8 Cats That Actually Look Like Leopards

Cat Breeds June 13, 2024


8 Cats That Actually Look Like Leopards

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Many house cats today have exotic roots. If you love the look of wild leopard cats, you’re probably here to find out more about owning a cat that resembles one.

The good news is caring for a leopard cat does not differ much from caring for a regular pet cat.

Keep reading to learn more about cats that look like leopards and what to expect if you bring one home.

#1 Cheetoh

cheetoh cat that look like leopards

This particular cat is a crossbreed of two other crossbreeds, the Ocicat and Bengal. This experimental breed is very new and it was created in 2001. The Cheetoh cat has a menacing appearance, with much larger ears than your average house cat, as well as a much stronger jaw.

The muzzles on this breed is broader than the Bengal or Ocicat, and similar to a Cheetah or a Tiger. Cheetoh cats also have big, almond-shaped eyes, which are bright and expressive.

Through some fluke of nature, the Cheetoh Cat is bigger than either of its parent breeds (the Ocicat or the Bengal). This large feline weighs between 15 and 25 pounds on average, and they are pretty much all muscle

#2 Ashera

cat that looks like a leopard ashera laying on the sofa

The Ashera is an entirely new hybrid breed of cat. It is said to be a mix between an African wild cat and an Asian leopard with a hint of domestic cat mixed in. The Ashera is the most expensive cat in the world because it’s extremely rare. A Los Angeles-based firm produces only five of these breeds every year.

This feline has long legs, large pointed ears, and striking leopard spots on its cream or tawny coat. This dog-like cat is very loyal, affectionate, energetic, and intelligent.

The Ashera cat is sought after because it is such a large cat and can live up to 20 years. It can grow to be almost five feet long and weigh between 26 and 33 pounds.

#3 Savannah

Savannah cat that looks like a leopard

The beautiful Savannah cat is an exotic cross of the wild African Serval and domestic Persian cat. The Savannah is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds, having been documented in the Guinness Book of World record as the world’s tallest domestic cat.

This breed is intelligent, energetic, curious, and highly loyal. This cat has long legs, huge ears, and a vibrant coat that ranges from golden to smoke.

Even though your Savannah may not like strangers, she will probably be your dog’s best friend.  Savannahs are also known for their strength and excellent jumping skills. This feline weighs between 9 and 22 pounds and can live for up to 20 years.

#4 Toyger cat

Toyger Cat that looks like a leopard

The Toyger cat is a cross of the Bengal and Domestic Short-Haired cat.  Their wild looks come from crossing a Bengal with a striped Domestic Shorthair. This breed is 0% wild and 100% domestic.

With his orange and black or brown striped coat and muscular body, it’s easy to mistake the Toyger for a real tiger cub. As its name suggests, this cat has many tiger-like features, including its short front legs, elongated toes, and enhanced night vision. This cats long and beautiful body is characterized by rosettes and tabby patterns, just like those of a small tiger.

Thankfully, the breed is much more tame than a tiger cub and tends to be sweet, calm and friendly. This beautiful cat weighs between 10 and 15 pounds and has a lifespan of 13 and 15 years.

#5 Bengal

bengal cat breed that looks like a leopard

The Bengal cat is an excellent family pet as it’s friendly, loyal, smart, and can be easily trained. This feline is a hybrid of the wild Asian leopard cat and a Domestic Shorthaired cat.

Bengals have stunning coats that come in many striking patterns like rosettes, spots or even marbled, which is one or more colors swirl into his coat’s background color. They have large round paws, broad heads, muscularly built, and wild-looking spotted coats. This breed is also affectionate, social, and very energetic.

Bengals are rare because their male generations are infertile, and it takes up to four generations for a cat to be recognized as a Bengal. This breed can live for 12 to 16 years and weighs around 15 pounds on average.

#6 Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian Cat breed that looks like a leopard

Abyssinian cats have a little more of a lion presence to them and less leopard-like. How the Abyssinian cat first arose as a pet is still a mystery. Many think they arose from an unbroken line dating back to small wild cats that roamed the streets of ancient Egypt.

They often have dark patches on their forehead which, in part, gives them this lion-like quality and do not have spots or stripes like a tabby cat. They are beautiful cats with an elegant skeletal structure and a regal demeanor.

Abyssinian cats are very playful, intelligent and love to cuddle. They are great companion pets and will develop a strong bond with their owner. They can like to be 15 years and weigh between 9 and 17 pounds.

#7 Ocicat

ocicat cat breed that looks like a leopard

The Ocicat was created by breeding a Siamese cat and an Abyssinian cat then crossing that with an American Shorthair cat. Basically, the Ocicat is an all-domestic breed of cat which resembles a wild cat but has no wild DNA in its gene pool.

With a coat that can be dotted with tawny, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lavender or fawn spots, the Ocicat is quite an exotic-looking breed. But there’s nothing wild about him: He’s the result of crossing Abyssinians, Siamese and American Shorthairs.

Ocicats are super social, smart, and strong. They make great pet cats for families with lots of time to play. They can weigh 8 to 12 pounds and can live between 15 and 18 years.

#8 Egyptian Mau

egyptian mau cat breed that looks like a leopard

It is believed the Egyptian Mau breed originated in Egypt and probably descended from an African wildcat. In Ancient Egypt, the breed was treasured and worshiped as a god. This cat has also been featured in the movie Cat Woman.

They are the only natural domesticated breed of cat that is spotted, which gives them the look of a wild cat like a Cheetah or Leopard. Their coat comes in either silver, bronze or smoke with a spotted pattern. They have an elegant, athletic body and their back legs are longer than their front legs.

The Egyptian Mau is brilliant, loyal, and very social. This cat has excellent speed and can run up 30 miles per hour. They are small to medium cats, weighing between 7 and 11 pounds and live between 9 and 13 years.

Cats that look like leopards have become very popular among cat owners. Today, breeders are working to cross-breed cats to produce the perfect little leopard that you can enjoy as a house cat. It seems cat lovers want to bring a bit of the wild into their homes, or they just appreciate the beauty of these cats coats.

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