12 Amazing Facts About Cats Every Cat Owner Should Know

Cat Fun May 10, 2021


12 Amazing Facts About Cats Every Cat Owner Should Know

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Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world and it’s not hard to see why.  There are about 88.3 million domesticated cats in the United States alone, and while we love dogs, cats are the cooler species.

If you’re a cat owner then you know that cats are awesome and mysterious. For example, you may wonder why your cat loves boxes so much or why your kitty is constantly rubbing against your leg in the morning.

If you’re intrigued by all these mystical creatures, we will shed some light on some of the amusing things they do. So, here are our 12 amazing cat facts that may just help you understand your feline better.

1. Your Cat’s Slow Blink Is A Sign Of Love

When your cat greets you with a slow, languid blink, it means they love and trust you completely. So, next time your furbaby gives you that slow blink, try and reciprocate it.

2. Your Kitty Loves To Hide In Cardboard Boxes For Several Reasons

cat hiding in a carboard box

Boxes are a source of comfort and security for your cat but they also help reduce stress as a cat’s reaction to stress is to run and hide.

Boxes are also the perfect hiding places because predators can’t sneak up from the side or back.

Cardboard boxes are also warm as they trap your feline’s body heat.

3. Your Feline Rubs Or Headbutts You Because They Love You

Your kitty loves to rub on your legs the same way we humans give hugs. Your cat also uses this behavior to mark you with her unique scent like she would another cat. In addition, it is also a form of greeting, and since he can’t hug you on the face, he conveniently uses your legs.

4. Cats Do Not Chew Their Food

cats don't chew their food

Cats are obligate carnivorous, and their teeth are specifically designed to tear off pieces of meat but not to chew them.

Since your feline swallow their food whole, always ensures you give them foods that are small enough to swallow.

5. Cats Walk Like Camels And Giraffes

cat licking a human

Have you ever noticed that cats walk like camels and giraffes? Their walking sequence is both right feet first, followed by both left feet, so they move half of their body forward at once.

6. Cat’s Meow As A Way Of Communicating With You

why do cats meow

Kittens may meow to get their mother’s attention, but they rarely meow to one another once they become adults. However, they continue to meow to humans as a way of communicating with them.

7. Cats Dream Like Humans

cat dreaming

If you have ever watched your kitty sleeping, you may have noticed him twitching, making sounds, or their eyes moving in different directions.

Like humans, cats have rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is when they are dreaming. Cats just like humans, do dream when in a deep sleep.

8. Your Cat Will Not Learn Through Punishment

Cats, unlike dogs, do not understand punishment. To cats, discipline isn’t synonymous with punishment, and they can not associate their behavior to your reaction.

Therefore, if you want to discipline your cat, reinforce their positive behavior or use deterrents.

9. Cats Purr For Several Reasons

Cats purr when they are relaxed and want to send waves of calmness. They also use purring to communicate their needs or to sooth their pain like a child does when sucking their thumb.

Mother cats purr to soothe their kittens to sleep which is then carried through your cats life.

10. Cats Have A Better Sense Of Smell Than Humans

cats have a great sense of smell

Your kitty has a better sense of smell than you do. He can also discern different scents better than a dog. In fact, cats know their favorite treats by smelling rather than tasting them. Unfortunately, due to their incredible sense of smell, cats can also be sensitive to some of the fragrances we use around our homes.

11. Cats Can Not Taste Sweet Things

cats can't taste sweet

Your cat’s sense of taste is extremely weak as he doesn’t have the sweet receptor. Although your feline seems to want to try sweet treats, they most likely are just interested in the food’s texture or smell, but not to its taste.

12. A House Cat Can Reach Speeds Of up To 30mph

If you’ve watched your cat speeding around the living room when they’re feeling lively you know that cats are really fast, but you won’t believe this cat fact. Cats can hit speeds of around 30mph which is so fast that they could beat Usain Bolt in a 200-metre dash.

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