond-shaped eyes of different colors, a triangular face, and a waterproof double coat.

The Turkish Van is energetic and loves playing, making it a fun companion.

Your Turkish Van cashmere coat which is semi-long and luxurious is the highlight of this feline. The white coat has unusual van pattern markings characterized by coloring on the face and tail. This is an easy-maintenance feline since her grooming needs are weekly.

11. Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair fluffy cat

The Exotic Shorthair cat is a mix between the Persian and British shorthair.

This beautiful cat has a mustachioed face, short, thick legs, large round paws, a short tail, and a broad body. Its coat is extremely soft to touch and comes in 180 different colors.

Exotic shorthair is a cat that’s easy to love due to her lively and friendly character. This cat is good with children and pets making it an ideal family pet. The furry coat of this kitty needs regular brushing and grooming.

12. Japanese Bobtail

fluffy Japanese Bobtail cat

The Japanese Bobtail is considered a symbol of good luck in Japan.

It has a soft silky coat which is perfect considering this cat loves to cuddle and sleep next to her owner. Another feature of this feline is the rigid ‘bunny’ tail.

The Japanese Bobtail is a brilliant and friendly cat that gets along with everyone. Its sweet, soft, and melodious voice is bound to win your heart. This sweet and affectionate cat will follow you everywhere in the house and play endlessly. It requires regular grooming, especially during the spring and fall shedding seasons.

13. Scottish Fold

fluffy Scottish Fold cat

Scottish Folds have beautiful round big eyes of gold, blue, or green coloring. Their round faces and ears, which fold forward, is something that makes this breed stand out.

The Scottish Fold’s soft and fluffy coat comes in a variety of lengths, patterns, and colors. Your Scottish Fold will have longer fur on her toe-tufts, tail, ears, and upper part of her legs.

This cat is very affectionate, social, and loves to explore. She is also easy-going getting along with children and dogs. The maintenance of this breed is low since brushing is done once or twice a week.

14. Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is one of the ancient cat breeds having originated from Turkey. Angoras traditionally came in white color, but today they come in a variety of colors and patterns. This elegant and graceful cat that is considered a treasure in its homeland is fine-boned and has a long silky coat that flows when this cat is in motion. The Angora has a sophisticated look thanks to her gorgeous body.

Underneath the elegant exterior is a cat with a sense of humor. Turkish Angoras are also intelligent, outgoing, and always alert. This is an active breed that loves to jump and play. They are also excellent swimmers. The long silky coat of this feline requires weekly brushing.

15. Munchkin Cats

The Munchkin or Sausage cat is a relatively new breed characterized by short little legs, a round chest, and a thick body. The walnut-shaped eyes of this cat come in different colors.

Friendly and a people lover, your Munchkin cat will have short or long, plush and silky hair. Munchkins are loyal companions who are known to be sweet, outgoing, and intelligent. Despite their short legs, these cats can run pretty fast. The Munchkin cat flowing and silky coat requires weekly grooming.


What is the fluffiest breed of cat?

Maine coon is one of the largest and fluffiest cat breeds. You’ll fall in love with this cat’s long smooth hair.

What is the most cuddly cat breed?

Ragdoll is one of the most affectionate cat breeds that love to cuddle

Are fluffy cats rare?

Most fluffy cats are of a rare breed, making them hard to find and quite expensive

What is the softest cat in the world?

The Ragamuffin cat has the softest coat to human touch.

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    Thank you for such interesting information about fluffy cat breeds. My cat is Siberian. She is very social as mentioned in the article.

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      Thank you so much Dina! I bet your Siberian cat is as beautiful and fluffy as they come, and she is also the perfect cuddle buddy:)

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